The documentary ‘Globesity’

It was shown on Channel News Asia several times last week. The trailer looked really interesting so I wanted to catch it but I kept missing it. I’m not some super-busy executive person with some grand exciting life or anything, I just don’t watch TV very often, so I kept forgetting, once catching only the last fifteen minutes of the show.

I discovered some time ago that YouTube has documentaries, in their entirety! I’ve watched several interesting ones produced by the BBC, mostly while I’m doing the ironing lol. That’s my least favourite chore, it’s so painfully boring. So I’m happy to have stumbled upon that; watching documentaries on my computer to make the ironing less boring. (No burnt shirts so far.) Anyway, since I missed Globesity on TV, I thought I’d just check YouTube to see if it’s there, and yay!, it is. Thanks to user liberalcynic.

I find it interesting. Nothing preachy, just some things about what’s going on, and the perfect length at just an hour long. The subject interests me, I guess because I’m overweight haha, somewhat.

The show covers some individual cases from countries such as India, China, Brazil and with a special emphasis on Mexico which is said to have the second highest obesity rate in the world. Mexico is where the documentary begins and ends.

Among many compelling stuff, it suggests how soft drink makers successfully dominate even poor communities as a regular beverage of choice, and that food companies have designed their products to encourage and cultivate a snacking culture so that we think it’s completely normal and acceptable to stuff our mouths all day, instead of sticking to just 3 meals a day for instance.

One very interesting tidbit they included is how the kitchen staple we use for all the delicious deep-fried food we love, came about. The cooking oil for deep frying as we know it. Apparently it didn’t exist before 1950!? For fat the options were just butter, lard, and I guess olive oil. Because of WW2 and the shortage of fat it caused, Japanese and American scientists developed a series of technologies that brought about a way to extract oil from seeds such as corn and soya, and cooking oil was created cheaply.

Another interesting thing that stays with me is that one reason whole foods are important for us is that in whole foods, sugar and fat don’t exist together. For example, we get just sugar in foods like fruits, and just fat in foods like meat. It is in processed foods, for example chocolate, ice-cream, cakes and many other desserts and snacks, that sugar and fat exist together. The reason this combo is bad is because it’s even more pleasurable and harder to resist, so we tend to have too much of it. The thing about the effects of what we eat is that it’s not just related to the digestion of the food but also the way the brain and appetite hormones process the food. I read a bit of additional information from this fun health site called

Anyway, I just wanted to note the documentary here because I enjoyed it. It was really interesting and entertaining and I watched it several times already.

By the way, it turned out to be a good thing I missed it on Channel News Asia. One time I managed to catch it on CNA but only the last fifteen minutes or so, and this was after I watched the whole thing on YouTube, and I think CNA had cut out a part towards the end. So there might had been other cuts as well. So I wouldn’t have gotten to see the whole thing on that channel.

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