A little about me

Not an expert on Islamic affairs just because I’m Muslim. Not an expert on gay issues just because I’m gay.

I am a Singaporean Malay guy, aged 37 (update Aug 2013: 40 now). Just an ordinary guy with his views and opinion, his rambling thoughts. A regular blue-collar worker more occupied with bread-and-butter issues. Living his life day to day, discovering and learning as he goes along.

Also: I have always loved to read, mostly novels, but it’s been a long while since I left school. Please excuse me for grammar, spelling or other mistakes.

Abdul Halim,

27 May 2011


60 thoughts on “A little about me

  1. Hi Abdul Halim,

    You are a very interesting person. I haven’t found any gay Muslim who is open to their sexual identity and thus feels comfortable around people who may have prejudice towards them. I encourage you to keep believe in what you believe in, as it is important for us to be determined with keeping our faith, but at the same time it is equally important that people also respect what we believe. Thus, you have my deep respect.

    It is very nice meeting you here, and I would like to welcome you to joining my blog. I hope my blog posts do not disappoint you. Thank you again, and many blessings and much love to you. :-)


    Subhan Zein

    • Hi Subhan Zein,
      Wow, what a lovely comment. Thank you so much.

      After basking in your compliments a bit hahaha, I should clarify that I’m not openly gay, well not completely. I am open to close family and friends of both my side and my partner’s, but not to casual acquaintances. They know too I’m sure, we just don’t talk about it. So while I have experienced prejudice before, I’m sure it’s nothing compared to what some guys (and gals) who are totally openly gay may experience. In any case, prejudice will always exist, and people are all entitled to their opinion. We just shrug and move on with our lives.

      Maybe one day I may ‘come out’, but personally I don’t see the need. To me it is a personal and private issue. And I am private such that even if I am openly gay, I’d still not likely choose to divulge my identity on this blog. Besides it’s like, who cares to know anyway? haha… I’m happy and grateful for my life Alhamdulillah, and I’m happy I’ve never had a problem ‘reconciling’ my religious faith and sexual orientation.

      Thank you so much for your support and encouragement! You are such a nice person and I love your blog, your writing. I’m so happy to have discovered it recently and look forward to keep going back for more.

      Wassalam, and a big hug,

      • Salam Halim,

        I hope it is not too late to wish you a wonderful New Year. May 2013 bring you more happiness, love, and success. I would like to thank you because you continue following my blog. I hope my short stories and poems do not disappoint and that your visits in there have been a joyful ride.
        Thank you again, many blessings and much love to you. :-)

        Subhan Zein

        • Salam Subhan,

          Thank you so much! I wish you love, success and happiness too in whatever you do in the New Year. I love the stories and poems you write and feature on your blog, and therefore always look forward to checking them out. These days that’s around fortnightly, when I make the point to go through my blogroll to see what’s new on the blogs that I follow.

          Blessings and love to you too!


          (Update note: Previously I couldn’t locate this comment and it read instead: ‘Test reply. Keep disappearing halfway I was writing it.’ to see whether the length was the problem. Hence, Subhan’s reply below.)

    • Thank you so much, Cindy! I’m happily enjoying yours. Your holiday shots and other photos are stunning, and I’m looking forward to going back and discovering more photos and other posts.

    • Thank you so much! It’s so nice to be mentioned on your list, Laura. I’m looking forward to have a look-see at the other blogs mentioned as well.

  2. Bang @Halim saya bukan bermaksud menghakimi Abang,tapi menurut semua Ajaran Agama Samawi,khususnya Agama Islam,Perbuatan Umat Nabi Luth adalah sebuah Dosa Besar =)

    • Translation of perahucadik’s comment (if I’m not wrong): Bro Halim, I don’t mean to judge you Brother, but according to all Abrahamic relgions, in this case Islam, the deeds of Prophet Lot’s (upon him peace) people (people of Sodom) is a major sin.

      Salam Perahucadik,
      – Terimakasih atas komen dan keprihatian anda.
      – Adakah anda bermaksud perbuatan liwat? Anda tidak seharusnya menganggap semua orang gay melakukannya.
      – Kalau sesiapa melakukannya pun, gay atau tidak, ia adalah hal peribadi mereka.
      – Begitu juga hal agama, adalah hal peribadi setiap orang Muslimin, antara mereka dan Allah(s.w.t.)
      – Sekali lagi, terimakasih.

      Translation of my reply: Greetings Perahucadik,
      – Thank you for your comment and concern.
      – Do you mean sodomy? You should not assume all gays engage in that.
      – Also, for those who do engage in that, gay or not, it is their private matter.
      – The same goes for religion, it is the private matter of every Muslim, between them and Allah(Glory be to Him, the Exalted).
      – Once again, thank you.

      I would like to take this oppurtunity to respectfully tell all readers present and future, to please kindly note that I do not wish to answer any queries regarding my Muslim religious beliefs, let alone engage in any debate about it or Islam in general. Or any other religion, for that matter. Thank you.

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  11. I must say, I simply love the name of your blog. Funny, honest and unique. Also, great posts. I can see why you have been nominated for so many awards!

    • Oh thanks very much, you’re very kind Adam. The nominations are from a lovely bunch of people who are so generous as to think of my blog when they participate in those awards. It’s so nice of them.

      I’m looking forward to explore your blog. It’s lunchtime at work now so I’ve just read a few posts but they are very interesting, so looking forward to read the rest! Cheers.

  12. Well, Halim … I have nominated you for the Liebster Award, which I hope pleases you (and I hope isn’t the tenth time for you!). If you follow this link http://elementalprofundity.wordpress.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=1948&action=edit&message=6 , it will take you to my page. You’ll find the Liebster instructions as well as the 10 questions I have posed all of the impressive nominees. Enjoy answering them as much as I enjoyed my … hmm … intellectual adventure. Mark

    • Thanks for the nomination, Mark! To be honest I have never participated in an award ever since I first received one about perhaps a year or two ago. And I fear once I start, I should have to participate in every single one I receive in order to be fair haha! I prefer to spend the time to visit and read the other blogs nominated on the list. I see it as an introduction to your recommended reading list.

      What I’ve done is to make sure I’ve acknowledged and thanked the kind bloggers such as yourself who have given me an award, because the kind thought is such a lovely thing that I appreciate. Thank you again! Cheers.

    • Thank you! I was happy to be introduced to your blog and the others on Mark’s list for a Liebster award, on his blog Elemental Profundity. I hope you’ll enjoy reading mine as I have reading yours, and am looking forward to read more. Cheers.

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    • Oh thanks so much for the lovely compliment, Danielle.

      Done! I have just followed (as in clicked ‘like’) Cora Magazine on Facebook. I don’t have Twitter though. Thanks!

  14. Thanks you. It’s a relief to hear from a Muslim gay man who his open about his sexuality! I give you much respect. I am born to atheists, but I have converted to Islam and my parents are very liberal. However entering Islam I felt oppressed because of gay issues and the rights of women. You have much reassured me.

    • Salam to you too.

      Thank you for your compliment, but I must explain that I am only out to close family members and close friends. How do I explain this…I have no interest to tell everyone about my being gay, it is a private and personal matter. I mean, if people don’t ask, I don’t tell. And I find that most people don’t wish to know anyway. Having said that, I have never lied to any friend or relative who asked.

      Congratulations on your conversion to Islam, I wish you all the best in your journey. I also hope you will find some reliable mentors who can help you with issues of gay rights and women’s rights. Fellow Muslim lesbians would be ideal as you would be able to relate best to them, I hope you will meet and befriend some. However, please be careful and don’t believe everything anyone says. Our faith is ultimately between only us and God. So, we accept with thanks the advice other people give us, but at the same time we also study the faith, and ultimately we listen to our heart on what to do.

      Best of luck to you, and thanks very much for your sweet message.

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    • Thanks so much, Steven! I really appreciate it! I love awards and the lovely thought of the kind people like you behind them. I think I will start a new page for this blog to compile the awards I have received here so far. I probably saw that idea someplace: a page for awards. It will be like a trophy cabinet! :-)

      • Ah, that’s a brilliant idea, Halim. I may even have to steal it ;) I’m sure the cabinet will be brimming in no time!

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  19. So glad to find your blog. I am a Vietnamese young person, loving books and art and writing. Being a translator & part-time tour-guide thankfully allows me to read books and meet people of all backgrounds (at the same time). We’re Southeast Asian-ers, cheers!

    • Hi there, fellow Southeast Asianer! I’m so happy you’ve found me as that has led me to your blog, which I’ve had a quick look and found fascinating so I can’t wait to explore it later. Being a translator and tour guide sounds like dream jobs! I’m looking forward to getting glimpses of that and of Vietnam through your writing. Cheers to you too, Thang!

  20. Hi Halim — just tried to post a long comment but am not sure it has gone through. Anyway, just to be sure, here I am again. Briefly, I want to thank you for your wonderful review of my novel HARMATTAN and I would like you to contact me at gayeshortland@gmail.com as I would like to send you some of my other novels which are very similar to HARMATTAN as a gift. xxGaye

    • Hi Gaye, yes your comment went through and I have just replied to it. Sorry it has taken such a terribly long time to reply as I have not logged in for a couple of months. Your novel HARMATTAN was such a huge pleasure to read and I wish to thank you as well for writing it.

      It’s so incredibly nice of you to offer to send your books as a gift! I can’t possibly accept, it’s too generous of you. I’m laughing and smiling broadly as I write this, and I will always remember this: an author of a book I love offering to send me a gift! Doesn’t happen to many people, I’m sure. I’m so flattered, and it’s really very sweet of you. Thank you, Gaye! Cheers, Halim.

    • Thank you Cindy! I have heard of Daayiee Abdullah, the imam in Washington, but only him. It was very interesting to see the photographs and read what the others had said, and the article itself.

      Thanks very much for letting me know about the article! I really appreciate it. Hugs, my friend, cheers!

  21. salams Halim,

    Greetings from someone across the causeway who has kept you on his radar for quite a while, but hasn’t kept in touch :) Actually, I haven’t looked at my wordpress page in a while too, but while I’m here, I’ll take the opportunity to wish you and your partner a merry Christmas and a peaceful 2017 :) :)


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