Blogger Love

Created 2nd May 2014.

This page is to compile the awards circulating in the blogosphere that my fellow bloggers have kindly shared with me (oh hey I just said ‘blogosphere‘! Fancy! I sound like a scientist!)

The corresponding post for this subject is Liebster Award, posted 25th April 2014. The last paragraph of that post mentions the reason for this page.


2013 01 13_very-inspiring-blogger-award_TexasOnThames

  • Name: Very Inspiring Blogger Award
  • From: Laura of Texas on Thames on 13 January 2013. Laura is an American expat, writer and yogi. Her fascinating blog is about her adventures first in London, and then in Singapore. Among her interesting posts are many restaurant reviews.


  • Name: WordPress Loyalty Award (links to the comment informing me about it, as the related post no longer exists.)
  • From: Mark of Mark Simpson: My Novels and Ramblings (formerly Elemental Profundity) on 2nd December 2013. Mark is a novelist and teacher. Read more about his novels here. His blog is written with great eloquence and elegance.


2013 12 23_Christmas Awards_Blog of the Year 2013_DonCharisma




2014 01 16_Sunshine Award_DonCharisma


2014 01 16_Liebster Award_Peterisms

  • Name: Liebster Award
  • From: Peter of Peterisms, on 16 January 2014. Peter is a life coach and novelist. His posts are lively and fun and peppered with an irresistable sense of humour. Sometimes he features videos of himself expressing his thoughts, which I always enjoy watching.



  • Name: Liebster Award. (links to the comment informing me about it, as the related post no longer exists.)
  • From: Mark of Mark Simpson: My Novels and Ramblings (formerly of Elemental Profundity) on 20 January 2014


2014 02 03_The Dragons Loyalty Award_DonCharisma


2014 04 05_The Angel Award_DonCharisma


2014 04 10_The Butterfly Light Award_DonCharisma


2014 04 11_The Inner Peace Award_DonCharisma



  • Name: The Liebster Award
  • From: Steven of -S, on 24 April 2014. Steven is from England and is a talented artist, a big-hearted animal lover, and a handsome blogger who is actually as goodlooking as his gravatar photo, based on his recent photos. Which stunned me because I always assumed that none of us ever look as good as the gravatar photos we post. (The same way hotels and resorts always have gorgeous photos on their brochures and websites, but when you arrive, you realise, “Oh. Those photos were taken with wide angles and their colours brightened and stuff. But of course. What was I thinking and expecting.”) Click here to drool further over photos of him with shades of a young Chris Isaak. Steven writes about a variety of topics, including interesting game shows, and also posts his lovely artwork such as portraits and landscapes.



8 thoughts on “Blogger Love

  1. A bit late to the party with this one; all these awards, and each one very much deserved. I love the idea of a dedicated page too!

    Wow, what you’ve written about me….. blimey. Thank you, that’s very flattering! I assure you, though, that I look positively ghoulish in three dimensions.

    • Haha, with such a lovely compliment and such modesty you’re never too late to any party!

      I love it too. I’m happy with the idea of a dedicated page, also since I’m not sure whether it’s alright to display the award logos on my main page since I did not participate in the award procedure, and besides my main page is quite full with the list of some of the bloggers I follow.

      Always nice to hear from you, Steven! Cheers.

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