WTF Fashion 4

More WTF Fashion from theBERRY.

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Cool hat

That looks like a character from a movie. I think he looks good actually. I like the hat. Ok but not the pants, though. And shirt buttoned up, not flapping in the wind like that. Is that a fashion shoot. And is that a man purse?? Ok I take it back; I don’t think he looks that good; just ok. But I still want the hat.

mens trousers cuffed high

I don’t like pants cuffed or rolled up like that. Personally I think it looks silly, even if the hotness that is Ryan Gosling wears them like that. And ugh, ditch the bag! Otherwise this gentleman looks really good, although I’m not sure he should be wearing anything in the first place. I have a feeling he looks best naked, wearing nothing but a smile.

Another example of a hot guy who just shouldn’t bother with clothes anyway.

This isn’t too bad. I like the shirt a lot, actually.

Crazy man's hat. Crazy etc

WTF Fashion 3

Just came across these interesting photos on theBERRY, from a post by called What Guys Shouldn’t Wear LOL. Click any of the photos here to go to that site to see more.

I find myself being morbidly fascinated not so much by the outrageously and obviously costume-y outfits, like the coat below. I mean, that’s hilarious. And tragic, if the fur is real.

But to me the more interesting ones are the less crazy and less flashy outfits, but still striking. But still carried off by these creative creatures like it’s their normal everyday clothes or something. Like the guy in the photo below LOL.

What? No, not the much-maligned V-neck again! LOL. Give these guys a break.

And him too. I think.

Ok him we can throw into the bonfire LOL. That’s a bit much. Ok, a lot much.

Ohhhh, my eyes! I’ve seen and laughed at this before, actually. Reblog, relaugh!

Not to mention your testicles and your penis. Let them breathe dammit. Poor testicles and penis.

Whaaat?? No! And they’re even mocked by being called Mandals?! What’s wrong with these sandals?  I like these sandals. These are gladiator look sandals, right? Aren’t gladiators manly butch people? And they’re perfect for hot and humid Singapore. What am I suppose to wear on the weekends, sloppy flip-flops?

Funny fashion

I came across a hilarious article (with hilarious pictures) at a website called howdoshop. Titled “Bad Men 10 Looks From Mens Fashion Week You Dont Want to Try At Home“, it was actually written last year so I guess the article featured clothes from previous collections. But no matter; I don’t follow fashion. But the clothes in the photos look strange to me, and of course it’s not the first time I’ve come across pictures from men’s fashion shows, those with clothes that made my eyes go wide at how weird I think they are. Or shake my head as I cringe. Or just laugh out loud.

Denim tube tops from by Jean-Paul Gaultier. Photo taken from the article dated 6 June 2011. Click link above to go there.