Jeff Probst

I was just noting the other day how British singer Robbie Williams (aged 39) and British chef Gordon Ramsay (aged 46) look fantastic and in-shape, and now I’ve come across more pictures of more older men looking great.

Maybe it’s time to start a new category for hot older men who inspire me keep at it in getting in shape. A little (or a lot of) eye candy never hurt anyone. It just makes you go “ooh, yummy” but won’t give you Type 2 Diabetes, haha!

Here is a picture of Jeff Probst that is recently making the rounds in online media, and rightly so, because his physique is so impressive. The picture is from his guest appearance on the TV sitcom Two and a Half Men. I think a lot of people were surprised by how impressive. I know I am. I mean, he had always looked fit, but wow. And the guy is in his fifties already!

Jeff Probst 4074c650-ab9e-4ce3-a5dc-52ce0692e6ef_Jeff

Credit: CBS. Via Click image to go there.

Jeff Probst, 52, is a host of various shows, but most famously that of Survivor, the reality game show that believe is or not is still going strong since May 2000, and is now into it’s 27th season.

He is also a minister, ordained by Universal Life Church Monastery (ULC) in 1999 and had remarried his parents for their 35th wedding anniversary. Reading about this church for the first time, I have discovered via their website, that they provide free online ordination to anyone, and have ordained more than 20 million people. Some of the many other celebrities they have ordained as ministers include actress Sharon Stone, knighted actor Sir Ian McKellen, ‘penectomy survivor’ John Wayne Bobbit, and musician Courtney Love. To say that’s interesting is a bit of an understatement.

I found another photo of Jeff Probst, featured below. I couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief. This one looks better to me than the waxed Ken doll look above, as impressive as the defined muscles are in that photo.

And fit bod aside, he sure has a gorgeous smile. Happy and full of life.

Jeff Probst tumblr_mcnmgiBnT91r7b601o1_500

From the tumblr site TheMoInMontrose. Click to go there.

And oh, I was wondering if I pronounce his name properly and wanted to check that, and came across this hilarious spoof of pronunciation videos.