Supercute and supercool dancing bear in all of his fabulosity

I’ve been meaning to post this.

Last Friday night was Fap Friday Night, and my trusty go-to is Tumblr, where I came across this guy and his moves. I must have watched it twenty times in a row. I was hypnotized. He’s so incredibly adorable, in every way, but especially with that sweet, joyous smile right at the end. So cute.

What’s even better is that he has his own tumblr site. In the video below he has briefs on, but please note the website itself (j-mobear), which the link below leads to, contains nudity and is therefore NSFW.

Get ready to get hit by some gloriously fabulous moves.

If I have half his talent, I’d probably be confident enough to hit the dancefloor. I haven’t danced in years. I’m a terrible dancer, haha!

I can’t seem to find his name on his site, but here’s a cute photo of him. Cat person! Yay.


Update 29 October 2015: It just occured to me I forgot to credit the Divine Miss M for teaching me the word ‘fabulosity’, which I first heard from her 1999 song ‘I’m Beautiful’.

Ain’t love grand 2


All images in this post are from the tumblr site Queer Men Of Color In Love. Click any of them to go there.


I joined the subreddit Gaybros, in fact Reddit itself, about two months ago and I’m so glad I did. It has turned out to be a great source to find gay-related stuff. In music, for example. So far Gaybros has led to the introduction of a lot of great music. And humour stuff. And eye candy. People I’ve never heard of before.


And now it has introduced me to this. THIS. This beautiful, glorious tumblr of images of gay men in love. I have to say I’m not crazy about the word ‘queer‘. Why oh why do some people like to use that word when it also means ‘strange‘, especially since we already have ‘gay‘ which is great enough.


But the images are lovely. They’re just so damn sweet, although I think we should consider that just maybe, a few of them may just be straight guys goofing around. I certainly hope every single one of these guys know their photos are online and are cool with it. Having said that, if anyone reading this happens to own the copyright to any of these photos I’ve put here and do not want it here, please let me know in the comments and I’ll remove it.


I love this tumblr not only because I’m a hopeless romantic and these expressions of love and affection caught on camera makes me go ‘awwww’, but also because they feature ‘men of colour‘. I think a great majority of images of men on gay (and I suppose straight as well) photo blogs like those on tumblr are of white men. Caucasian. I love gorgeous images of men (and women!) of any race, but it has struck me before that, yes, most are white.


Another reason I love Queer Men of Color In Love is because they feature mostly regular-looking guys, and just a sprinkling of Adonises. Which is the opposite of many other photo blogs I came across.



Robbie Williams

Saw this photo of the British singer and former boybander Robbie Williams a while back on tumblr, and whoa, he’s looking good! He’s thirty-nine now. If I’m not mistaken, he’s had his ups and downs over the years when it comes to his weight. And now he looks like this. Very inspiring.

Robbie Williams tumblr_m8twat1lRy1qgr2qio1_1280

Image seen at Click to go there.

The following is how he looked like as a younger chap around when he was with the massively popular Take That, the ‘it’ boyband back in the early 90s.

Robbie Williams tumblr_mqen75V7Iy1r4ba6to1_500

From Click to go there.

Cute as a button!

Although I’ve never been into cute. Have always been into older men instead. When I was a youngster I would wonder occasionally if my taste would slowly ‘evolve’ as I get older. That maybe as I get older, who knows, the age group of my taste would go in the opposite direction and I’d eventually find younger men more attractive. That would be funny. But my appreciation for men physically still hovers around the middle age and above range. It’s quite interesting when you think about it, how different people have different specific tastes. I guess a whole myriad of things could go into the pot in terms of influence, including our life experiences.

So, anyway, I guess Robbie was cute back then, but now at 39 he’s like freakin’ gorgeous. What a beautiful man.

I wasn’t into Take That at all, so I don’t know any of their music, but I remember they were very successful. The wonderful thing is that Robbie found even greater commercial success as a solo artist. Since 1996 he has released a lot of great pop songs that were huge hits. I like too many to list here but one of my favourites is No Regrets. And of course Feel. And another one is Come Undone:

Another thing I like about him is his fun persona, as someone cheeky and goofy, which is displayed in some humorous songs and videos, including Rock DJ and Candy:

Robbie is set to release his new album Swings Both Ways (oh don’t tease you handsome devil) later this month on the 18th. This is his second big band album, twelve years after his first one.

From Click to go there.


Friends of Dorothy, unite!


From the tumblr site ‘These pics are made for tumblring’.

Just came across an article on Yahoo! Singapore called ‘Behind the doors of Singapore’s gay night club scene’, written by Sheila Sarvananda. Interesting read.

I haven’t gone clubbing for ages! Well maybe not exactly ages, but just three or four years ago haha. Just not a nightspot person.

And another funny thing is that it took a foreigner, a friend all the way from Canada who was visiting for work, who introduced this local to the club he last went to. That was Taboo, one of the clubs featured in the article. I liked Taboo. Went there a few times, including to take a Thai friend visiting here as a tourist. He liked it heaps too.

I don’t remember Taboo as a club with a dance floor back then, although it did have a resident DJ playing loud throbby dance music. But I remember it still being very loungey and relaxing, with a big outdoor space out front with lots of seats. They have moved apparently, according to this directory listing on Anyway, to learn more about it, their website is here.

And posted by Singaypore, (which I just discovered now, looks interesting so going back later to look-see more) here’s a video I came across on YouTube; one of those male beauty pageant things I guess.

Ooohh… so many gorgeous guys. That’s nice.


But poor Dottie looks scandalized! Or maybe just impressed like I am. From the tumblr site ‘I’m Only Dreaming’.

Another joint here in Singapore introduced by the Canadian friend as well was Backstage, located in Chinatown. That was definitely more of a chill-out bar. I remember it as a very pleasant place to just hang out and chat with friends, even when it was packed. I liked the seats out at the balcony.

The website of Backstage is here, where it’s described as ‘a cozy bar for friends of Dorothy’ lol.

So there’s that friends-of-Dorothy term I came across yet again, which I didn’t hear of before this evening writing for this post. Hmmm. During ‘my time’ (oh Gawd first time I’m saying ‘during my time’, so now I officially start to feel old…at 39) I heard us referred to among ourselves as PLU, if I’m not mistaken. That’s ‘People Like Us’. Which has a quaint sweet ring to it, doncha think. But ‘friends of Dorothy’? That just has to refer to Wizard of Oz (1939), I guess? I think it’s cute, but are there no straight guys who like Wizard of Oz LOL? Not even remotely? Not even as a kid? Who care to befriend Dorothy too? Poor Dorothy, forever alone f** hag haha…

Black beauties

Going through the archive of my Tumblr (NSFW) and realised with no surprise there are quite a few photos of black cats. I adore all cats and dogs, but it wasn’t until Blackie came into our lives like maybe five years ago, that I think they have a special quality to them.

All the images below were reblogs so I do not own the copyright.

Also please bear in mind that some of the Tumblr sites named in the caption may contain images that are NSFW. So click on them only if this okay with you.

black cat, Tumblr

Via amaniman. Source: taylasudall.

cats, black cats, guys with glasses, cute boys with cats, Tumblr

Via guyswithglasses. Source: cuteboyswithcats

Via lifeisbeautifulmyfriend

Source: randomhilariouspictures

Source: randomhilariouspictures

Via doctexmex. Source: cuteoverload

Via aresbear75. Source: Buzzfeed

Via doctexmex. Source: terryford85

Via akosgravis. Source: nemome

Via guyswithglasses. Source: daintyloops

Source: randomhilariouspictures

And this one below is my absolute favourite. I wish I know who the photographer is because I so love it.

This would look amazing as a huge poster with dimensions like 2metres-times-2metres or even bigger, above a sofa or bed. Stunning and elegant and with a sexy dose of humour.

Via mansexfashion. Source: thelunarman

Don’t just sit there

I love parking my notebook on my lap when I watch television, and have Tumblr to turn to when the advertisements come on.

I love Tumblr. There is a never-ending stream of beauty in there. So much amazing art and design and photography. So many pictures of guys *wink* in all shapes and sizes and colours to cater to all tastes to drool over. So much useful and funny stuff, thought-provoking and inspirational posts, etc etc.

For example the following cute post which I caught sight of on the Tumblr of user doctexmex (NSFW), which I happily follow as I tend to like and enjoy the great majority of his posts and reblogs.

Imagine a world where

(Originally from jonno vs the internet.)

Spread some love! (and oh, some hate too while you’re at it)

Or just be careful who you love. Embrace, accept, or tolerate. Definitely not Muslims, or Lesbians. And if you see a Muslim Lesbian, that would be a double whammy so alert the authorities!!

Just kidding. It’s just that a few days ago on Tumblr I stumbled onto a post which is a response to American presidential hopeful Rick Santorum, who posted a picture of his family and called it:

“What every traditional, real American family should look like”

The response, which has been reblogged thousands of time by now on Tumblr, is really sweet I thought.

COOL!!! Now let me add in some other examples of what a healthy, happy, traditional, real American family should BE ABLE to look like:

This reponse then went on to list out with pictures the other sort of families there are out there. Reminding people to bear family diversity in mind (and heart). This is what the picture list includes, right after the picture of Santorum’s family:

Black families

Mexican and South American families

Middle Eastern Families

East Asian families

South Asian families

Native American families

European families

Interracial families of all colours

Jewish families

Muslim families

Buddhist families

Hindu families

Atheist or agnostic families

Single mother families

Single father families

Grandparents raising a family

Foster families

Adopted families

Gay parent families

Lesbian parent families

Transgender parent families

Families with special needs children

Families with disabled children

Families with disabled parents

Families with deaf/hard of hearing parents, deaf/hard of hearing children, or both

Childless couples

The version I saw a few days ago showed all the pictures for all the families listed above. I decided earlier today I want to post it on this blog. I couldn’t find that one, but my little internet search turned up versions where the pictures for ‘Muslim families’, and ‘Lesbian parent families’ were left out. Like this:

screen capture 4

I was more curious, more sad than annoyed.

I just think that the above could be a little more evidence that we’re all such complex shades of grey. That even the biggest of hearts among us may have just that little bit of corner, where a bit of our heart is decaying and allowed to rot by some kind of hate and prejudice, against some particular community or group of people.

A benefit of the doubt: maybe some of these people reblogged without realising it is a ‘cut version’, where the pictures depicting certain families have been left out? Maybe.

I myself have a Tumbler blog. So I reblogged it to see whether I can edit it to cut out some of the pictures. And yes, that can be done. So I’m thinking at least some of them intentionally cut out some pictures.

Not only that, but one could also delete any text like ‘Muslim families’ or ‘Lesbian parent families’, not just the pictures. But in these ‘cut versions’, only the pictures were cut out, leaving behind the caption. So it’s like an oppurtunity to make a statement, to wear our prejudices on our sleeve, to say “These are the people I personally dislike or hate, or disapprove.”

I’ve also come across different ‘cut versions’. Where the ‘Muslim families’ picture and caption are both included, but not for the lesbians. Or, the picture for ‘Transgender parent families’ was also cut out, in addition to the ones for Muslim and Lesbian families.

Am I over-thinking this? Over-sensitive? Over-imaginative? Maybe. But these are some of my thoughts today, which I want to record here about this.

Well, at least seeing Bill Cosby with that expression made me smile at the end of it. The Cosby Show: one of all-time greatest TV shows, in my opinion.

screen capture 5

screen capture 6

screen capture 7