Winona. Forever and ever.

When I came across this video directed by Tim Burton and featuring Winona Ryder last week, I was delighted because I’m a huge fan of both. And more than just a great video, it’s sheer magic because it’s just like ole’ times. The many layers that make each of them so unique and adorable, and even more so together; the breathtaking magical wonder they create together in those movies all those years ago, they weave again in this video.

And what a perfect song to go with it. Here With Me by The Killers really deserves a separate entry because it’s a gorgeous song. And the lead singer Brandon Flowers’ intensity turns me on like crazy, with its shades of Agent Smith. The actor featured alongside Win here is Craig Roberts, who I hadn’t heard of before, but I’ll be looking out for his work. I like his Elijah Wood / Tobey Maguire vibe.

The mannequin lying on the shore on their date at the beach cracked me up.

I’ve been meaning to start a ‘Women I Love’ category. I love Winona because she’s such a talented and entertaining actress, always such a joy to watch on the big screen. The fact that she pretty much has been laying low professionally the past ten years or so, choosing to take up few roles, and yet still has an amazing and iconic body of work to her name compared to many other actors today, just says a lot about her achievements as an actor.

To me the mark of a great actor is not an Oscar or other awards, (there are many lesser actors with awards), but how many memorable and iconic roles that actor has, that people will always remember them for; easily, affectionately and admiringly. For example as a comparison, the lovely and talented Gwyneth Paltrow has an Oscar, and in terms of memorable roles, I loved her work in Great Expectations, Sliding Doors and A Perfect Murder. She excelled in those three films. But personally I didn’t see anything special in her other work including Shakespeare in Love, to be honest. (All four films from 1998.)

Here…. *drumroll*…. is a list of the astounding number of memorable and iconic roles (to me) that the one and only Winona Ryder has under her belt. There are actually many other celebrated movies she excelled in, but these are the ones I love most.

All images (except for S1m0ne) were first seen via the delightful tumblr site Winona Forever. Click them to go to the source.


Beetlejuice (1988), as Lydia Deetz


Heathers (1988), as Veronica


Edward Scissorhands (1990), as Kim


Mermaids (1990), as Charlotte Flax

Bram Stoker’s Dracula (1992), as Mina

The age of innocence_tumblr_lwbx9kJ4mB1qb5p93o1_500

The Age of Innocence (1993), as May Welland

The house of the spirits_tumblr_malvrmLibm1qa0chro1_500

The House of the Spirits (1993), as Blanca Trueba

The crucible_tumblr_lk5orsIdFE1qibuc2o1_400

The Crucible (1996), as Abigail Williams

Girl interrupted_tumblr_m7lk75MPP71rxodzfo1_400

Girl, Interrupted (1999), as Susanna Kaysen


S1m0ne (2002), even in only a cameo as spoilt brat actress Nicola she is memorable.

Star Trek_tumblr_lshkf0D8Nr1qajllro1_500

Star Trek (2009), as Amanda Grayson.

What unexpected and genius casting, as Amanda Grayson, not just as a mother but as Spock’s mum! Another just-a-cameo where she still glowed nevertheless, sprinkling stardust with her sweet and melancholic screen charisma. I remember having goosebumps when I realized it was her, lump in throat, thinking to myself: “OH MY GOD, IS THAT WINONA??? IS THAT REALLY HER? OH MY GOD IT’S HER! IT’S HER!!”.

Black Swan_tumblr_m431h2jH9S1r0yq4zo1_500

Black Swan (2010), as Beth.

Did you suck his cock?“. I loved that line and how she carried it, but I thought it might had distracted audiences from the rest of her performance and subsequently contributed to it ending up under-rated.

I haven’t seen The Iceman and Frankenweenie yet (both 2012). I know I will love both. Can’t wait.