Supercute and supercool dancing bear in all of his fabulosity

I’ve been meaning to post this.

Last Friday night was Fap Friday Night, and my trusty go-to is Tumblr, where I came across this guy and his moves. I must have watched it twenty times in a row. I was hypnotized. He’s so incredibly adorable, in every way, but especially with that sweet, joyous smile right at the end. So cute.

What’s even better is that he has his own tumblr site. In the video below he has briefs on, but please note the website itself (j-mobear), which the link below leads to, contains nudity and is therefore NSFW.

Get ready to get hit by some gloriously fabulous moves.

If I have half his talent, I’d probably be confident enough to hit the dancefloor. I haven’t danced in years. I’m a terrible dancer, haha!

I can’t seem to find his name on his site, but here’s a cute photo of him. Cat person! Yay.


Update 29 October 2015: It just occured to me I forgot to credit the Divine Miss M for teaching me the word ‘fabulosity’, which I first heard from her 1999 song ‘I’m Beautiful’.

The Tiny House as an option for refugees

The best option of course is to have the bleeding stopped at its source. Western powers and other armies of the world coming together in a cohesive force and wiping out ISIS once and for all. European Union countries despatching humanitarian contingents with aid to the various countries (whether in Middle East or North Africa, et al.)  from where most of the refugees have come in a endless stream, to try stem some of the flow by working together with the governments of those countries.

If I accidentally cut myself and find myself bleeding away profusely, I don’t get busy trying to endlessly mop up the mess of blood pooling around my legs, because I’d eventually lose too much blood and then faint and die. I would try to bandage the wound first. But of course that makes me an idealist.


By now the refugee crisis in Europe have reached a staggering level, with Germany alone expected to receive 800,000 asylum applications this year, representing 1% of its population. As if that’s not bad enough, recent albeit unofficial reports put the arrivals at a higher figure. And then consider that, whatever the figure for Germany or other European countries, it still pales on a global basis because Europe apparently hosts around only 16% of refugees. It is developing countries that are hosting about 4 out of 5 refugees, according to a UN report I came across. Therefore the vast majority of refugees are suffering horribly in camps because the majority of countries generously hosting them are poor themselves and not providing adequate care to their own citizens. From this report, I read that the top 5 countries hosting the most refugees are Ethiopia at No.5 with 236,000 refugees in 2014 alone, Iran, Lebanon, Pakistan, and Turkey at No.1 with 1.2 million refugees admitted in 2014 alone.


I wonder if a Tiny House is a feasible option to consider for some of the refugees, for the countries that can afford to arrange this. I’ve always thought they were a great idea for the homeless in any city in the world, but I wonder if the Tiny House model could be applied on a much bigger scale for refugees now residing in tents and other camps. I got to thinking about this after watching a news segment about how the ones already in Europe are struggling to cope with the cold weather and a fast approaching winter.

Thinking out loud:

  • How low can the price of a Tiny House go? Especially if the parts are ordered on a massive scale to bring the price down?
  • If one costs $5000, building 1000 will set the government back $5 million. That’s nothing in govt. spending, but hundreds of thousands of refugees are involved here. So maybe build the first 1000 Tiny Houses and see how it goes from there?
  • And if the private sector and rich individuals get involved in chipping in to help with the cost? How many thousands more can be built?
  • Each unit would ideally house four persons, so at least 1 double bed and a futon that can be unfolded to a mattress to sleep another two.
  • The refugees themselves will be the manpower to build the houses. That’s a win for the government in cutting costs, and a win for the refugees too, regaining some dignity after having to be in such a desperate situation. Win-win.
  • The Tiny House is not just temporary housing to protect the refugees and other homeless against the elements, but should be meant to be a ‘permanent solution’ for those granted asylum status. This is bearing in mind that refugee situation can stretch into years or decades. The sooner they are settled in a warm home, learn the rules and laws of the land, learn to speak and write the language, learn the required skills to work, the sooner they can be less of a burden and contribute to the country.
  • Which means the Tiny Houses would have to be durable and should have some semblance of a real home
  • Toilets. I guess waste management will be the biggest headache in terms of cost.
  • Ikea! Get Ikea and their designers to come up with designs. And design and architectural students to come up with affordable, sustainable and durable designs.
  • Areas zoned to set up ‘villages’ of these Tiny Houses, the layout carefully planned so inhabitants can have access to community centres, schools, grocery shops, public transport, etc, that are set up to serve a cluster of villages.
  • When the infrastructure of these villages and their inhabitants have settled down in the future, option-to-buy to can come into the picture. Maybe that’s too far into the future, but I’m just thinking that hopefully some years from now, the situation with the countries at war (e.g. Syria) will have improved, with the help of the European countries affected (e.g. Germany), so that some of the refugees can return home as I’m sure many want to. No one doesn’t love their country. But for those staying, the option to buy could be looked into.


I’m more into ‘traditional’ designs as opposed to modern especially minimalist ones. But the following Tiny House looks beautiful.

This is an amazing video of this guy in China, Ma Yihe, President of Yingchuang New Materials, and his 3D printed houses. Somebody managing a refugee crisis centre in Europe and anywhere else need to check this out seriously to see if this can be applied to their centre. 10 houses in 24 hours?! Just in time for winter!

An interesting video about a guy and his family in America and their dream of building a Tiny House. They bought a camper, stripped that totally right to the base and started from there. It took a year and this is the journey from start to finish.

I have so much respect for this lady Jenine Alexander. Never again will I brag about sewing my own curtains. Armed with heaps of ingenuity and determination, and a lot of hard work, she built a house!


I have admired the Tiny House idea ever since I came across it years ago. It’s the ultimate fantasy for me when it comes to future residence. To own a small patch of land somewhere in a country like Malaysia, Italy or New Zealand, an area just small enough to have a Tiny House and a kitchen garden to grow a bit of my own herbs and vegetables. Yeah, okay, the fact that I’m shit at gardening does dent a bit the romantic fantasy bubble in my head haha, but I can always learn to be good at it.

My dream Tiny House looks something like this black beauty below

or like this


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Some interesting information about the Tiny House Movement in the American context, presented in this beautiful graphic from

Of burning down houses or keeping lovers warm

I really like this spoken poetry thing, or spoken word, rather. Well at least the bunch of videos I’ve been watching earlier this evening, one after another. Maybe I came across the art form before, I don’t remember, but a post from Gaybros led me to the following video featuring this gentleman named G.Yamazawa.

He just blew me away. It’s almost painful to hear his words, yet I’ve watched it a few times now.

I’ve felt a phrase fall out of my mouth like an atom bomb without knowing the effects will radiate for years.

I wish I can say I’ve only been the recipient of such atom bombs. It’s always better to be hurt than to hurt. But I know that, just as I’ve been hurt, over the years I too have said some awful things to some people I wish I can take back but of course I can’t.


Another one I really enjoyed, because I can relate to it as well, is the following featuring Kevin Yang.


Far From Heaven


I watched this lushly beautiful and heartbreaking drama again, and fell in love with it all over again. I can’t believe it’s been 12 years since it’s release. Julianne Moore is truly one of the greats. Give the lady an Oscar already, please. Her role here as a 50s suburban American housewife Cathy Whitaker is one where she was nominated for in the Best Actress category in 2003, and just one of the many outstanding performances in her career.

Dennis Quaid was really good too as the emotionally messed up husband Frank, who was struggling to accept the truth about himself. From what I understood from Wikipedia, he was the fourth choice in casting. Which indicates how terribly under-rated some actors are. There are many actors more known for action, adventure and comedy films who are actually great in dramatic roles as well.

I also read that writer and director Todd Haynes wrote the role of Frank envisioning the late James Gandolfini, and I was like, wow, that would have been really good too. James was unavailable because of his work on TV’s The Sopranos, but that would have been a great casting choice as well. He played a sensitive gay assassin in The Mexican (2001), by the way. A memorable and lovable performance. *sigh*

Dennis Haysbert is another actor I wish I see more on the screen. He has the same immense sex appeal and gravitas as Denzel Washington. If the two of them appear in the same movie along with Idris Elba, oh my God, I don’t think I can handle it. Dennis’s role here as Raymond Deagan reminds me of another role of his a decade earlier in the film Love Field (1992). That character too fought racism while having feelings for a love interest of a different race, this time played by Michelle Pfeiffer, in the story set in 60s America.

A video clip from Far From Heaven, courtesy of YouTube user thommcc: At first I thought the title of the clip indicates it shows the final scene, but it doesn’t, so I think it’s okay to put here.


This post is Day 18 of ‘100 Happy Days‘.

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Finally got my Agents fix

I was really looking forward to the continuation of Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. A few weeks ago, after episode 10: ‘The Bridge‘, Fox HD channel here suddenly stopped showing new episodes, and in their place were reruns of previous episodes instead. I was really annoyed as I had no idea my weekly show would be disrupted just like that.


Today Sunday the 2nd of February (or should I say yesterday since I’m posting this just after midnight Monday) they finally showed episode 11: ‘The Magical Place‘. And then, if I’m not mistaken, there will be another long lull until March when episode 12 will be shown. According to Wikipedia, episode 13 has not even been shown yet in the U.S., and will be aired there this Tuesday the 4th.

I don’t watch a lot of television, but I was introduced to Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. by Sidekick Reviews, a blog I follow which features really interesting reviews on selected films and television series. I decided to catch this series when I noticed the trailers for it last year. It’s been really fun watching each episode, and then follow that up by checking out the review on Sidekick Reviews. I enjoy not only reading the perspectives of the reviewer and commenters, but also discovering some details of that episode that I may have missed. And also the information on the background of this show, as I’m clueless when it comes to the complex universe of characters from Marvel, or any other publisher for that matter.

In the meantime, I’ve been careful not to watch other new television series because I don’t want to get hooked on another show!


This post is Day 11 of ‘100 Happy Days‘.

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One of the most under-rated actresses as far as I’m concerned, to me Uma Thurman is not only talented and incredibly beautiful, but has compelling movie star charisma that firmly puts her in ‘screen goddess‘ league. (Writing that reminds me that I once read her parents had named her after a Hindu goddess). Others like Angela Bassett and Sharon Stone come to mind when I think of this league; actresses who don’t seem to be as celebrated as they deserve to be, including by getting more roles of their calibre.


These two DVDs of Kill Bill vol.1 and vol.2 were bought together in Italy years ago.

I just had so much fun watching Kill Bill, both volume one and two, yet again. For maybe the fifth or tenth time, I don’t remember. Every time I watch these films or Pulp Fiction, I wish the director Quentin Tarantino would write more roles for Uma. When working with him, she shines even more than usual. He really brings out a special sparkle from her.


Here’s a scene from one of her more recent films, Bel Ami (2012), courtesy of the YouTube user behind the channel RobPattzNews.

I found to my delight the movie is available in its entirety on YouTube! Thanks to Nona Khaled. The bonus is that it stars two other talented actresses I’ve always enjoyed watching, Christina Ricci and Kristin Scott Thomas. Looks like I’ll be watching it later in bed. Link here.


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This post is Day 9 of ‘100 Happy Days‘.

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Happy by Pharrell Williams

Coming across this post by Greg of the blog I follow A Life in the Day on my Reader brightened my day so much more. Thanks to his iTunes Saturday feature, I have now been introduced to ‘Happy‘ by Pharrell Williams. Which I’m already infatuated with now. It’s been on repeat for a while. When I wake up tomorrow it’s probably going to be ringing away in my head.

screen capture Greg's website

For a while I was actually scatterbrained enough to snap a picture of my monitor screen with a camera. Even transfered the photo to my computer. Then I remembered the Print Screen. Duh. So, this is capturing the screen via that function…

Picture 01_reduced

… and this was the camera shot! hahaha!
I love the Print Screen. Such a neat feature to have.

I’m not very familiar with the work of Pharrell Williams, but I’m turning into a fan. This is the second song by him I’ve heard lately that I really like. The first being Get Lucky, a song by Daft Punk which features Pharrell.


This post is Day 4 of ‘100 Happy Days‘. Which, by the way, ‘Happy‘ would make the perfect theme song for!

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A ‘What Would You Do?’ episode touching on people’s reaction to homophobia


John Quiñones. From the tumblr site severelycalm. Click to go there.

I’ve seen a few episodes of What Would You Do? on YouTube. Hosted by news correspondent John Quiñones, it’s an American series where actors are filmed by hidden cameras as they act out scenes of conflict in public areas, witnessed by bystanders who are clueless that they are being filmed. The purpose of the show is to document how some people genuinely react to the scenes of conflict, whether they will intervene by speaking up, or simply choose to look away. It’s really quite compelling. I’ve only seen a few episodes and the scenarios they come up with that I’ve seen are impactful and distressing, and sometimes I even get a little wet-eyed, haha.

But this one. Somehow the tears were rolling as I was watching it in bed last night. And my snivelling woke up my partner who was already deep in slumberland, the poor guy.

Some reality shows I’ve come across are so incredibly dumb and totally unnecessary. I guess at the end of the day, this one also uses some kind of sob-story angle to draw in viewers and their emotions, but at least it’s for something useful and meaningful. It makes us think on what we would have done.

Of course, what we would actually do may be totally different than what we fancy we would do. After all we would all like to think that we are nicer and braver than we are. The reverse also applies; we might turn out to be not as timid or apathetic as we think we are. We won’t actually know until we actually experience the situation. But it’s always nice to reflect on our character and wish to be a better person. And to me this show encourages people to do that, and that’s why I like and admire it a lot.

(Via Gaybros and the tumblr site homohautblk)

Gay Muslim movie ‘Naz + Maalik’ raising funds for post-production

They are doing so via Kickstarter. Click here to learn more about the campaign.

The movie by American production company Pecking Wilds is set in Brooklyn, New York City. A description from their Kickstarter page:

NAZ + MAALIK, an independent film 

A decade into the War on Terror, two first-generation Muslim teens – friends, classmates, business partners, lovers – spend their Friday hustling the streets of Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn. While deciding whether to tell their community about their homosexuality, Naz and Maalik’s ambiguous and secretive relationship unknowingly sets an FBI agent on their trail. As the agent grows convinced that the boys are engaged in “violent radicalism,” her pursuit becomes increasingly menacing and the stakes surrounding the boys’ hapless hustling and lies grow. What began as a struggle to protect their sexual identities evolves into a crisis much larger – a fight to stay alive.

I first read about the movie via the Facebook page Muslims Against Homophobia and LGBT Hate.

That led me to a Huffington Post article by Yasmine Hafiz, who wrote that the movie is by director Jay Dockendorf. After hearing about the FBI’s programme of secret spying on mosques in Brooklyn, Jay wanted to speak on this issue via a movie that tells the story of how two closeted Muslim teens are affected by FBI surveillance.

Yasmine also wrote:

Dockendorf was appalled by NYPD and FBI tactics, which cast suspicion on perfectly innocent groups of people without cause. He says, “Mosques and prayer and devotion and love are beautiful things. Per NYPD rules, though, a business can be labeled a location of concern if police can expect to find groups of Middle Easterners there.”

“Mosque-goers are not committing a crime. How can you not take issue with the government spying on its own people just because they’re praying in a mosque?” he asks.

… Though the American Muslim community is becoming increasingly diverse, the problem of ignorance and bigotry towards Islam is still an issue. In that sense, American Muslims share a history of prejudice with the black and gay communities, which all intersect in this film.

“The film considers Islamophobia through the lens of homophobia and homophobia through the lens of racism,” comments Dockendorf. “I know they’re very separate issues, but for some people, real people on whom these characters are based, they’re completely linked and the balance is delicate. “

Naz and Maalik 546d61cb1a9a732a7580b14592d9fcce_large

Image by Pecking Wilds / Jay Dockendorf. From Click to go there.


Seth Rogen shows how sexy is done

Seth Rogen Screen-Shot-2013-11-25-at-12.30.58-PM

Image from The Gaily Grind. Click to go there.

Funny or steamy? Both. I was alternating tittering like a maniac and being quietly turned on as I bit my lower lip and sighed, because Seth Rogen is so damn hot, back hair and all. I hope he’ll never lose weight again, because he’s perfect the way he is in the video above.

With fellow actor James Franco, the 31-year-old Canadian did a hilarious parody of Kanye West’s video for Bound 2, calling theirs Bound 3. The duo was taking time off from the set of the movie they are working on together, The Interview.

The song itself is pretty terrible, which is a pity since I thought it started off rather sweetly. Consider watching it with the audio turned to mute. If you do decide to listen to the song, please be warned that it contains a few lines of explicit lyrics.

First seen via the fantastic Gaybros, where else.

Kanye did the original video for that with his girlfriend Kim Kardashian, causing some controversy because the video was deemed racy. I didn’t bother to catch that one as I’m not a fan. But animalnewyork has uploaded a side-by-side comparison video, which was fun to watch for added laughs.

Again, be warned of the explicit lyrics should you decide to watch it with the audio on.