Somebody that I used to know, by Gotye feat. Kimbra

I came across the delightful song a few days ago. I heard it first on the radio, which was funny because I don’t usually listen to the radio. I can’t stand the deejays because I think they yak so much, like they’re so in love with their voices or something.

I was clearing some shelves and came across an old CD player that also features radio and a cassette player. I was checking if anything still works before I throw it away. When I fiddled with the knob for the radio, this song came up and I immediately loved it, and rushed to get pen and paper to scribble something, anything, from the lyrics that I could catch. For that actually works, I found. I did it a few times before. Typed a line or two from a song or poem in Google or some other search, and eventually the title I was looking for would come up.

When I heard the chorus I really thought it was Sting, and then later I thought the song features Katy Perry as well. Wrong on both counts. But well I discovered two new singers.

Not crazy about the video. It’s alright I guess.

And the song: I love it but must be careful not to listen to it too often. I can see it getting on my nerves, in a ‘Lemon Tree‘ sort of way. Thank goodness I don’t listen to radio heh.