Nina Simone’s piano cover of The Sound of Silence

I was delighted to come across this video on my Facebook feed. I’m a big fan of Nina and I love The Sound of Silence, so to hear her piano rendition of the Simon and Garfunkel song is such a treat. According to the Facebook set up for her, her version was recorded in 1968 during a trip to the Montreux Jazz Festival.

And here’s the original of course, the accoustic version it was originally done in for their first album Wednesday Morning, 3 A.M., kindly posted on YouTube by user Ralph Wiggum. I’ve always had a soft spot for Ralph on The Simpsons haha, so it’s nice to know we have somewhat the same taste in music.

I can’t have a post of Nina without featuring her unforgettable voice and soulful delivery that just takes hold of you for a languid embrace and dances with you. This video by user TamaraConnolly has been in my playlist for a few years now. It’s a gorgeous ‘lyric video’, done for her motion graphics class.