A different kind of Satay


I’m not vegetarian but I enjoy vegetarian options. In fact I think if I were to track what I eat on a daily basis, I’d probably find I don’t eat meat all that much. And I think it would be the same for most people, that they would find they don’t eat as much as they think they do.

I was digging through my freezer and found this. It turned out surprisingly tasty. Not bad at all, considering it’s one of those ‘mock meat‘ stuff. Some people go all ‘eww‘ when they hear that, soy protein etc, but we tend to gobble up stuff like hamburgers and chicken nuggets without a second thought, and actually that’s far more gross if you know and are bothered by how they’re made. For example, check out how ‘regular’ food like burgers, hot dogs and chicken nuggets are made in this YouTube video (about 2 minutes long) and this one (about 3 minutes). Or not, if you like to eat them and you want to continue liking to eat them, haha.

I had bought the vegetarian satay from Jusco supermarket in Johor Bahru. I hope the vegetarian corner of their frozen food section will make a comeback soon. It seems to be missing in action lately. I will definitely get us another pack or two of this if they are available again.

Satay are sticks of skewered and grilled meat, a dish originating from Indonesia, and also popular in Singapore, Malaysia and some other countries. In Singapore it is normally served with peanut sauce, cucumber and onion.



Into the oven for just 10 to 15 minutes


I just noticed this: “This product may contain traces of nuts, dairies, crustaceans, seeds and molluscs.” So it’s not 100% vegetarian, then, because of the crustaceans and molluscs? Then I realised there’s no ‘vegetarian‘ word on the packaging and therefore it never claimed to be vegetarian. On the other hand, it features the ‘Vegetarian Society Approved’ logo on the front part of the packaging. A quick check online turns out that this Society is from the U.K. and is the oldest vegetarian society in the world. And this product is indeed listed on their site as an approved product.


Yummy with Thai chili sauce


Day 28 of ‘100 Happy Days‘.

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