Dorky dancing at its finest

I was watching Drake’s video for Hotline Bling yet again, an excellent and addictive song, and was reminded of how he was teased in the media about his dancing. It made me laugh like crazy too when I first saw it months ago, but I have to say at the same time I find it adorable.

Thinking of that, I’m reminded of the next 3 examples of unique dancing that I guess I find fascinating and endearing as well, because they have stayed in my memory all this time. Of course it helps that I love the catchy-as-hell songs as well.

If you’re watching just to see them dance, I’ve stated below the point in time in the videos where they start dancing, but the videos are in their entirety here because as I said, I love these songs.

Lorde’s Yellow Flicker Beat. Dance starts at 1:15

Robyn’s Call Your Girlfriend. Dance starts at 0.25

Madonna’s Nothing Really Matters. Dance starts at 0:55

Go Kindergarten by The Lonely Island, feat. Robyn

(Please be advised that the song in the video below contains explicit lyrics.)

I love this silly fun new Robyn video. And thanks to Towleroad, I now know The Lonely Island too. ‘Comedy hip hop’. Hilarious. I’ve watched more of their videos and they are really funny. Go Kindergarten is from their latest album, The Wack Album.

Robyn’s deadpan delivery of her lines are cute. She’s always a lot of fun to watch. In the shots where she’s standing in front of the brainwashing spiral thing, she makes me think ‘spawn of Elton John‘ haha. A long-lost daughter. She just reminds me of him all of a sudden for some reason.

And as a nice bonus this video even features Paul Rudd, always a welcome sight.

It’s a nice catchy song in itself even if it comes with generic lyrics, but the satire of ridiculous lyrics in some songs and the influence some performers have over their fans, is what makes it so entertaining. In the video, this satire is illustrated by club goers being hypnotized into doing some crazy and dumb dance moves.

“Yeah, you know, some of it might seem strange /
But don’t think, just obey /
Let the music play, ’cause we put it in the song /
So do everything that we say”

Rapgenius has the full lyrics, and so does this video below by YouTube user 933crossbow. (Again, be warned that song contains explicit lyrics just in case you’re bothered by that.)

Image from Click to go there.

Hang With Me, covered by DougRepetti

Damn he’s hot.

And that was all I could think the entire time I was watching this video the first time. Drool.

DougRepetti uploaded it to YouTube exactly a year ago. I just came across it.

I couldn’t stop looking at that yummy hairy chest and abs, the beautiful artwork on his body, the curls on his head and the beard, that handsome handsome face. He looks so cute singing his heart out, you just know your knees will crumble if he smiles so you’ll need to hang on to something, because that’s when he’d be even more devastatingly gorgeous.

The second time I noticed how talented he is. He’s singing and playing the piano. Wow, great skills, both.

The third time I think I finally heard the song and realised how beautiful it is, both melody and lyrics. Very nice.

Below is the original version by Robyn. I love this too.