I love our wheelchair-accessible buses

I’m not a wheelchair user, and neither do I have family or friends who use one, but it makes me happy to no end that there are buses in Singapore that cater to wheelchair users. It moves me and fills me with pride, frankly.

Sometimes I take the bus (I take the train most of the time) and when at the bus-stop I witness this particular function of the bus being used by someone who needs it, it just makes me feel all light and happy, every single time.


When a wheelchair user wants to get on or off the bus, the driver leaves his seat to unfold the ramp at the door located at the middle of the bus. He keeps the other door at the front of the bus shut first to attend to the wheelchair user, and I guess also so that no one gets in without paying :-)


Then he personally makes sure the wheelchair user gets in or out safely. Inside the bus there is a special area near the door designed to accomodate wheelchairs securely.


The height of the bus stop’s kerb works with the ramp function of the bus.


Viewed from inside the bus, this is what the ramp looks like folded back in.


A blue square sign on the lower right side of the windshield indicates a bus is wheelchair-accessible.


This post is Day 1 of ‘100 Happy Days‘.

Happy meter: beaming with pride


Update 25 Jan 2014: Oh my God, this post was kindly shared on the Disabled People’s Association Singapore’s Facebook, thanks to Alvan the admin of the page. I’m so flattered, and it puts another big smile on my face. What a a great way to start this ‘100 Happy Days‘ project!

Many thanks too to the people behind The Singapore Daily, for featuring a link to this post to share it with their other readers!