Green wall at Raffles Place

I just discovered another name for these vertical garden things, something I first saw some years ago, and fell in love with at first sight because they are so incredibly beautiful. And it’s such a brillant idea, allowing leafy nature to be part of modern design layouts in urban dwellings. Even in tight spaces, like on a balcony wall of a flat. Unfortunately I don’t have even that (a balcony), but I so would at the first opportunity.

It’s an American invention, I discovered at Wikipedia. An interesting snippet:

While Patrick Blanc is sometimes credited as having developed the concept in the late 1980s, the actual inventor is Stanley Hart White, a Professor of Landscape Architecture who patented a green wall system in 1938.

I was at Raffles Place last week and saw a massive installation at one of the buildings right beside the MRT station, and decided to take some photos.


^ I was fleetingly admiring the greenery on the wall on the left when big shiny balls caught my eye. I was drawn to them.

A1 DSCN1875_01

^ That was when I realised the green wall was a two-panel installation. Huge.

A2 DSCN1870_01

^ I didn’t realise at first that it was designed like a world map, but when I did it made me go ‘Wow!‘.

Can you imagine the maintenance?! The effort and equipment needed so that it stays nicely trimmed. I’m visualising scaffoldings and stuff. And it has to be at night or during the weekends because that area is crowded during office hours, as it’s not just in the central business district but right next to an MRT station.

A3 DSCN1874_01

^ As for the panel on the other side, it features a map of Singapore! How sweet.

A4 DSCN1879_01

^ This Paul pastry shop place looks posh, but a quick glance at their offerings at the takeaway counter shows their prices are not exorbitant. I was surprised because shop rental anywhere in Singapore is crazy-high and a location like that must be heart-attack inducing. But the prices seemed okay. For example I think I saw decently-sized chocolate eclairs at about S$6. I think I also saw crème brûlée; I forget what the price was but I remember thinking it was pretty reasonable. Next time maybe. There were queues both at the takeaway counter and to sit inside, and I had to run.

A5 DSCN1872_01

A6 DSCN1878_01

^ Going back to take a photo of this sculpture below the ‘world map’ green wall. So very pretty.

A7 DSCN1876_01


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