Two short gay films: Nessun Dorma and Ageless

I was scrolling through Yahoo News! Singapore, and came across a link to a short gay film called Nessun Dorma (2012). It’s Filipino and in Tagalog, with English subtitles. I loved it. It’s so well done. For a three-minute show, you get a well-encapsulated story of heartbreak, intimate and raw but not painfully over-dramatic, and two actors who are not only hot but talented, carrying the story convincingly. I was very entertained by this short story by writer Ronald Genato and director Jedd Rommel. And did I mention it was all of three minutes?! Stunning.


Nessun Dorma put me in the mood for more so I moved on to YouTube to check out some other short gay films there. Some good, some not so. One I really like is Ageless (2013), written and directed by Heath Daniels.

It’s a sweet, funny story that had me smiling throughout. I was also going “damn, those two gentlemen look good” at the older couple of Charles and Howard. I mean they’re in such great shape. How old are they supposed to depict? 50s, 60s? I hope I’ll look good like that if I get to that age.

At the end of the credits, it flashed ‘Shot entirely on the iPhone 5‘ which of course was amazing to me. I hardly ever use my phone to take basic photographs, let alone with those fancy filters you see online. In fact I hardly ever use my phone for anything other than phonecalls. I don’t even like to text. So this Daniel Heath shooting an entire short film on a phone… I find that impressive.



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Coconut Sugar

A new product I just saw for the first time today, and was curious to try.


From the organic section of Jusco Supermarket in Johor Bahru. RM9.90 (about S$3.90). 220grams.

I try not to be a sucker for great packaging or for something just because it’s got ‘organic’ stamped on it. But the nice, clean and professional-looking label did get me interested to pick it up and read more, but more than anything I’m just curious what Coconut Nectar Sugar is and tastes like, as I’ve never heard of it before.

I tried a bit at home, and the taste immediately made me think of Malaccan Sugar (Palm Sugar or Gula Melaka), an ingredient I am familiar with since childhood and like very much especially in local desserts. So, to me the Coconut Nectar Sugar is delicious. I can’t wait to have it with my coffee tomorrow morning. I take my coffee black and I just know this will be great with it.


I need to read up more about it. If the ‘Low Glycemic Index’ part might be true, that’s a bonus and I might get one for a friend who is diabetic, and maybe more for myself in future. You don’t need to be diabetic to have a diabetic’s diet, which is healthy. In the meantime, I will treat it as regular sugar.


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Day 93

Dance how-to video

I saw this some time ago, laughed like crazy, and wanted to put it here but forgot about it. I came across it again today here.

A fun parody by a handsome Filipino guy jemdahunk showing lots of the dance moves I guess the young ‘uns are rocking in the clubs these days. The hyper ones.

This guy sure can dance. And have I said he’s goodlooking?! With those good looks and the great idea and the performance, no wonder the video got almost 2.5 million views.

And all those names! ‘The towel’, the ‘space hugger’, ‘the socialite’, ‘the problematic’, ‘the v.i.p.’ LOL.

There are also sequels; videos 2 and 3. The second video is still funny, but the third one not so much.

His ‘How to Have the Best Profile Picture‘ is also interesting. I liked that. And even cuter was ‘How to Know Your Friends.’