Like Blackie, who was featured in the previous post, Didi came into our lives suddenly. A lone ranger of a kitten who had somehow separated from the litter he had been born into. He came three years earlier than Blackie did, in 2004. A scrawny, ghostly, timid creature we only caught glimpses of at first among the other lodgers (a lovely term Steven, a blogger I follow, uses for them) we were feeding outside the house.

It took weeks for him to build the confidence to linger after he had eaten, instead of dashing back into the bushes. And slowly he allowed us to get closer and closer until finally we were allowed to pet him. A few months later, one of the lodgers got run over by a car. Upset, we herded the others into the house, including Didi, but only he and Suzy (to be featured next time) wanted to stay. The others were just not used to staying indoors.

At the time we had not adopted any cat yet, we were just feeding them outside. So it was with Didi and Suzy in 2004 that our pet ownership with cats began. Wow, ten years now. I can’t believe we’ve had them this long and that he and Suzy are now ten years old.




Didi has a beautiful temperament, very gentle and quiet. Shy with strangers, but friendly once he has spent some time warming up to them.


Getting along very well with Blackie. In the beginning in 2007 when Blackie had been brought into the household as a kitten, Didi had welcomed him and was gentle with him. Today as adults, their play/fight can be boisterous with even fur flying, but for the most part they’re peaceful and snuggling against each other like this.


Day 45 of ‘100 Happy Days‘.




He just waltzed into our lives in 2007, as a hyper-active and hyper-affectionate kitten, from God knows where. Just showed up and hung around the front door, refusing to leave, rubbing himself against my legs and going round and round in circles, and gazing at me so intently with those big round kitteh eyes, so intently like he was trying to tell me something. (which was probably “give it up, sucker, I’m melting your heart and you know it.“) I was really enamoured when he came running to me when I called him, which is so unlike cats to do so.

I was also worried about him on his own, being black. Stray cats don’t always get love and sympathy, especially when they’re black as some people think they’re bad luck or something

Today my sweet Blackie is still full of personality and charisma. The only thing is that he’s a bit neurotic where he would pee on anything plastic, so I can’t leave anything plastic or synthetic lying around, like my backpack. And he would still leave his mark on some corner in the living room, so I keep having to check. But as troublesome as that is when it happens, I’m glad he came into our lives. He hates it when I hug and cuddle him, but loves being stroked, and pretty much demands his daily dose. I think he knows how much he’s loved.





Day 44 of ‘100 Happy Days‘.