A surprisingly delicious treat


I think I have a new favourite chocolate roll cake. Or cappuccino, rather. It was a nice surprise to discover how good it is over some tea earlier this afternoon. Because it was tagged at only $2, I didn’t have high expectations for it. We came across cakes like this at the supermarket of Mustafa Centre yesterday, was surprised at the price, so we grabbed a few.


I like to always have things like this stocked at home to… errr… have something to serve in case we have unexpected guests. Of course I need to test it first to make sure it’s nice enough. And it was utterly delicious! Soft, moist and rich. And made in Italy, to boot. $2! Will make a point to pick up a few more the next time we’re at Mustafa.



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Festive mood at City Square Mall

We went to Mustafa Centre at Serangoon Road in Little India today, to shop for some particular grocery items we like to get from the supermarket there. To get there we got off at Farrer Park MRT station. The exit  of the station is linked to the basement level of City Square Mall. When we left the mall we were greeted by a mini funfair of sorts, set up for the Chinese New Year season.


I was impressed, especially since I didn’t see anything of this scale in terms of decoration by an individual mall when we were in Chinatown a couple of weeks ago. And here we were in Little India, where we found this big effort by City Square Mall. It’s so charming and cheerful.


A massive and incredibly beautiful tangerine tree. There are two of these at the front entrance, and two more at a side entrance of the mall.


When we were walking past this air slide, they were just beginning to have it blown up with a blower machine. I turned around barely a minute or two later and it was already all completely done. I didn’t know it was going to be that amazingly fast. It would have been fun to record it on video.


There were also these gorgeous boards featuring all twelve animals of the Chinese Horoscope, with signboards featuring predictions of what’s in store this Year of the Horse.


That’s my sign, going moo moo. Ox, or to be specific for those born in 1973, Water Ox. According to the prediction, it might suck to be me this Year of the Horse. I might even fall sick and everything. Dammit.


I do love how the pink shades of the Indian lady’s elegant saree matches so well with the theme colour of the funfair. I also love how she’s nonchalantly rocking the grey in her hair, with a girlish ponytail! And that pretty pink on her! Surely it indicates a fun spirit. Effortless chic.


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