Mosaic work on floor

On the drive back from a long weekend trip to the resort town of Port Dickson, my brother and sister-in-law very kindly decided to stop by the historical city of Malacca for Bert’s benefit as he had never been there before, and to grab lunch. We only had a few hours, so we only caught glimpses of three sights very quickly: the A Famosa Fort, the Malacca Sultanate Palace, and the Independence Monument Museum.

I’ll post pictures someday, probably when we have returned there to visit it ‘properly’, as Malacca is a very interesting city-state. One of the smallest states in Malaysia, but one of the most fascinating as it is rich in history and culture. It is in fact dubbed ‘The Historic State‘ and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site with Penang’s George Town.

Damn, wrong intro. After mentioning history and culture, all I’m going to show now are pictures from a shopping mall. Haha, sorry.


Oh well, it’s just that, across where we ate was this mall with a lot of arts and crafts stalls. After visiting those, we went outside of one of the upper floors for a breather and there was this gorgeous mosaic work featuring what look like pebble stones. And that’s what I want to feature in this post, this really beautiful (to me) and large mosaic work.




Day 91


Whimsical mosaic work

I went for a long walk earlier today with a tourist friend. One of the places we came across was HortPark, which I will surely write in detail one day soon as it’s such a gorgeous surprise. But first I’d like to put pictures here of this beautiful mosaic wall, located near the entrance.


What I really like about it is how the illustration depicted, which looks like something from a children’s book, is presented with so many mirror tiles. I would expect the glamorous sparkle of these tiles to be more on a stylishly modern work. But for this kind of illustration style, it gives the otherwise quietly pretty scene a surreal quality in a startlingly unexpected, and wonderfully playful way.

And I really like the cluster of flowers below the glass panel, simply because it makes me think of a painting by Gustav Klimt, one of my favourite artists.




Day 33

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