Thug Notes. Summary and Analysis of Classic Literature.


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I absolutely love the Thug Notes video series which I was introduced to by Tastefully Offensive. Here’s the latest, for Macbeth, which I first read and loved a quarter of a century ago in school.

The first time I saw Sparky Sweets, PhD, I think it was the video for Moby Dick. My laugh at the novelty of a thug-like guy explaining classic literature quickly died down and turned to rapt attention as I realised he was really sharing a serious summary of the book, albeit in a non-classical way.

His videos serve as such a fascinating and fun introduction to many titles in classic literature. For anyone, not just students. Certainly did for me. Unless of course one is worried for spoilers. Personally I don’t care because I don’t usually remember them by the time I pick up the book. So yeah, I’m interested in tackling Moby Dick sometime. I used to think of it as “Eww, some guys going whale hunting? Sounds boring.” Sparky drummed up my interest real good and made it something I’d want to pick up and read.



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