Hemming it up


I almost went nuts trying to figure out what happened to my sewing machine. It just refused to budge. I didn’t want to take it apart even if I knew how as I might not put it back together properly. Luckily I didn’t attempt that as I managed to dig out the problem eventually: some excess thread had bunched up and jammed the machine in the chamber that houses the bobbin case.

I have a ‘new’ pair of jeans I bought maybe a year ago and it got stashed and forgotten at the back of my wardrobe. I wanted to wear it but it needed to be shortened a bit.

My machine is just a cheap basic one to match my rudimentary sewing skills, if I can call them that. I only ever use it for hemming, anyway, whether pants or panels of curtain. I haven’t done the latter for ages. Sometimes I come across nice fabric patterns I like and itch to buy like at Ikea for example, but I have to tell myself no, because all my curtains are still in good condition and I’ve cut out buying household stuff as my place is just too full of stuff I’ve accumulated over the years.

Anyway, I came across the following video, uploaded by YouTube user bellajeanboutique. I discovered it too late, but I’ll bookmark it for future reference. It looks like a great idea and simple enough, so I’ll give it a go next time.


This post is Day 10 of ‘100 Happy Days‘.

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