Making fun of languages: immature and mean

I first caught this video on Tastefully Offensive a few weeks ago.

I admit I laughed, not at the words but at the guy saying the German words. He was really hamming it up for comedic effect. But even then, after the first two or three words, it just wasn’t funny at all. It’s just so silly and rude.

I never understood why some languages are so admired, like French and Italian for example, and others not so much and in fact made fun of, like German. I guess how people think the languages sound has a lot to do with it. I think French and Italian are generally considered melodious and romantic.

But surely it’s only common sense that it’s not so much about the language itself, but how the speaker is using it. And the personality of the individual using the language.

If I am shy or introverted and don’t express myself well, I may end up sounding cold and aloof to some people, in whatever language I happen to be speaking in. If I’m being rude, cursing away or furiously scolding someone, I will sound downright ugly regardless of the language I’m using, including French or Italian. If I’m being polite, or feeling romantic, praising somebody or just generally being pleasant, I will sound just lovely in any language, including German.

I can’t stand comedy that resort to making fun of a language, culture, religion, country, etc, to try score humour points. What, too lazy to think up some other material? Just sad.


Update 3rd September: I just came across this video of American actress Sandra Bullock speaking fluent German while accepting an award. That’s impressive. And the words coming out her mouth, even though I have absolutely no idea what she’s saying, sound really pretty. I rest my case, haha!