Dream garden in HortPark


Of the many theme gardens at the park dubbed ‘the gardening hub‘, this is the one that makes me sigh and smile wistfully. Not nearly as conventionally pretty as the other more manicured gardens featured there, but I’ve always loved vegetable gardens, even before I came across the ‘Grow Food, Not Lawns‘ thing online.

So lovely to have your own space to grow some of your vegetables. Doesn’t have to be as big as this, not even by half, just a little bit of space. Doesn’t have to be your entire supply of vegetables if that’s not possible. Even the privilege of growing just a tiny bit would still be exhilarating and fun and fulfilling.

Some other photos from HortPark.

A few pictures from the Pinterest of Cristyane Lamastra-Conner that made me swoon. Click the images to go to her site.




Not just a vegetable garden but a vertical vegetable garden. Wow.


Day 95

Scenic McDonald’s

This is the most picturesque McDonald’s I have ever seen here. I was walking along the road at Queensway, and I was surprised and tickled at what the trees parted to reveal. So unexpected to find the fast food joint in such a pretty setting.



24 hours! Dear God, it would be detrimental to my waistline to live near one of these outlets.




It looks like such a nice peaceful place to hang out over coffee and a book. I’m glad it’s a McDonald’s there. With the high rental rates in this country, I guess only a massive corporation like them can afford to have such an uncommon and lovely garden location like that. Otherwise it would probably be some expensive posh restaurant if it’s some other company. At least with McDonald’s almost everyone can enjoy such a nice setting, and even with free wifi too, I believe.


Day 27 of ‘100 Happy Days‘.

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A courtyard garden at Singapore General Hospital


I visited someone at SGH when I heard she was hospitalised there. I had not seen her for some time and I wish we had met again in better circumstances. And there were other people around, family and friends, so conversation was a bit awkward. But it was nice to see her again and see she’s doing okay for now, so I’m glad I went, even  though I hung around only for half an hour.


Then before I left the hospital I thought I’d look for the foodcourt to grab lunch, and came across this pretty courtyard garden. It was lovely just sitting there with my coffee after lunch, doing nothing but watch the people walk past and listen to myself breathing, reminding myself yet again to be consciously aware of the good health I had at that moment and be grateful for it. Who knows what tomorrow will bring? I guess there are other gardens in other blocks of the huge SGH complex, but I didn’t have time to run around exploring.



Sweet little green walls. They remind me of the massive panel I had seen at Raffles Place and featured in a post here.


This post is Day 7 of ‘100 Happy Days‘.

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