Modern table design and flower arrangement at One Farrer Hotel Singapore

I don’t normally go for modern design, but this table at the lobby of One Farrer Hotel near Serangoon Road caught my eye . I like how even in its minimalism, and without any natural material like timber, it still has a somewhat organic character. Which is why I find it interesting.

p_20190112_171750_cropped reduced_2

The flower arrangement, however, is not my cup of tea. I wonder what statement or look the florist was going for. To me personally this arrangement as a whole looks a little unfinished and untidy, like we’re looking at a work table at the housekeeping department where the arrangements are kept before being dispatched to various locations in the hotel.


Maybe I’m just too anal and rigid, and have to try to better appreciate designs that are more relaxed and free-flowing. Especially in that modern and stark lobby, a bit of randomness (albeit still controlled in containers) gives a much needed breath of fresh air. And that is always appreciated, as I’m just not a fan of modern minimalist interiors. I just find it so cold and sterile. So, yes, I still enjoyed looking at this bit of ‘contained chaos’. It’s refreshing.


Anyway it doesn’t matter much how flowers are arranged. Nice arrangements are always appreciated, but flowers are always lovely to look at no matter how they are arranged.


Fan Flower

Caught sight of these pretty little flowers from some sparse bushes while waiting for a bus at Holland Village, and just had to have a closer look. I must had looked a bit like a madman as I wandered slowly away from the bus stop, gazing at the flowers intently, then looking over my shoulder anxiously every so often to make sure my bus wasn’t coming yet.

Checked around online a bit and I think I found the name, Tabernaemontana Orientalis, thanks to a blog called StileTTo which featured the plant in a post.



Day 67

Orange Jasmine

If I’m not mistaken, that’s what these flowers are called. I couldn’t believe I didn’t notice them before, in the garden of our client’s house. Its gorgeous scent drew me as I was walking past the plant earlier today. I took a closer look. They’re really beautiful.


A bit funny about the name as it’s not orange, but I guess it could refer to its scent which is like orange blossoms.




Day 63


Purple Orchids


This is a great idea I saw at Thistle Hotel in Johor Bahru. I’d love to try it but first I need to get some test tubes, which I know is available at Art Friend, the art supplies store. I’ve seen arrangements using test tubes as vases but this one is really interesting and beautiful to me.


The tubes are tied to decorative dried branches or sticks, and each one holds a small bunch of flowers. I don’t know what these green tubes are and where to find them, but no matter as I think regular test tubes made of glass would look better, anyway. I also wouldn’t use those industrial-looking nylon cable ties which to me spoils the look of the arrangement. I would simply use the regular green floral wire, or alternatively, a thin fabric ribbon tied into a simple bow.


Day 62

Pink rose bench


I like these delightful benches that pop out from the boardwalk outside Vivocity. Nobody else were sitting on them, though, maybe because it was hot. They didn’t offer shade like the seating that surrounds the landscaped island in the background of the picture. But that’s alright, all the more to appreciate how pretty they are. I love things like this, creative ideas that look so simple but make a big impact. Look at how they dazzle up the area.


Day 56


I love bougainvillea, and the first sight of this burst of purple at a traffic light brought an instant smile to my face.




It’s been very dry and hot for many weeks, with very little rain, lasting only a few miserable minutes each time. Only once last week I think did it last a bit longer, but then it was barely for half an hour. Frequently I see big patches of dry brown grass and dying plants like the palm in the picture above. The bougainvillea though, thrives in hot weather.


Day 29 of ‘100 Happy Days‘.

Happy meter: cheered


I like having fresh flowers in the house. It’s a bit of work having to change the water everyday, and snipping off a bit of the stem, but it’s worth it.


Orange is Bert’s favourite colour. So it was nice to come by these orange gerberas again. I was just thinking how this gorgeous yellow-orange combo is rather apt for the gerbera flower, since it comes from the sunflower family.


I’ve always loved floating candles. Even better, with flowers. Here I took inspiration from my trips to Chiang Mai in northern Thailand, where in the lobbies of hotels we stayed at, I frequently saw arrangements of flowers floating in large, low vases. Sometimes this is accompanied by a leaf artfully wrapped inside the vase. My leaf was such an amateur mess, hahaha! Oh, well. I did manage to use it to keep the candle to one side so it didn’t burn the petals.


Day 20 of ‘100 Happy Days‘.

Happy meter: sunny

A courtyard garden at Singapore General Hospital


I visited someone at SGH when I heard she was hospitalised there. I had not seen her for some time and I wish we had met again in better circumstances. And there were other people around, family and friends, so conversation was a bit awkward. But it was nice to see her again and see she’s doing okay for now, so I’m glad I went, even  though I hung around only for half an hour.


Then before I left the hospital I thought I’d look for the foodcourt to grab lunch, and came across this pretty courtyard garden. It was lovely just sitting there with my coffee after lunch, doing nothing but watch the people walk past and listen to myself breathing, reminding myself yet again to be consciously aware of the good health I had at that moment and be grateful for it. Who knows what tomorrow will bring? I guess there are other gardens in other blocks of the huge SGH complex, but I didn’t have time to run around exploring.



Sweet little green walls. They remind me of the massive panel I had seen at Raffles Place and featured in a post here.


This post is Day 7 of ‘100 Happy Days‘.

Happy meter: thankful

شم الياسمين Smell the Jasmine, by مشروع ليلى Mashrou’ Leila

Last month I’ve noted a recent song of theirs للوطن Lil Watan in a post here, and this time it’s شم الياسمين Smell the Jasmine that I just have to feature from the Lebanese band, from their self-titled first album released a few years ago. Not just because it’s a love song between two men, but mainly because it’s so simply beautiful.

Thanks to Elhusseiny Ahmed for uploading the video to his Youtube channel.

One can feel the intense longing in his voice, the lead singer Hamed Sinno. To enjoy it even further though, there’s a translation of the lyrics I came across on the site arabislamblog, a news and analysis blog by Jordi Llaonart, a European Arabist and journalist who specializes in the Arab world.

I had requested Mr Llaonart’s permission to use the translation here and it was kindly granted.

شم الياسمين Smell the Jasmine
شم الياسمين و ذق الدبس بطحينه
Smell the jasmine and taste the molasses
و تذكر,تذكر, تذكر, تذكرني لك
Remember, remember, remember to mention me
يا اخي اوعه تنساني
Brother, just don’t forget me
يا حبيبي, يا نصيبي
My lover, my prize
كان بودي خليك بقربي
I would have liked to keep you beside me
عرفك عاأهلي تتوجلي قلبي
Introduce you to my parents, have you crown my heart
طبخ اكلاتك, اشطف لك بيتك
Cook your food, clean your house
دلع ولادك, اعمل ست بيتك
Pamper your children, be your housewife
بس انت ببيتك و انا بشي بيت لك و الله يا ريتك ما بعمرك فليت
But you’re in your house, and I’m in another I wish you never left
هل ياسمين
This jasmine
Forgets me
The jasmine
و شم الياسمين و تذكر تنساني
Smell the jasmine and remember to forget me


Photo by Scott Zona. Click image to go to its source at Wikipedia.