Pedestrian crossing button

I was surprised to come across this. It put a smile on my face. I thought it was such a great idea. Besides the usual button for pedestrians to press, there is an added feature for the elderly.


The flash of my camera obliterated the fading ‘L’ in ‘longer’.

Just by tapping a card, It allows them to have the longer time they may need to cross the road. Or at least, some of them. I think the purple card displayed in the graphic sign refers to the concession farecard that people aged 60 and above can apply for to use on trains and buses. I don’t suppose everyone in the age group owns that farecard.

Also, it’s curious that wheelchair users are also featured in the graphic sign. I don’t see how they could have the card unless they happen to be 60 and above as well. I wonder if they have the option to apply for a similar concession farecard?

It’s a clever little thing, with great sweet thought behind its design. Especially in this day and age when sometimes we seem to be rushing here and there for God knows what. Like everyone else, I’ve witnessed before an elderly person still slowly making his or her way across by the time the pedestrian light has turned red. I would think most motorists are kind and understanding enough, but it’s nice that the elderly person can be less anxious about not reaching the other side yet, if he or she can have just a bit more time.


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