Making an online reservation of books from the National Library

As I’ve written before once or twice, I’ve been meaning to write here about how much I love and appreciate being able to reserve online the books I want to borrow from the National Library. I’m finally sitting down and doing this with my latest reservation, Labyrinth by Kate Mosse, a title reviewed and highly recommended by Buffy of Storytime With Buffy, a blog I follow.

I thought I would show my appreciation of this wonderful service I’m fond of using by going through it step-by-step à la a tutorial of some sort.

Before I go any further, I should mention it costs $1.55, and that it’s not payable by cash. Transactions at the library are only by CashCard, ezlink card or NETS.

Making the reservation online.

  • ^ 1. First, go to Click NLB Search Plus‘ on the Quick Links menu on the left.

Step2_fill in title and author

  • ^ 2. Fill in the name of the title or author, or both, and click ‘Search‘.

Step3_click find in library tab

  • ^ 3. If the book you want turns up, great! It may even be available in different languages or formats, for example as an audiobook. Click ‘Find in Library‘ to locate which branches it is available at. But first, be sure you are checking out the book in the format you want. I once reserved and borrowed a Large Print book by mistake!

Step4_check branch or click reserve this item

  • 4. Check whether the branch nearest to you stocks it and whether it’s still available to loan.

At this point, if you see it’s available, you might decide to just pop in the branch as soon as possible to pick up the book. Bear in mind someone may have already borrowed it by the time you get there. (Especially if it’s a recent and popular bestseller!) Also, if it is not available at the library nearest to you and you decide to travel to a farther one to borrow it, remember you have to return the book at the same branch you borrowed it from.

  • ^ If you decide to reserve the book instead, click ‘Reserve this item‘.

Step5_to reserve_fill in login details required

  • ^ 5. Fill in the details requested to log in.

Step6_choose branch to pick up book from

  • ^ 6. Select the branch you want to pick it up from, and click ‘Submit‘. This is my favourite part, getting to have it delivered to a branch most convenient to me.

Picking up the reserved book.


  • ^ 1. Okay, now about a week later, the notification that the book is ready for collection arrives. This may be the not-so-great part for some people, having to wait a week or so to read the book. But I find it’s not a big deal to me. You do not have to bring this notification to collect your book, by the way.

Pickup2_eKiosk Machine

  • ^ 2. At the library, look out for the e-kiosk machine to pay your reservation fee. You need to settle that first before you can pick up the book.

Pickup3_Scan card

Pickup4_Click payment

  • ^ 4. Click ‘Payment’.

Pickup5_Pay with card

  • ^ 5. Make payment. As I mentioned at the beginning of this post, they don’t take cash, which I found annoying at first as it’s just $1.55. Transactions at the library are only by CashCard, ezlink card or NETS.


  • ^ 6. Lastly, waltz over to the reception counter (I noticed the sign said ‘concierge‘. Ooh la la!) to collect your reserved book. Show them your membership or identification card as they need that to check which book to hand over to you. The borrowing is recorded at the counter itself. You don’t need to bring it to a self-service machine where one scans the barcode of a book to borrow it.

Bbook received

Mmmm… can’t wait to be spellbound.


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