Dorky dancing at its finest

I was watching Drake’s video for Hotline Bling yet again, an excellent and addictive song, and was reminded of how he was teased in the media about his dancing. It made me laugh like crazy too when I first saw it months ago, but I have to say at the same time I find it adorable.

Thinking of that, I’m reminded of the next 3 examples of unique dancing that I guess I find fascinating and endearing as well, because they have stayed in my memory all this time. Of course it helps that I love the catchy-as-hell songs as well.

If you’re watching just to see them dance, I’ve stated below the point in time in the videos where they start dancing, but the videos are in their entirety here because as I said, I love these songs.

Lorde’s Yellow Flicker Beat. Dance starts at 1:15

Robyn’s Call Your Girlfriend. Dance starts at 0.25

Madonna’s Nothing Really Matters. Dance starts at 0:55

Dance how-to video

I saw this some time ago, laughed like crazy, and wanted to put it here but forgot about it. I came across it again today here.

A fun parody by a handsome Filipino guy jemdahunk showing lots of the dance moves I guess the young ‘uns are rocking in the clubs these days. The hyper ones.

This guy sure can dance. And have I said he’s goodlooking?! With those good looks and the great idea and the performance, no wonder the video got almost 2.5 million views.

And all those names! ‘The towel’, the ‘space hugger’, ‘the socialite’, ‘the problematic’, ‘the v.i.p.’ LOL.

There are also sequels; videos 2 and 3. The second video is still funny, but the third one not so much.

His ‘How to Have the Best Profile Picture‘ is also interesting. I liked that. And even cuter was ‘How to Know Your Friends.’