Drake Jensen


Drake Jensen’s latest album. Image from his website. Click to go there.

I knew checking out that Reddit for the young’uns would shimmy up a golden nugget or ten. I don’t participate or subscribe in the first place because really I think it’s a place for young men like in their early twenties to discuss stuff, but it’s now one of the interesting places to check out gay-related stuff.

Thanks to them one of the things I have now discovered is Canadian country music singer Drake Jensen. A link by redditor lordyjordy led me to an article about how new singer Steve Grand shouldn’t be called the first openly gay male country singer, and it mentioned Drake, and I was quickly onto his videos on YouTube. Great stuff.

I don’t listen to country much, there is very little in my iTunes. I would say my first encounter was early k.d. lang, starting with Angel with a Lariat and the classic Shadowland, an amazing album, a masterpiece really, that I think I’ll put on again right after writing this. Along with Chris Isaak, a long-time favourite, his music colours the landscapes of my life over the years till now.

Then there were some other artists I came across when they had songs that made it to pop radio like LeAnn Rimes and Sheryl Crow, whose greatest hits album is an absolute joy. I need to play that too later. And oh, not forgetting Loretta Lynn and her Jack White-produced Van Lear Rose. That’s another amazing album I love. Yup, that’s it. There might be other country or country-esque stuff in my collection I just don’t recall now.

I can’t begin to describe how much I adore the following version of Stand by your man. I was introduced to the song watching the closing scene of The Crying Game at the movies.