Cappuccino Shoes

I noticed this guy and liked how well put together, yet still comfortably casual he looks. I’m normally running around in t-shirt and jeans or cargo bermudas. This outfit he’s wearing looks good and something I can see myself in the next time I feel like putting in a bit more effort.


The jeans would have to be looser than that, though. I don’t have his slender build so I can’t carry off that skinny jeans look, but even if I can I wouldn’t want too. Actually the fit here looks okay, unlike some skinny jeans I’ve seen that look like they’re really strangling the legs and balls of the wearer. The fit here looks comfy for this guy. But personally I just prefer something roomier.

And while cuffed hems like that are still trendy and I admit they look creative and fun, personally it’s just still not my thing.

But I do like his colour coordination especially that lovely green of his shirt, and how nicely and neatly his sleeves are rolled up.

And I really like his messenger bag, nicely classic and a tad rugged, in materials like leather and canvas. I’m glad it’s not a tote bag, which I still see on some trendy guys. I’ve always thought that men don’t look good carrying tote bags. I don’t care how accepted they are for men. Heck, even for young women I don’t think they look good. There is just something about those huge bags that says ‘auntie‘ to me. Aunties who are sensible and feel the need to carry a lot of stuff in their bags, like umbrellas, water bottles, maybe fruit and a sandwich, Tiger Balm or Vicks VapoRub or some other rubbing oils for headaches and joint pain, sweets and other candy for coughs or sore throat or to give as a treat to grandkids or neighbour’s kids. All those things and then some. And maybe to have extra room to squeeze in even more stuff like groceries should they decide to stop at the stores.

Saving the best for last… those shoes he’s wearing. I think they are what that brings a sparkle to his outfit. And not just because they look clean and well shined.

I love them. I want them.DSCN2373_shoes

I don’t believe I’ve ever bought shoes in that particular brown, which there and then I decided to call ‘cappuccino’. I don’t need new shoes possibly for some years, because the pairs I have are all in good condition. But the next pair I buy shall be in that style and colour.


They’re called wing tips or something. Image from the tumblr site The Dapper Gentleman, first seen via The Sharp Taste. Click image to go to the latter.



Day 24 of ‘100 Happy Days‘.

Happy meter: wistfully admiring beautiful shoes.