You’re the one that I want, covered by Lo-Fang

There are many things I love about the gorgeous film Australian director Baz Luhrmann did for Chanel, starring Brazilian model Gisele Bündchen. Most of all is the rendition of the beloved You’re The One That I Want from the 1978 movie Grease. The haunting cover is by American singer Matthew Jordan Hemerlein, better known by his stage name Lo-Fang.

I will forever love the original as sung by John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John, but Lo-Fang’s lush treatment propels it to another swooningly glorious dimension. He took it to a stunningly unexpected direction, and what blossomed from the effort is a sparkling beauty that taps gently at your heart and quietly asks for a hug.


I had seen the Chanel film some time ago, was enamoured by the music and meant to note it here but didn’t at the time. Recently, (okay fine, at work this afternoon when I was supposed to be working) I was led to it again when I was browsing through Buzzfeed and came across this post, which introduced me to the name of the leading man. Watching it again I was reminded that besides the music, the suave and oh-so-sexy leading man with the Javier Bardem vibe was another thing that made me go ‘mmm, nice‘.

His name is Michiel Huisman, a Dutchman. He’s only 33. I thought he looked older in the film. Must be the beard. Which adds up to why I think he’s so sizzlingly hot since I tend to find mature men more attractive. Among the shows the actor has worked in are several popular television series including Nashville and Game of Thrones.


Michiel Huisman, in a still from the video. Image from the tumblr site Daily Michiel Huisman. Click to go there.


And here is of course the charismatic original version of You’re The One That I Want.



Hello beautiful

As a gay man, as any man really, I’ve never given a serious thought to raising a kid. My partner feels the same way. I don’t like children, actually, haha. I mean I don’t dislike them or anything (except when they continuously misbehave in public, in which case I blame the parents who should be controlling them, not the kids themselves as kids don’t know better) but I just don’t care for them, and I definitely never wished to be a parent. When I’m around babies or kids of friends and family, I can stand maybe five minutes of them before thinking, “Okay, I’ve politely acknowledged your kid by smiling and waving at it like I think it’s adorable or something, now, uhhmm get it out of my face, please?

But damn, I just melted looking at these pictures and reading the story on Buzzfeed. I can’t relate to the parenthood urges of these people, who I don’t even know, but I’m just so happy for this couple. Them, and the kid with dads who obviously love her very very much. And the generous surrogate lady (who is married with two kids of her own) who helped to give them such a precious gift. Frankly I would be nervous if I were one of the dads that she would suddenly decide she’s too attached to the kid to let it go.

The special moments were captured by Canadian photographer Lindsay Foster and the dads are BJ Barone and Frank Nelson from Toronto.

According to the Buzzfeed article:

BJ and Frankie were shirtless when they held Milo for the first time because skin-to-skin contact is said to be beneficial to newborn babies.

I’ve never heard of that, and I think it’s just beautiful.

And the Teacher of the Year Award goes to

It’s always fun to be enlightened and titillated at the same time. Not an everyday occurence. I had to play the video a few times because it was hard to keep my eyes on the spelt-out pronunciation of the words. Not complaining, though.


spaghetti alle capesante

And this is Spaghetti Alle Capesante. That’s ‘Spuh-get-tee Ahl-lay Kah-pay-sahn-tay’


Some other amusing examples of teachers behaving badly:



  • 79 Common Mispronunciations by Mental Floss


Day 77


Alex DeLuca is the founder of Gaybros. The following quote is taken from the 0:40 mark of the video above:

You know, I think over the course of the past decade or so, being gay or bisexual has become increasingly more acceptable. But the challenge is that, it has done so with a very narrow definition of what being gay is. So for guys like myself, who like sports and Xbox and paintball, they don’t really fit this definition. And I think a lot of young men out there, are afraid to accept who they really are, because they feel like if they do they’ll have to change. When the reality is, they don’t. And that was really the driving force behind the creation of Gaybros.

I first came across the term ‘gaybros’ in the comment section of a post in Towleroad, probably about a month or so ago. Unfortunately I didn’t think to save it, and I can’t find it now. I guess the term was brought up with regards to the person discussed in the post, but I do remember the commenter also remarking that ‘gaybros’ had yet to be featured or discussed in Towleroad.

My curiosity was piqued, quickly turned to fascination, and as I read them and about them more and more, to admiration. And a bit of envy. I could have really used such a support group when I was in my teens and early twenties. I’m glad for the members of this group that they have one another, and I hope the movement and community will continue to grow and eventually spread beyond the United States and Canada to the rest of the world.

What is it?

‘Gaybros’ is a interests group founded in January 2012 by 23-year-old Alex DeLuca who lives in Boston and works in social media marketing and PR. Alex launched the group on Reddit, a social news site where registered users submit content, and other users can then vote on the submission to determine its ranking position on the site’s pages and front page. Content entries are organized by areas of interest called “subreddits”. ‘Gaybros’ is such a subgroup. From their ‘about us‘ section on Reddit:

Gaybros is an online men’s interest community that aims to build a brotherhood around shared interests, promote self acceptance, and bring people together. We talk about, well, guy stuff. Sports, cars, video games, military issues, working out, gadgets, gear and more.

They have 27,259 subscribers at my last visit today. I think most are young, college-age and other men in their twenties. About 75% of their members are between 18-35. Within a year they attracted over 200,000 unique monthly visitors and 2 million monthly page views. As of May this year, the figures are 350,000 and 3.5 million, respectively.


They have gatherings in various American cities as well as Toronto, Canada. Photo of a meetup in Boston by Alex DeLuca. From Buzzfeed. Click to go there.

What makes a gaybro?

In his e-mail interview with Buzzfeed, which was my first source learning about gaybros, Alex explained:

Gaybros gather around traditionally masculine or male interests, but more than that a Gaybro is someone who doesn’t fit the narrow definition of what “gay” means as promoted by popular culture. In our group we have athletes, tradesmen, Soldiers, farmers, and everything in between. What brings us all together is our desire to promote self acceptance and building an inclusive and supportive community where people are free to be themselves.

A list of ‘rules’ on their Reddit page includes one that suggests not to bother asking what a gaybro is, as “no single answer can satisfy the question.” Probably a wise move, considering the accusations they received that they hate and exclude effeminate gays, and are divisive to the gay community. They probably got fed-up of trying to pacify the unhappy and insecure detractors who for whatever crazy reason, choose to take the interests of other people as an affront. If anyone is interested enough to know what is a gaybro, or care enough to make remarks about them, he or she should just read and follow their Reddit to directly learn more about them.

Allegations of being against effeminate gays.

To me, this is ridiculous. They welcome all, including men who identify themselves as effeminate and even women. Spend some time reading their Reddit and realise the community is obviously about interests, not mannerisms.

From the Gaybros’ FAQ page:

… Some of us actually prefer them as partners due to the interesting juxtaposition of personalities and characteristics. We may not be effeminate ourselves (though some of us may be), but that doesn’t mean we think any less of those who are.

Sometimes people think a distaste of shallow and/or bitchy people who happen to be effeminate is a distaste of effeminate people, but that is an incorrect generalization. More masculine guys can be just as shallow or bitchy, it is not a result of ones masculine or feminine characteristics.

That is so sensible and true. Give me a flaming fairy too as a friend anytime, all bitchy and fabulous and breathing out snark like a dragon exhaling fire. At least with them its what-you-see-is-what-you-get. I’ve met way too many masculine guys, whether the yuppy professional type or the gym rat, who at first seemed so decent and cool, but at the first sign of displeasure, can be so vicious and queeny in their own way. Ugh.

Related articles

And below is a discussion by The Young Turks. Cenk Uygur is not there but Ana Kasparian is. I love those two. They are such compelling presenters. I’m always interested in what they have to say. And the Dave Rubin guy is hot. He makes me think of a younger Bill Paxton.

Freaking out over bloody nipples

In June I participated in the Half Marathon event at the Standard Chartered Marathon Kuala Lumpur, and for the first time my nipples hurt like crazy for days afterwards. The pain was excruciating in the shower. It had never happened before with other marathons, half or full.

I put it down to opting for a baggier running singlet for comfort, but ended up having the fabric rub against my nips even more during the 21km jog-walk, than a more huggy singlet would. Maybe, I don’t know.

Then I just had to come across this Buzzfeed article, which brought my delicate eyeballs to settle on this beauty:

bloody nipples marathon

Photo by seth2dana. Source:, via Buzzfeed. Click photo to go to source.

And in a daze of morbid fascination, my index finger just had to click on the source at flickr, which brought me to many other photos of bloody manipples.

Normally I would just go ‘eww’ a bit, laugh, then forget about it. But it happened mere weeks before I did the Full Marathon in Singapore last Sunday. And with the memory of the bloodless but still painfully chaffed nips from June fresh in my mind, I was concerned just a teeny wee bit. No, I should be honest. I was terrified.

I told myself the photos are photoshopped or that’s just paint dabbed on for a laugh, but just in case, I took up the suggestion of one of the commenters there by sticking band-aids over them nips. Simple and cheap, and turned out to work well too. I chose the ‘fabric’ type of band-aids, which tend to stay on longer than the plastic type, and they did stay on for the 6 hours 18 minutes I took to finish the course. Impressive of the humble band-aid, considering I was drenched with sweat practically the entire time.

Eight-year-old girls fighting as Muay Thai boxers

Muay Thai kids, Todd Kellstein, Buffalo Girls

Image is from the documentary film ‘Buffalo Girls’. Taken from Click to go there.

Like many other people, I have come across many stories in the news of many heartbreaking realities for children from around the world. Kids as prostitutes, slaving away in factories, scavenging in massive landfill dumpsters and other horrible inhumane situations.

Well here’s yet another one. I just came across it via Buzzfeed.

I try not to swear. It’s kinda juvenile really. Usually the full word is reserved for my private posts, diary entries meant for my eyes only. For public posts like this I try to remember to put cutesy little asteriks so despite my reaction to whatever it shows up somewhat quaintly as ‘f**k’.



How the fuck can this happen. How the fuck did anyone allow this to happen.

I tell myself I must not judge. The parents, the officials, the government, the gamblers, whoever, anyone. I must not. I must not. I don’t know the full story.

And sometimes things are just so damn sensationalized as worse than they are. To get reactions like, uhm… mine.

Even the director of the documentary had to grapple with evolving thoughts and feelings. The quote below is from ‘The Story‘ section of the documentary’s website.

“When I first saw the children boxing, I absolutely thought it was horrible,” states director Todd Kellstein. But after spending two years in the rural Thai provinces documenting this world, Kellstein admits that his overall perspective has changed. His initial anger with the parents of the children for putting them in the ring gave way to a resigned empathy for their circumstances. “It is difficult to understand the economic circumstances that lead to child boxing, but what now angers me is economic inequalities in the world. These circumstances exist and we should think of ways to make it better for everyone. Not just in Thailand, but everywhere.”

But, dear God, why.

And why do I bother to be so affected. It’s not like I’m going to help them or do anything to rectify anything. I can barely cope with the shits in my life right now. I need to focus how to right that, and not spend too much time reading about the ten thousand million depressing things in this world. But oh God it hurts about those girls.

Orlando Cruz

I came across this today at Buzzfeed.

Last week on the 4th, 31-year-old Puerto Rican boxer Orlando Cruz publicly announced that he is gay.

Needless to say (but I’m saying anyway): 1. I have never heard of him before. 2. I don’t even follow boxing, or any other sport for that matter. 3. Initially I was only noting him here because he’s whoa-so-damn-hot.

But that’s ok. I mean look at him. Caliente!

Source: Click photo to go there.

But having read about him naturally I’m also in awe of this guy for his bravery, for risking so much. Being openly gay for anyone can be hard enough. But for a famous person, and not only that but an athlete and in such a macho sport; I can’t begin to imagine how painfully difficult the decision must had been. What’s more, he is still competing. I just read in the really short Wikipedia entry of his (just three short paragraphs and with no photo; hopefully that will change soon) that he is the first boxer to ‘come out the closet as gay while still active professionally‘.

According to an article in, reaction was largely positive across social media, but:

Some Twitter messages expressed concern for Cruz’s safety and wondered whether other boxers will be reluctant to fight him. Dommys Delgado, president of the Boxing Commission of Puerto Rico, brushed aside those comments.

“Orlando has proven to be an excellent boxer with very good chances of becoming a world champion,” she said. “We do know that it is a very macho sport. Those who don’t want to fight with him, well, don’t fight.”

and that:

Cruz said he is prepared for the fallout from his announcement, saying many boxers had already suspected he was gay but gave him privacy.

Very macho sport‘. Yeah, no kidding. I hope this guy will get all the support he needs, that not only gay organizations but all his fans and friends will actively let him know they are there for him. And that as many people as possible in his sport rally round him, and keep tabs on how he’s doing, how he’s treated. Can’t help but think there are many tough months and years ahead for him, this brave guy.

It’s great he has the full support of his family, as well as that of his trainer and manager, as that’s the most important foundation. He said something poignant about his dad which struck me: “Like every father, he wants his son to be a full-blooded man, but he is aware of my preference, my taste.

Source: Click photo to go there.

On a side note, so cool of Puerto Rico that the president of their Boxing Commission is a woman.

Ain’t love grand

Also seen on BuzzFeed, twenty amazing vintage photos of guys together like these three below.

They are adorable. I’m totally charmed and now I want to hunt for more on tumblr and other sites lol.

Thanks to the post on BuzzFeed, I have also now discovered Winger Jock, which is the source of the photos below. Click any one of them to go to the source post on Winger Jock.

The photos are better enjoyed with some Ella and Cole Porter :-)

I love the video above put together by Peter Schneider, who also has many other excellent videos in his YouTube channel Peter 47ish.

And the Grammy goes to

I had no idea there are so many covers of the music from the opening of Game of Thrones.

I came across this one on BuzzFeed, done by YouTube user herbertcosta. I love the show, and I love cats, but I could never have imagined the two worlds coming together in such a silly fun way. I must have watched it five times in a row.

I heard this one too, which had been uploaded earlier back in January.