Bert felt like making some gamberetti (shrimp) ravioli and it was such a nice treat for me. Homemade ravioli is a special treat. I don’t even normally order it when we eat out at an Italian restaurant. Actually I believe I did exactly just once in my entire life, many years ago. I will always remember that when my order arrived, there were like just three or four pieces of ravioli on my plate. As if they were so friggin’ precious because they contained gold nuggets or something. I was appalled by how stingy the portion was. It was not some haute cuisine place, just a regular restaurant in a hotel. Okay, a rather nice one, but nothing posh or fancy. Italian food is mainly hearty country food anyway, and just how I like my food.

Bert and our other dinner companions laughed at my unfortunate choice while they feasted on far more generous portions of other pasta and pizza. I sucked in my cheeks like a supermodel and cut my four precious ravioli into tiny pieces so my dish could last as long as theirs as much as possible.

I never ever ordered ravioli again when eating at any Italian restaurant, not even in Italy. Of course one of the joys of cooking at home is that there is always lots of food, even leftovers for a meal the next day.




Having a bit of the munchies standing around in the kitchen while he worked and I, err… watched him work, Bert whipped up some bruschetta with some bread he had made which was just perfect for it. It was satisfyingly thick and meaty, perfect for bruschetta, and just the load of wholesome carbs to make me happy. DSCN1499_reduced


Day 73