Gordon Ramsay in IRONMAN championship

I was looking for a Gordon Ramsay recipe, broccoli soup, that I came across ages ago and wanted to make. I like it because it’s very delicious and even looks kinda fancy, yet it’s strikingly simple to make. Basically a boil-and-blend thing, haha.

But I came across some photos of him doing an IRONMAN World Championship Triathlon in Hawaii last month. I got engrossed looking at the photos and reading about his feat, including the Daily Mail which also reported that he had slimmed down from 100kg to 86kg.


Photo of Gordon Ramsay posted on his Twitter on 9th October, a few days before the race. Click to go to source.

An Ironman consists of a 3.8km swim, then a 180km bike ride, then an entire marathon distance to cover on foot, which is 42km. The event began around 7 a.m, and participants are required to end by midnight in order to log an “official” time. Gordon took 14 hours.

According to the latimes.com,

Ramsay was never in any danger of missing the cutoff. He finished the swim in 1:20:21 and the bike ride in 6:35:54.

…and finished the marathon in just under six hours, giving him an overall finish time of 14:04:48, according to the race website’s athlete tracker.

I’m so very impressed. How impressed? Well, the few marathons I ‘ran’ (I never ran. I jogged and walked) the best I could manage to finish was in 6 hours and 2 minutes. Gordon, who at 46 is six years older than me, is so fit he managed the marathon in under 6 hours, and this is after swimming 3.8km and cycling 180km.

This is so inspiring to me.

Oh by the way, this is the recipe I was looking for.