Liebster Award


I’m happy to have an award called Liebster, kindly passed forward to me among other bloggers, from Steven of Moods Aplenty, a blog I love to read because Steven writes with wit and a friendly tone, about various topics including interesting game shows, and also posts his lovely artwork such as portraits.

This is I think the second Liebster that has been kindly passed to me. And there are others too I’ve gotten before. I love and appreciate all of them!


One thing about awards is that, as much as I sincerely appreciate and am truly thankful by the lovely gesture, I’m… oh God, I’m embarrassed to admit this. But there’s no other way around it if I want to be honest. The thing is that I’m too lazy to participate in the ritual of these awards. *covers face with hands*.


1. The first ritual, or official rule if you choose to accept the award that I’m reluctant to participate is answering the list of questions to let other people know more about myself. I don’t really like to talk about myself. Maybe it’s lack of self-esteem or whatever, but I think I’m boring and I don’t want to bore other people. I think I bore even myself, haha. So don’t feel sorry for me. It’s not just that I’m afraid to bore other people, but that I know I will bore myself, and of course I don’t want to do that to myself, so… yeah. So I don’t like to talk about myself. I like to talk about the things I’ve seen and like, movies, books, food and flowers, whatever, but not about myself personally. And as I type all this, my fingers keep falling asleep at the keyboard and I keep having to correct typing mistakes! See, I told you I bore myself talking about myself! Now I’ll try to keep awake as I go on talking even more about myself.

Having said that, I will admit I love reading other bloggers talk about themselves, so I like reading their answers to the questions on their list. I’m nosey that way.

2. The second official rule if you choose to accept that I’m too lazy to follow, is to nominate maybe ten blogs to pass the award to. Okay, that just makes me a selfish jerk. I’m happy and flattered other bloggers thought of me and passed it on to me, yet the thought of coming up with a list of other bloggers to pass it to makes my fingers yawn and fall asleep at the keyboard again. Yep, no way to pretty that up or joke about it to make me less jerky. Guilty as charged. But please pretty please don’t dislike me! Because I’m really a mostly nice person! At least I think so.

3. The third official rule if you choose to accept that I’m hesitant to follow, is to come up with a list of questions for the bloggers you wish to pass the award to. I’m just not witty or clever enough to come up with a set of witty interesting questions that will make people smile or laugh. That is all.


Now I wish to note WHAT I LOVE ABOUT AWARDS even though I’m too lazy to participate in them:

  1. The kindness of all the bloggers who have passed on an award to me. If you’re reading this, thank you so very much, sincerely and truly.
  2. Reading and learning more about all the abovementioned sweet bloggers, in their writing about themselves as part of the award.
  3. Seeing the name of my blog on the list of blogs that are ‘nominated’. It’s such a lovely and thoughtful gesture that always touches me.
  4. Seeing the names of the other blogs who have also been ‘nominated’. I think of this as an introduction to the awarding blogger’s reading list. I love this (being nosey and all) and I always check them all out one by one as soon as I have the time.


I think what I will do sometime is to start a page to ‘compile’ the awards that had been given to me. I intend to display each one, and note down the name of the blogger who kindly gave it to me. Not having participated in the ‘official rules’, I guess that means I have not ‘chosen to accept‘ the awards as specified in those official rules, so I hope it’s still okay to display them not in a widget on the home page but in a dedicated page. I just want to acknowledge the kindness of the bloggers who gave them to me, and link back to them, as a matter of personal gesture of appreciation, even though of course I have thanked them on their blog.


Day 92