Anderson Cooper

I’ve come across posts and images of the journalist Anderson Cooper many times in gay blogs and other gay sites, where he is generally lusted after. And I’ve seen him on television a few times. Yet another person whose appeal I just don’t get. He does have a fit bod, and is masculine with a nice deep voice.

Photo by 'minds-eye' at Flickr, via Wikipedia. Click photo to go to Wikipedia page.

He is famous partly because he comes from a wealthy and prominent New York family, but mostly because of his work; he is accomplished and highly-respected as a journalist and television news show host. I may not find him attractive physically, however I do admire him for being low-key and very private about his personal life. He just seems like a decent, no-nonsense person.

Below is a video I came across on Dlisted, which shows him trying out a spray-tan for his talk show, and therefore features him shirtless. This is apparently a very rare and highly anticipated occurrence.