Freaking out over bloody nipples

In June I participated in the Half Marathon event at the Standard Chartered Marathon Kuala Lumpur, and for the first time my nipples hurt like crazy for days afterwards. The pain was excruciating in the shower. It had never happened before with other marathons, half or full.

I put it down to opting for a baggier running singlet for comfort, but ended up having the fabric rub against my nips even more during the 21km jog-walk, than a more huggy singlet would. Maybe, I don’t know.

Then I just had to come across this Buzzfeed article, which brought my delicate eyeballs to settle on this beauty:

bloody nipples marathon

Photo by seth2dana. Source:, via Buzzfeed. Click photo to go to source.

And in a daze of morbid fascination, my index finger just had to click on the source at flickr, which brought me to many other photos of bloody manipples.

Normally I would just go ‘eww’ a bit, laugh, then forget about it. But it happened mere weeks before I did the Full Marathon in Singapore last Sunday. And with the memory of the bloodless but still painfully chaffed nips from June fresh in my mind, I was concerned just a teeny wee bit. No, I should be honest. I was terrified.

I told myself the photos are photoshopped or that’s just paint dabbed on for a laugh, but just in case, I took up the suggestion of one of the commenters there by sticking band-aids over them nips. Simple and cheap, and turned out to work well too. I chose the ‘fabric’ type of band-aids, which tend to stay on longer than the plastic type, and they did stay on for the 6 hours 18 minutes I took to finish the course. Impressive of the humble band-aid, considering I was drenched with sweat practically the entire time.

WTF Fashion 4

More WTF Fashion from theBERRY.

As always, images link to the site of source. Click to go there.

Cool hat

That looks like a character from a movie. I think he looks good actually. I like the hat. Ok but not the pants, though. And shirt buttoned up, not flapping in the wind like that. Is that a fashion shoot. And is that a man purse?? Ok I take it back; I don’t think he looks that good; just ok. But I still want the hat.

mens trousers cuffed high

I don’t like pants cuffed or rolled up like that. Personally I think it looks silly, even if the hotness that is Ryan Gosling wears them like that. And ugh, ditch the bag! Otherwise this gentleman looks really good, although I’m not sure he should be wearing anything in the first place. I have a feeling he looks best naked, wearing nothing but a smile.

Another example of a hot guy who just shouldn’t bother with clothes anyway.

This isn’t too bad. I like the shirt a lot, actually.

Crazy man's hat. Crazy etc

WTF Fashion 3

Just came across these interesting photos on theBERRY, from a post by called What Guys Shouldn’t Wear LOL. Click any of the photos here to go to that site to see more.

I find myself being morbidly fascinated not so much by the outrageously and obviously costume-y outfits, like the coat below. I mean, that’s hilarious. And tragic, if the fur is real.

But to me the more interesting ones are the less crazy and less flashy outfits, but still striking. But still carried off by these creative creatures like it’s their normal everyday clothes or something. Like the guy in the photo below LOL.

What? No, not the much-maligned V-neck again! LOL. Give these guys a break.

And him too. I think.

Ok him we can throw into the bonfire LOL. That’s a bit much. Ok, a lot much.

Ohhhh, my eyes! I’ve seen and laughed at this before, actually. Reblog, relaugh!

Not to mention your testicles and your penis. Let them breathe dammit. Poor testicles and penis.

Whaaat?? No! And they’re even mocked by being called Mandals?! What’s wrong with these sandals?  I like these sandals. These are gladiator look sandals, right? Aren’t gladiators manly butch people? And they’re perfect for hot and humid Singapore. What am I suppose to wear on the weekends, sloppy flip-flops?

And the Grammy goes to

I had no idea there are so many covers of the music from the opening of Game of Thrones.

I came across this one on BuzzFeed, done by YouTube user herbertcosta. I love the show, and I love cats, but I could never have imagined the two worlds coming together in such a silly fun way. I must have watched it five times in a row.

I heard this one too, which had been uploaded earlier back in January.

Drama at the drive-in

Eeww what an asshole. That was my first thought.

I came to the video via a Yahoo! News article, last Saturday 4th August.

It was uncomfortable watching this video. My discomfort soon turned to anger. How could he treat her like that? Or any other individual employee.

He says he’s straight. I think his support of gay rights is wonderful and admirable. However the way he went about it in the video is so wrong, venting out on that girl Rachel. She handled it beautifully. I hope she gets promoted among other rewards. She’s truly a gem in the service line.

What really pissed me off about his attack was firstly, she told him she was uncomfortable about being videotaped, and she told him politely. Her exact words were ‘I’m really uncomfortable that you’re videotaping me‘, and she was clearly very nervous about his behaviour, but she remained civil, but he continued taping.

Secondly, him saying ‘I don’t see how you live with yourself and work here. I don’t understand it. This is a horrible corporation…’.

This white-collar jerk spewing such condescension to a fast-food worker. Who the hell does he think he is, putting down that girl in such a cruel manner, about where she choose to work to earn an honest living.

I also saw on Towleroad today that he has put up an apology video. His name is Adam Smith. I’m choosing to believe his apology is sincere, and that he was telling the truth that it was an impromptu rant that he let go too far because he got over-emotional.

I actually made it to the end of the video. It was interesting and touching when the apology was directed at Rachel, but after the 4:00 minute mark it got a little boring but I hung on.

I think this kind of outburst can happen to anyone. I pray it doesn’t happen to me, again. It has happened before, and the guilt still haunts me.

We can all get very intense and wound up and lash out at people. We know we need to step back, take deep breaths and save it for when we are calmer. But that doesn’t always happen. What he did was terrible, but it’s also terrible that there are now threats made against him and his family and ex-colleagues. I don’t know how he’s going to recover from this, but I hope it happens soon so that he can look into finding another job soon to support his family.

Sibling rivalry gone bizarre

When it comes to rivalries between nations in anything, I think it’s usually deeper and more tense (and hilarious) when it’s between next-door neighbours, like Singapore and Malaysia. I like to call it ‘sibling rivalry’. It can be petty and silly to downright nasty, and naturally it’s most scathing online in the form of comments made by blissfully anonymous users.

But I don’t remember coming across anything so unbelievably childish, so blatantly mean-spirited as this: Australia’s Channel 9, their official broadcaster of the London Olympics, had reportedly wiped their neighbour New Zealand off their top 10 Olympic medal table on national television. This happened days ago when New Zealand held the tenth spot on the medal ranking.

I read about it in this article published last Saturday 4th August. Excerpt:

“Can’t believe Channel 9 only showed top 9 in medal tally plus Australia, then admitted we didn’t want to be reminded NZ were 10th,” Sydney Morning Herald journalist Brad Walter tweeted.

The two gold medals won by rowers, double scullers Hamish Bond and Eric Murray, and single sculler Mahe Drysdale lifted New Zealand, albeit briefly, above Australia in the race for overall Olympic glory.

New Zealand’s three golds and two bronze medals is now good enough for 11th on medal table while Australia is languishing in 18th position with one gold, eight silvers and four bronzes.

And then earlier today I was stupefied again to see the photo below, where an Australian newspaper had apparently put New Zealand and Australia in the same box, combining their medals and calling the combo ‘Aus Zealand’. Now that is so hilarious and bizarre that it has got to be a joke. A cheeky take on solidarity.

Source: Twitter, Jess Maher. Via Click to go to site.

Maybe Aussies and Kiwis just have a really wicked and rough-and-tumble sense of humour that I just don’t get, or something? Or something.

My thoughts on ‘Bad Religion’ by Frank Ocean

Firstly, I’ll go straight to the point of what I think of the song. As a Muslim man, I find a few lyrics of the song distasteful. And I feel so sad about that. Because he has such a beautiful voice, and the song itself is profound and painfully gorgeous and speaks to my heart. So those few lyrics really spoil it for me. I don’t want it to, but this is my diary and if I’m not honest with myself here when I jot down my thoughts, where else?

Specifically, I’m referring to the following lyrics:

He said, Allahuakbar, I told him don’t curse me

But boy you need prayer, I guess it couldn’t hurt me

If it brings me to my knees, it’s a bad religion

As a gay man, I don’t feel anything. What I mean is, I don’t connect to the song in any way. I say this because I came across a comment on Towleroad. The commentor’s interpretation is that the song contains ‘explicitly gay lyrics about love from a mainstream artist’. I think he or she was referring to the lyrics Towleroad chose to feature on their post:

This unrequited love
To me it’s nothing but
A one-man cult
And cyanide in my styrofoam cup
I could never make him love me
Never make him love me

… It’s a, it’s a bad religion
To be in love with someone
Who could never love you
Only bad, only bad religion
Could have me feeling the way I do

I think the interpretation of the commentor (and I’m sure many other people gay or straight) is that the ‘bad religion’ here refers to unrequited love with another man. And I think this is not only reasonable and easy to come to, but a correct one. Unrequited love featured largely in Frank’s open letter on his Tumblr where he bravely came out as gay just last week, a beautifully written letter. Another remarkable thing I learnt is that this incredibly talented young man is only 24! That’s amazing.
The reason why I personally don’t connect to those two stanzas of lyrics as a gay man is because well, I think it’s just as plausible to interpret the term ‘bad religion’ there not as unrequited love but as religion itself, if I choose to. The first stanza could be about loss of faith in God, in religion, about being convinced of not having the love of God. Likewise, the second stanza could refer to God and religion. It’s not much of a stretch. But oh, to be honest I should mention here that this view formed partly after I was already annoyed by the Muslim reference, so that made me really look at the lyrics over and over again. Hah.

Let’s go back to those lines that I didn’t like.

He said, Allahuakbar, I told him don’t curse me

But boy you need prayer, I guess it couldn’t hurt me

If it brings me to my knees, it’s a bad religion

It struck me as distasteful because ‘Allahuakbar‘ (God is great) is something we Muslims use in our prayer. And something many people, whatever your religious faith, know to be associated with Islam. The idea it was perceived as a curse…
‘I guess it couldn’t hurt me’ softens it a bit. It indicates Frank is now indifferent to ‘Allahuakbar’. He doesn’t consider it a curse or insult or anything bad, he just didn’t know what it meant, and after the taxi driver said it was prayer, Frank is ok about it.

But the ‘bring me to my knees’ part that followed immediately after, well that conjured an image to me of one of the positions we do when we Muslims perform our prayer. So to me that’s a bad figure of speech to have right after ‘Allahuakbar’. The association between Islam and ‘bad religion’ in the song is undeniably there to me. Sure, we are not the only ones to adopt a kneeling posture as part of our prayers (I have accompanied a Catholic friend to church several times because he wanted company and I was also curious), but it wasn’t ‘Praise be to Jesus’ or a reference to another religion that was in the lyrics, it was ‘Allahuakbar’. And I just didn’t like it. It’s disrespectful, just as it would be if it was ‘Praise be to Jesus’, or any other reference to any other religion, in the context of that stanza, that song.

I don’t consider myself very religious. I’m sure many other Muslims don’t consider me religious at all. But that’s irrelevant; my faith is a personal and private matter between me and God. I go about my own business; I pray and I fast during Ramadan, etc. But even I feel the song ‘Bad Religion’ is disrespectful. What I feel is, you know, just keep specific religious references out of it altogether. It’s a beautiful song otherwise, with that voice and that melody, so it’s such a pity really.

WTF: Manscara

I came across the above clip while checking out videos on youtube on the subject matter. It’s from a BBC comedy called Hyperdrive.

Last Friday, Urban, the weekly fashion and beauty supplement that comes with the Straits Times, featured a cover story for their men’s special and titled it ‘Manscara for you, Sir?‘ And below the title:

Make-up for men now includes mascara, compact powders and even false eyelashes.

One look at that and I thought, “Oh, what the fuck now?!” It seems to me that the attempts at the feminization of gay men is relentless. One nonsensical thing after another. And of course the media encourages this, to sell more stuff, including advertising space. That’s how I feel anyway. And I say ‘gay men’ because of course that’s where make-up for men is really targeted. Because there’s no way straight men are going to bite. It’s just like men’s fashion shows. What straight man would give a shit unless it’s work-related; he’s working in the industry or has some sort of investment in it.

Ok, so the goodlooking shirtless model Urban featured didn’t exactly look delicate, although his complexion and chest looked (or Photoshopped to look) smooth and flawless as a baby’s bottom. He did glare at the camera, and with only a semi-pout, and he held the mascara stick like a knife, a weapon, not a make-up tool. The stylist had mascara dramatically flowing from below his eyes like blood gushing out from where he had cut himself. So, wow, poetic butch points there. Also for the pretty but massive tattoo decorating one shoulder and arm. But of course I’m just kidding about this. I’ve met quite a few gay guys who only look musculine, maybe with beards or moustaches, heavily muscled or fat, etc. But with mannerisms that are effiminate.

I don’t find effeminate men attractive, but that’s all, I don’t dislike or have a problem with them. Especially after having had friends and lovers who were ‘manly’ in both looks and manner, but who could be such drama queens with vicious tempers, with such cutting tongues LOL, and not forgetting the mindfuck. The childish mind games. Two or three of these guys were even in their fifties, I think. Older does not mean wiser or more mature, not necessarily.

Anway, back to the manscara thing. Turns out it’s not a new thing. I came across two Guardian articles from almost four years ago. The first one is titled ‘Manscara. Suits you, sir.’ and includes a video showing the writer Paul MacInnes being made up. The second one ‘Makeup for men – heading to a chemist near you soon‘ is by Homa Khaleeli. Also, the video clip from Hyperdrive at the beginning of this post was from either 2006 or the following year. The show ran for two seasons during those two years.

More videos, although not featuring mascara on men. The guy in the next one is the least effeminate I came across, and the video also has a practical DIY feel which is interesting I thought, considering the subject matter. To watch this, click play as usual, but after that click ‘Watch on YouTube.’

And the following is a hilarious comedy clip. The ‘tips’ start at around the 2:30 mark. Warning: explicit language.

WTF: Mantyhose

Something I came across on Poorly Dressed today.

Photo from Poorly Dressed. Click photo to go to site.

From Poorly Dressed, I clicked on the link to their source: where I also found the following photo.

Photo from Click photo to go to site.

And then, from bestweekever’s comments section, I found the link to the blog of Paul Duane. He’s someone who wears pantyhose to clubs and parties, and he wears them with short skirts and heels. But also with a men’s shirt and a tie. Excerpt:

My name is Paul Duane. I’m a professional photographer, father of 2, musician, skateboarder, former USPS letter carrier, blogger,  ex-Mormon, wine aficionado, divorcee, fanatical lover of the band RUSH,  thriving bachelor, and connoisseur of the leg – which is what you are hear to read about.   You’ll often see me at clubs and parties sporting my own gender-blending fashion sense:  Men’s dress shirt, tie, short skirt, 4″ heels, and some nice pantyhose.  My fascination with hosiery began in my early childhood and continues today.

He is straight. Excerpt:

(To the question: ‘Are you gay?’) No. What a person wears has nothing to do with where they like to put their cock. I love women. I absolutely adore and crave them (the beautiful ones).  Look, I’m an incredibly average looking guy. I don’t know exactly how this has happened, but somehow, I date very attractive women.  Chances are, I date hotter women than you do.  And if I don’t, a tip of the hat I give to you, good sir.

To me personally, even without the heels and skirt LOL, this pantyhose look on men is effeminate, and so I don’t find it attractive at all. I salute Mr. Duane however for not giving a shit what people think about what he wears. Not only that, he wrote about it in his blog and included pictures of himself in his pantyhose and heels. His honesty and courage is just amazing.