Michael Fassbender

Michael Fassbender. Born 2nd April 1977. Actor. Photo by Gage Skidmore. Click photo to go to source: Wikipedia.

An Irish-German actor who is red hot right now. As an actor, Michael Fassbender is very talented. I enjoyed his performance in X-Men:First Class. And I think the reviews that I’ve come across of his other work are consistently positive.

I keep forgetting to rent the following movies starring him, but I must soon. They feature other actors I admire as well, and as a bonus I think all three movies are critically acclaimed:

The cover photo of him below that I saw some months ago is the kind of thing that makes me wonder why Michael Fassbender is considered attractive. It’s meant to be sexy, I think, with him being shirtless. But he looks all pale and a little malnourished. I’m just not into thin or slender guys. And I don’t get that expression. It hardly says, “Oh hey come fuck with me on this bed I’m warming up for you.” It looks to me more like it’s saying, “I’m kinda perplexed myself why you think I’m sexy.” Like he’s agreeing with me! LOL just kidding.

Click photo to go to source: The Hollywood Reporter.

I guess many people, fans or not, think the above is a hot picture of a hot actor. I honestly think that’s a bad picture of him. Why was a picture of him looking unhappy selected for a cover when he actually has a terrific smile? And he can be quite good-looking sometimes. Like in X-Men:First Class. Maybe it’s just that I think dark wavy locks look far better on him than a crop like that.

In related news, he apparently has a big dick. Big enough for Charlize Theron, who happens to be one of my favourite actresses, to mention it for a laugh, apparently.

It’s just that, his ‘broody, manly, intense, smoldering’ type of sex appeal, I find it far sexier on guys like Christian Bale and Daniel Craig, maybe because they are beefier. I’ve noted here that I don’t find some thin or lean and lanky types attractive, especially when it comes to Caucasian guys. Hairless and with skin so fair and pale, makes me think of morgue scenes in police shows like CSI, I’ll just put it that way.

An exception I can think of right now is James McAvoy, who happens to be the other leading man in X-Men. Now, there’s a pale guy who for some reason I think is sexy.

David Beckham

David Robert Joseph Beckham, OBE. Born 2 May 1975. Footballer. Photo by Regular Daddy. Click photo to go to source Wikipedia

Probably the most famous footballer in the world, yet not so much as a footballer, but as a pop star. Not a singer pop star, but one from his many lucrative endorsements, his good looks, and even his marriage to another pop star, the singing type. Victoria from the now-defunct Spice Girls.

I don’t follow soccer, just not my interest. From my understanding, as a footballer David Beckham is not ranked as among the best. But I’m thinking that surely he must had been very good in his sport to have reached the fame he did, before the famous pop star wife and the endorsements all came into the picture. Perhaps he still is.

I thought twice about putting him in the ‘That’s hot to other people‘ list here, because he always seems like such a nice person, soft spoken and shy. For example in the video of the interview by Jimmy Kimmel below, who by the way my taste in men dictates as hotter. David comes across as very elegant and aristocratic, or whatever my idea of aristocratic is. Yet friendly and easy-going. He’s just naturally posh, but with no airs. He’s always well dressed, a known metrosexual, but I don’t believe a man should apologise or feel embarrassed for having a keen interest in fashion, gay or straight.

So why is he in the ‘That’s hot to other people‘ category? Because it’s not about whether I think they’re nice people or not. It’s just a silly little list I certainly don’t take seriously, but just to while away the time, while I wonder about men who are considered attractive by many other gay men and women, but not by me. Men who are supposedly widely lusted after for their physical attributes, but I just don’t find them all that cute. And that’s the case with David Beckham. I don’t dislike him. But as far as physical appeal goes, I wouldn’t wank over nude images or videos of him, let’s put it that way haha! He’s too oh-so-pretty, too well put together, and too skinny-lean, for my taste. I more appreciate the look of men who are more rugged and ‘real’ (‘everyday Joe’), and with more flesh on their bones.

Photo by Splash, via Dlisted, August 29th 2011. Click photo to go to source.

Photo by Wenn/Wireimage, via Dlisted, June 5th 2008. Click photo to go to source.

George Clooney

George Clooney. Born May 6 1961. Actor, Director, Producer, Screenwriter. Photo by Nicolas Genin. Click photo to go to source: Wikipedia

His appeal is mostly to women, I think. Older women. He has an ‘old Hollywood’ charm about him. I like old Hollywood charm but, well… He has that lounge lizard vibe, all slick and suave, similar to that of say, Julio Iglesias and George Hamilton.

When I think about it, it’s funny that I don’t find him attractive. Because firstly, when it comes to admiring men physically and appreciating their sex appeal, I have always gravitated more towards ‘older’ men. And secondly, George Clooney is not just any older man, but someone who is so lusted after that he frequently makes an appearance in ‘sexiest men’ lists.

Which tickles me. To me, he has a good-looking face, but that’s it. I’m guessing it’s women who vote him into these lists, and that gay men have nothing or little to do with it? When it comes to George Clooney, I think it’s still only women who are from Venus, and that gay or straight, all men are from Mars.

I’ve watched a few films with him in it. I don’t particularly enjoy watching him as an actor, either. I think he’s pretty decent. I know he has an Oscar from an excellent performance in Syriana, but to me personally he is just okay; not as remarkable and talented as say, Viggo Mortensen, Colin Firth or Johnny Depp.

From Dusk Till Dawn – I liked this a lot. He was good in this.

One Fine Day – No.

The Peacemaker – No

Batman and Robin – No. And a massive joke of a movie. The only saving grace was Uma Thurman as Poison Ivy.

Out of Sight – No. And I can’t stand Jennifer Lopez’s acting, either.

Three Kings – Now, this movie I loved. And I like George’s performance in it as well.

The Perfect Storm – He was good in this too.

O Brother, Where Art Thou? – I liked him in this. And the movie was amazing.

Ocean’s Eleven and Ocean’s Twelve – I liked the movies but not his performance

Ocean’s Thirteen – Now even the all-milked-out franchise I can’t stand

Syriana – Excellent performance

The Good German – Excellent performance as well. And I loved this movie.

Michael Clayton – He was good in this too

Burn After Reading – I thought he totally sucked here. A big mess of a movie, almost as messy and boring as Batman and Robin. George was supposed to be funny here. Brad Pitt fared better, but not much.

The American – This is supposed to be one of those slow-burning European style ‘noir’ films, sophisticated and intelligent. Usually I love that sort of thing, but here I just wanted to scrape out my eyeballs; it was so painfully boring and so painfully slow.

Hmm, after going through this list, I guess I think now he’s a better actor than I had thought.

Anderson Cooper

I’ve come across posts and images of the journalist Anderson Cooper many times in gay blogs and other gay sites, where he is generally lusted after. And I’ve seen him on television a few times. Yet another person whose appeal I just don’t get. He does have a fit bod, and is masculine with a nice deep voice.

Photo by 'minds-eye' at Flickr, via Wikipedia. Click photo to go to Wikipedia page.

He is famous partly because he comes from a wealthy and prominent New York family, but mostly because of his work; he is accomplished and highly-respected as a journalist and television news show host. I may not find him attractive physically, however I do admire him for being low-key and very private about his personal life. He just seems like a decent, no-nonsense person.

Below is a video I came across on Dlisted, which shows him trying out a spray-tan for his talk show, and therefore features him shirtless. This is apparently a very rare and highly anticipated occurrence.

Alexander Skarsgård

A good-looking Swedish actor with a fit bod, tall and lean. From what I come across on the net, Alexander Skarsgård is very popular and a lot of people find him very sexy.

Photo by David Shankbone, via Wikipedia

I tend to like my guys (hmm here that would refer to wanking material haha)  chunkier, not the lean and lanky pretty male model type. And when it comes to white guys; seldom blond, come to think of it. Most of the time I like ’em dark and hairy, yum!

But. Guys who look somewhat like Alexander or have some similarities, with the same vibes somewhat (to me), who I find more attractive, one of them would be Aaron Eckhart.

Aaron Eckhart. Photo by oandu, via Flickr.

Also: Jim Carrey (yep) and Cary Elwes, when they were younger. Actually I find Jim and Cary much more attractive now, no surprise since my tastes lean more to ‘older’ men. So maybe I’ll finally get it what Alexander’s appeal is … 10 or 20 years from now, haha… not to mention because his dad Stellan sure is a sexy fox!

Example of a masculine man who is not hot (to me)

A manly man. A masculine man. I guess that means different things to different people. When I was dating I didn’t feel entirely comfortable with describing myself as a ‘masculine guy’. Because the term brings up images of muscular guys posing while flexing their muscles, or speaking in deep gruff voices, being all butch and rough and all. Nothing wrong with that, but I’m just not that person, I’m just a ‘regular’ guy. But, hmm, using the word ‘regular’, would that have implied that I thought of guys who aren’t like me as irregular or abnormal? haha.

So I used ‘masculine’, also to describe the type of guys I was attracted to and was looking for. Again, was not looking for butch guys, just ordinary guys like myself, who are not effeminate. Nothing wrong with being a feminine guy either, it’s just not what I’m attracted to.

Thirdly, I used the word because I detested that term ‘straight-acting’ which I came across often. I can’t stand that. Why act what you’re not.

I use ‘masculine’ till today, for example for this blog, simpy because I don’t think of myself as ‘feminine’. If there are terms for the numerous shades of grey in between, say, the butch heavily muscled gym rat and the regular guy who does-not-display-feminine-mannerisms-but-catches-every-episode-of-sex-and-the-city’, then well, that’s over-thinking it. I’m already over-thinking this.

Now about this man who is masculine who I don’t think is hot. Is it right I do this? I’m not hot myself, and facelessly anonymous for now, so who am I to criticize other people? But I’m not criticizing, I’m just saying I don’t find him attractive. Everyone have their own tastes, what clicks for them or not.

I caught this video of Jacques Snyman on the blog Joe.My.God. Physically, he’s very manly. And he plays rugby. He also sings, as a countertenor, which I had never heard of, which I thought was ridiculous until I opened myself to listening to more and more and now I think, ok, that’s actually kinda cool.

I can’t put a finger on why exactly I don’t find Jacques attractive. Is it because he sings shirtless? Hairless though nicely muscled chest? I think it has to do that I think he seems exhibitionist. And the way he sings… reminds me of British singer Russell Watson,  a singer with a style far too showy for my liking. Maybe that’s ‘passion’ to some people. To me it’s just annoying.

Through YouTube, I also discovered David DQ Lee, another countertenor.

Of course I’m not expecting Jacques, who I believe is an amateur singer, to sing as well as David who I believe is professional. But to me David not only sings beautifully, but with so much dignity. I think this is the kind of style that would make detractors forget, or at least soften their stance that ‘guys should sound like guys’. I don’t think about that when I hear the beauty of David’s voice and delivery. I just think: ‘wow, I really want to check out his CDs.’

And again maybe this is just me, but I actually find that Jacques is the one who comes across as the more girly or feminine (I want to say ‘queeny’, actually) despite his build and being a rugby player and all.

But, oh well. I would still thank Jacques Snyman for introducing me and opening my ears and mind to the countertenor style of singing. I hope he achieves great success with everything he does in life, including with the concerts he is holding in the U.S. this year to support an anti-bullying campaign. Bravo, Jacques.

Here’s another one of David DQ Lee. Just stunning!