Supercute and supercool dancing bear in all of his fabulosity

I’ve been meaning to post this.

Last Friday night was Fap Friday Night, and my trusty go-to is Tumblr, where I came across this guy and his moves. I must have watched it twenty times in a row. I was hypnotized. He’s so incredibly adorable, in every way, but especially with that sweet, joyous smile right at the end. So cute.

What’s even better is that he has his own tumblr site. In the video below he has briefs on, but please note the website itself (j-mobear), which the link below leads to, contains nudity and is therefore NSFW.

Get ready to get hit by some gloriously fabulous moves.

If I have half his talent, I’d probably be confident enough to hit the dancefloor. I haven’t danced in years. I’m a terrible dancer, haha!

I can’t seem to find his name on his site, but here’s a cute photo of him. Cat person! Yay.


Update 29 October 2015: It just occured to me I forgot to credit the Divine Miss M for teaching me the word ‘fabulosity’, which I first heard from her 1999 song ‘I’m Beautiful’.

Eros Ramazzotti


Randomly picked a disc to listen to and I got ‘Ali e Radici’ (Wings and Roots) by Italian singer Eros Ramazzotti. One of those singers I probably have ten CDs from. I haven’t counted, but we’ve been fans for a long time. This is his tenth studio album, out of a total of eleven, which he released in 2009. Most of his albums are released in both Italian and Spanish. I remember years ago when I was not aware of this yet, I had mistakenly bought a Spanish version of one of his albums. Which is okay but some time later I went back to buy the Italian one as well.

I haven’t played his music for a while, and forgot how much I love his unique voice and his gorgeous catchy songs. He has written and sang a lot of beautiful ballads too in his career that has by now spanned more than three decades. He was born in Rome in October 1963, so now he’s fifty.

The following is one of my favourite songs from Ali e Radici. Parla Con Me (Talk To Me) is the third song in the album.

I love so many of this songs, but just to pick two more to put here, well I love his two duets with not one but two ladies of music I absolutely adore, Tina Turner and Cher! Cose Della Vita (Can’t Stop Thinking of You) with Tina was released in 1998. The song is a ‘remake’ of a song he wrote and sang solo on in 1993. The beautiful ballad Più che puoi (All You Can) with Cher is from 2001.




Magnums to drool over

I was shopping at Jusco supermarket in Johor Bahru and came across my favourite ice-cream on a stick, Magnum. I love Magnum. It’s so creamy and rich, truly delicious.


In J.B. it’s so much cheaper than in Singapore. In the first picture above, I captured the special offer price of RM23.90 for TWO boxes of the mini ones. At a rounded off currency exchange of 2.5 to an SG dollar (actually as of writing now it’s more around 2.6) that’s only SG$9.56.

In Singapore, based on this flyer I found on, a special offer price of those two boxes would be around SG$15. So that’s more than 50% more expensive! Of course bear in mind that different supermarkets in both Singapore and J.B. will feature different prices and at different times as well.


Regular-sized Magnums come 3 in a box, at 90ml each.


Whereas the Mini ones, are exactly half at 45ml. Perfect for those on a diet, or those who simply find it too rich and sinful. I tend to get these, as I find it satisfyingly big enough already.


Naturally I have tried these two flavours as well and love them too.


In unrelated news, well not really unrelated since I did drool and lust over him growing up, this is another Magnum I think of when I hear or see the name. Ooh yummy.


Tom Selleck a.k.a. Magnum, P.I. Image from the Tumblr site ZestyBlog, via the Pinterest page Hollywoody. Click image to go to the latter.

A video of an episode found on YouTube thanks to user Michael Knight.


This post is Day 15 of ‘100 Happy Days‘.

Happy meter: contented

Imran Khan vs. homophobia

I totally wasn’t prepared for how awesome this video was going to be. Found it via Gaybros. Where else but that subreddit as a reliable source for interesting gay stuff.

Just a bit of warning that there is that ‘f’ word at 1:50 and 2:10, for those who mind such things.

With winsome humour the video tackles some questions that are actually sad and dumb, but questions I can imagine going through the minds of ignorant, homophobic, or just the insistently hateful who are just hell-bent on putting down gay folks.

I laughed like crazy at so many parts, including the glitter ball and rainbow unicorn to illustrate the ‘gay AIDS DNA’, and oh my God, the stealthy gay conversion weapon. Genius.

But fun jokes aside, this video by the guys at All India Bakchod is really commendable for the effort to address discrimination and prejudice, even while it throws its hands up resignedly with a frustrated sigh at how ridiculous it all is. Sadly, here in Singapore we too have that 377A law which criminalises sex between men.

There is of course another famous Imran Khan, of Pakistan, the celebrated former cricketer who is now a politician. Who is incredibly sexy too, by the way.

But the hotness that is the host of this video with the breathtakingly beautiful eyes, is Imran Khan the actor, who works in Hindi-language films. An Indian American who was born in Madison, Wisconsin on 13 January 1983, (so he just turned 31 yesterday. Belated birthday wishes, you handsome big-hearted man.) Imran studied for and received his degree in filmmaking from the Los Angeles branch of the New York Film Academy. He is also a noted social activist, where he has taken up various causes including the elimination of violence against women.

I’m not familiar with his work, (I drool and fan myself more for his uncle Aamir) but for sure I’m going to be checking out Imran’s films very soon.

Needless to say, but I’ll say it anyway, it is so kind and generous of him to do this video. Risking his career and stardom, and his personal reputation to do this. I may not have watched a single film by him yet, but I’m already a huge fan of him as such a gracious human being.


“The point is, that you don’t need cultural approval to live and love in peace.”

imran khan

Image from the tumblr site ‘Imran Khan Fan Club’. Click it to go there.


Things to check out:

  • what’s elaichi? in biryani? (2:31) I love biryani. What is elaichi and why is it apparently gross in biryani? Have to check that out.
  • the question in Hindi in 5:01. Have to find the translation.


Update 25 January 2014:

  • A blogger I follow Nuwan Sen has kindly provided the translation in the comment section below. I’ll reproduce it here. It’s:

The guy in Hindi, states, ‘that no body has ever been arrested under section 377, do what you want in the bedroom, without talking so much nonsense (i.e. basically stop fighting for your rights, it all about sex and no love).

  • And elaichi is cardamom in Hindi as well as Punjabi, according to Wikipedia.

Seth Rogen shows how sexy is done

Seth Rogen Screen-Shot-2013-11-25-at-12.30.58-PM

Image from The Gaily Grind. Click to go there.

Funny or steamy? Both. I was alternating tittering like a maniac and being quietly turned on as I bit my lower lip and sighed, because Seth Rogen is so damn hot, back hair and all. I hope he’ll never lose weight again, because he’s perfect the way he is in the video above.

With fellow actor James Franco, the 31-year-old Canadian did a hilarious parody of Kanye West’s video for Bound 2, calling theirs Bound 3. The duo was taking time off from the set of the movie they are working on together, The Interview.

The song itself is pretty terrible, which is a pity since I thought it started off rather sweetly. Consider watching it with the audio turned to mute. If you do decide to listen to the song, please be warned that it contains a few lines of explicit lyrics.

First seen via the fantastic Gaybros, where else.

Kanye did the original video for that with his girlfriend Kim Kardashian, causing some controversy because the video was deemed racy. I didn’t bother to catch that one as I’m not a fan. But animalnewyork has uploaded a side-by-side comparison video, which was fun to watch for added laughs.

Again, be warned of the explicit lyrics should you decide to watch it with the audio on.


Hamed Sinno

Hamed Sinno screen-shot-2013-08-02-at-12-28-15-am

Image from Raynbow Blog. Click to go there.

Hamed Sinno is the 25-year-old Lebanese lead singer of the Beirut-based band Mashrou’ Leila. Openly gay and goodlooking, Hamed is a charismatic singer whose handsome face and moustache have gotten him compared to the late great Freddie Mercury. Sex appeal-wise, I think Hamed is also touched with an elfin quality which renders him not just sexy but cute too.

His voice is incredibly sexy and is perfect for the songs he and the rest of his band produce. I just came across them recently and have not heard all their songs yet, but the ones I’ve heard so far are dreamily sensuous and touching. Like this one in the video below, Imm El Jacket إم الجاكيت (The Girl with the Jacket). Click here for a translation of the lyrics.

Noha El-Khatib wrote in an interview article for Discord Magazine that he first met Hamed in 2006 when the singer was a freshman at the American University of Beirut. He described Hamed as:

…an intellectually rebellious art student whose presence never went unnoticed, thanks to his ostentatious jokes, inappropriately sharp commentary, and beautiful voice that fetched many admirers before he even performed in public. Sometimes his impromptu lyrics were about sour or taboo topics like child molestation, homosexuality, and violence. Being exposed to his bluntness and volume, however, convinced most of the onlookers to think that he was confident, sexually ambiguous, outgoing, and unfazed by social expectations. Most of that was not true. He was shy, apologetic, struggling through social turbulence, and anxious for knowledge and peace of mind.

Hamed Sinno tumblr_mv6k4nm8xl1rdapy9o1_400

From the tumblr blog mashrou3leilafans. Click to go there.


Hamed Sinno tumblr_mtmpux7Ete1rdapy9o1_400

From the tumblr blog mashrou3leilafans. Click to go there.

Buff Dudes

I came across their YouTube channel courtesy of Gaybros.

Brandon and Hudson make up the Buff Dudes and their fitness channel features intense workouts, healthy recipes and a whole lot of fun and humour.

The post on Gaybros led to the biceps workout below. I wasn’t really paying attention to the workout itself. When I exercise, it’s very lightly as I’m not interested in building a muscular bod. I also prefer videos that actually play the entire workout so I can exercise right there and then along to the video (like those found on HASfit), as opposed to videos that just feature demonstrations for me to watch and learn, and then spend more time to do on my own.

However, host Brandon is such an arresting and droolsome sight that I watched the entire video. Not only is he very goodlooking, but he’s charismatic and funny and the video is not the typical fitness video but entertaining. I checked out their channel and found other humorous videos. So this is a good find and I’m looking forward to seeing more. Maybe I’ll even be motivated to actually try some of their workouts, hah.

Jeff Probst

I was just noting the other day how British singer Robbie Williams (aged 39) and British chef Gordon Ramsay (aged 46) look fantastic and in-shape, and now I’ve come across more pictures of more older men looking great.

Maybe it’s time to start a new category for hot older men who inspire me keep at it in getting in shape. A little (or a lot of) eye candy never hurt anyone. It just makes you go “ooh, yummy” but won’t give you Type 2 Diabetes, haha!

Here is a picture of Jeff Probst that is recently making the rounds in online media, and rightly so, because his physique is so impressive. The picture is from his guest appearance on the TV sitcom Two and a Half Men. I think a lot of people were surprised by how impressive. I know I am. I mean, he had always looked fit, but wow. And the guy is in his fifties already!

Jeff Probst 4074c650-ab9e-4ce3-a5dc-52ce0692e6ef_Jeff

Credit: CBS. Via Click image to go there.

Jeff Probst, 52, is a host of various shows, but most famously that of Survivor, the reality game show that believe is or not is still going strong since May 2000, and is now into it’s 27th season.

He is also a minister, ordained by Universal Life Church Monastery (ULC) in 1999 and had remarried his parents for their 35th wedding anniversary. Reading about this church for the first time, I have discovered via their website, that they provide free online ordination to anyone, and have ordained more than 20 million people. Some of the many other celebrities they have ordained as ministers include actress Sharon Stone, knighted actor Sir Ian McKellen, ‘penectomy survivor’ John Wayne Bobbit, and musician Courtney Love. To say that’s interesting is a bit of an understatement.

I found another photo of Jeff Probst, featured below. I couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief. This one looks better to me than the waxed Ken doll look above, as impressive as the defined muscles are in that photo.

And fit bod aside, he sure has a gorgeous smile. Happy and full of life.

Jeff Probst tumblr_mcnmgiBnT91r7b601o1_500

From the tumblr site TheMoInMontrose. Click to go there.

And oh, I was wondering if I pronounce his name properly and wanted to check that, and came across this hilarious spoof of pronunciation videos.

Royals, covered by Puddles

When I first heard Royals by New Zealander singer-songwriter Lorde some weeks ago, it was, “Hmm, that’s nice.” I noted with surprise that she was only sixteen. She just turned seventeen a few days ago. The song has been atop the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart for six weeks now.

Then recently I heard it again, and this time I really heard it properly. And the man who finally made me fall for the song is Puddles, the sad Clown from Puddles Pity Party.

It just totally blew me away. That incredible voice, the all-out passion he unleashed and the breathtaking melancholia, his voice, the gravitas he exuded. I was a bit disconcerted at being a bit turned on by a clown. That has never happened before and I don’t mind it never happening again. I mean, when he clutches his buttons in his intensity at 2:36, my breath caught, and my fingers wandered away from the keyboard to tweak my… oh, never mind.

No, please, no rabbit holes. I’d never recover and crawl my way out in one piece.

I love the two poker-faced ladies who sang backup too. The one on the right is named Robyn Adele Anderson and she sang a kick-ass vintage bluegrass version of Robin Thicke‘s Blurred Lines. Link to that video here.

The first video above is from the channel of Scott Bradlee, who arranged the song and also played the piano in the incredible performance, hidden behind the ladies. Puddles’s own channel is here. I love Puddles’ voice and the way he carried the song so much that suddenly I loved the song enough to want to note and ponder its lyrics. And now I appreciate Lorde’s songwriting. Royals was co-written with producer Joel Little. Love her voice too.

Robbie Williams

Saw this photo of the British singer and former boybander Robbie Williams a while back on tumblr, and whoa, he’s looking good! He’s thirty-nine now. If I’m not mistaken, he’s had his ups and downs over the years when it comes to his weight. And now he looks like this. Very inspiring.

Robbie Williams tumblr_m8twat1lRy1qgr2qio1_1280

Image seen at Click to go there.

The following is how he looked like as a younger chap around when he was with the massively popular Take That, the ‘it’ boyband back in the early 90s.

Robbie Williams tumblr_mqen75V7Iy1r4ba6to1_500

From Click to go there.

Cute as a button!

Although I’ve never been into cute. Have always been into older men instead. When I was a youngster I would wonder occasionally if my taste would slowly ‘evolve’ as I get older. That maybe as I get older, who knows, the age group of my taste would go in the opposite direction and I’d eventually find younger men more attractive. That would be funny. But my appreciation for men physically still hovers around the middle age and above range. It’s quite interesting when you think about it, how different people have different specific tastes. I guess a whole myriad of things could go into the pot in terms of influence, including our life experiences.

So, anyway, I guess Robbie was cute back then, but now at 39 he’s like freakin’ gorgeous. What a beautiful man.

I wasn’t into Take That at all, so I don’t know any of their music, but I remember they were very successful. The wonderful thing is that Robbie found even greater commercial success as a solo artist. Since 1996 he has released a lot of great pop songs that were huge hits. I like too many to list here but one of my favourites is No Regrets. And of course Feel. And another one is Come Undone:

Another thing I like about him is his fun persona, as someone cheeky and goofy, which is displayed in some humorous songs and videos, including Rock DJ and Candy:

Robbie is set to release his new album Swings Both Ways (oh don’t tease you handsome devil) later this month on the 18th. This is his second big band album, twelve years after his first one.

From Click to go there.