Nuts for Nutella

I haven’t indulged in the Italian chocolate spread Nutella for a long time. Today is yet more evidence that I’m a sucker for nice packaging because I picked it up at the supermarket just because I love their new jar. Or maybe I’m just using that as an excuse. But it is unusual and pretty.

Nutella 2014 front

A 1-kilogram jar. $10.90 at Sheng Siong supermarket. The print comes in several different colours. No purple, though :-(   but this pink kinda passes for purple.

Nutella 2014 back

The back looks the same as before except for the ‘2014’.

Nutella with sponge cake and ice cream

I think I opened the jar within ten minutes of arriving home, for an impromptu triple treat afternoon snack: Nutella on spongecake with ice-cream.

Photo from Nutella Italy's Facebook. Click image to go there.

Ah, it’s actually for their 50th anniversary and these are the four colours available together. (This photo from Nutella Italy’s Facebook. Click image to go there.)


  • Oh my God, there’s actually a ‘World Nutella Day‘!! Haha!
  • Grist – It takes at least six countries to make a jar of Nutella. Hello, Palm Oil (from Malaysia). Ugh.
  • BuzzFeed – How to make your own Nutella. (Goodbye, Palm Oil! Yay!!)
  • Mental_floss – 8 things you may not know about Nutella

Furious Pete eating an entire 750-gram jar of Nutella in the video below. I got furiously jealous watching it so I only managed the first minute. I don’t have the guts to enjoy life that much because I’m scared of getting diabetes and for my waistline, not that I am trim in the first place.


Day 85



Gnocchi is a type of soft, thick pasta, made with mainly potatoes and flour. I love it, so sinfully good especially with a creamy, cheesy sauce. Bert cooked some, although this time using ready-made gnocchi he got from the supermarket. He made a mushroom-based sauce for it, which was perfect. I very much love mushrooms as well, for anything especially pizza and pasta.



Day 83

Purple noodles

Out of curiosity I had tried the ‘regular’ one as pictured on the left in the picture below, when I first noticed it some time ago. Noodles in purple! What a lovely surprise. It tasted alright.

It must have been received well, because the makers, local company Tat Hui Foods, came up with three other flavours. I’m glad to see that. There is not enough purple in the world. Of course I’m going to try them. If I’m going to have instant noodles anyway, it might as well be purple.



  • The Ramen Rater – Koka Purple Wheat Noodles Aglio Olio Flavour (11 Jan 2014)
  • Metronews – Researchers develop colourful purple wheat to boost health, economy. (26 July 2012)


Day 80 of ‘100 Happy Days‘.





Bert felt like making some gamberetti (shrimp) ravioli and it was such a nice treat for me. Homemade ravioli is a special treat. I don’t even normally order it when we eat out at an Italian restaurant. Actually I believe I did exactly just once in my entire life, many years ago. I will always remember that when my order arrived, there were like just three or four pieces of ravioli on my plate. As if they were so friggin’ precious because they contained gold nuggets or something. I was appalled by how stingy the portion was. It was not some haute cuisine place, just a regular restaurant in a hotel. Okay, a rather nice one, but nothing posh or fancy. Italian food is mainly hearty country food anyway, and just how I like my food.

Bert and our other dinner companions laughed at my unfortunate choice while they feasted on far more generous portions of other pasta and pizza. I sucked in my cheeks like a supermodel and cut my four precious ravioli into tiny pieces so my dish could last as long as theirs as much as possible.

I never ever ordered ravioli again when eating at any Italian restaurant, not even in Italy. Of course one of the joys of cooking at home is that there is always lots of food, even leftovers for a meal the next day.




Having a bit of the munchies standing around in the kitchen while he worked and I, err… watched him work, Bert whipped up some bruschetta with some bread he had made which was just perfect for it. It was satisfyingly thick and meaty, perfect for bruschetta, and just the load of wholesome carbs to make me happy. DSCN1499_reduced


Day 73

Vegetarian Chicken Burger

I haven’t had this for quite a while until lunch today, when I prepared some sandwiches for us. One bite and I wondered why I don’t have it more often. It’s tasty.

I got it from the vegetarian corner of the frozen food section of Jusco supermarket in Johor Bahru. I don’t know if it’s available in Singapore as I’ve never seen it in any supermarket here so far, including Mustafa Centre, which has quite the vegetarian section.



After I prepared the sandwiches today, I actually wolfed down the whole thing before realising I had not taken photos yet, haha… Fortunately I have this last photo here in my image library. It is of the same burger patties, but from a previous meal some time ago.


Day 72

Phoon Huat

We visited a friend for lunch today at Clementi and were delighted to come across a branch on our way to the train station. We love Phoon Huat, it’s always a treat to visit.


The Clementi branch of Phoon Huat.

It’s a local chain of stores that is long known for their huge range of bakery and dessert products, both ingredients and equipment. Seeing the goods they offer always makes me want to grab what I need to bake a cake or some cookies the minute I get home. And I’m always picking up snacks there every time we visit. But more than just baking stuff, among many other things they also stock an excellent range of supplies for general cooking, and most at attractive prices. DSCN3284_reduced ^ This is Grana Padano cheese from Mantua, Lombardy, which we normally use grated like Parmesan. This is a 1.2kg block and costs $32.34. It’s $26.00 per kilogram, so that’s $2.60 per 100grams. I think it’s normally around $4.00 for 100grams in a regular supermarket. DSCN3282_reduced

^ Tagliatelle pasta at $2.20 a packet. We grabbed one each of regular and spinach.


^ I saw these coffee premixes for the first time and thought I’d give them a try. Each packet is for a single serving and costs $0.40. At 30grams, it seems to pack a lot so I hope it’ll make thick and creamy coffee.


Day 66

Fish with Linguine

I’ve always liked fish fillet, maybe since young when I would always choose Filet-O-Fish when taken to McDonalds, because it’s delicious.

When Bert took out a packet of frozen fillets to thaw, I was already happily anticipating the meal ahead. And when I saw he had paired it with linguine pasta, cooked with fresh tomatoes and basil… *sigh*… bliss! Happy and thankful for this gorgeous homecooked meal.



Day 65

Turmeric chicken

Instead of his usual roasted chicken, which I already love, this time Bert added an ingredient he’s a big fan of: the spice turmeric. It’s the first time he has used so much of it. It’s a fun and tasty twist to the dish, and was great as well with the potatoes which had been cooked together with the chicken on the same pan.

^ Yes that’s a cookie pan, haha. We never bought a proper pan yet of that size to roast chicken in the oven, but whatever, since the cookie pan works just fine.


 ^ Very yellow from the turmeric. Besides chicken and potatoes, there were also cherry tomatoes, whole cloves of garlic and a fruit ingredient I was surprised to see since Bert doesn’t usually like it with savoury dishes, which is pineapple. And not forgetting all that olive oil, now wonderfully flavoured with turmeric, which makes a great dip for the homemade foccacia bread featured in the first photo.




Day 60 of ‘100 Happy Days‘.


Lunch at Tea Garden Junction

We experienced the coffeeshop/restaurant Tea Garden Junction in Johor Bahru for the first time . It was very good. Really good, when you consider the prices.


Chicken Curry Hor Fun. RM6.50 (about S$2.60)

I think that’s the name of the above dish I ordered for myself. I don’t quite remember, it was a blur once I had my first slurp of the curry. I inhaled the thing in a matter of minutes. The curry was so good; so thick and rich.


A closer look at the hor fun noodles


Bert had the ‘Nasi Lemak Rendang Mutton’. RM9.50 (about S$3.80). He said the Nasi Lemak was delicious and rich with the taste of coconut milk. I thought the portion of the rice was a bit itsy bitsy, but then again too much rice is really bad for you, especially of the rich variety like this. The mutton rendang was good too.

With prices like that above, it’s more economical than eating at a food court in Singapore! And you don’t have to stand around hovering at the stall till your food is ready, although ordering itself is via self-service. The place-mat menu is on the table. So is a stack of order chit and pen. You write the code number of what you want and bring that to the cashier where you pay for your order. Then a runner brings your order to your table when it’s ready.

The prices of drinks are reasonable, but look strange next to the food. For example you could have a Mee Siam for RM4.50, but the drink you order could be 2.50 or 3.50. Soft drinks are RM2.50 (about S$1.00), if I remember correctly. You could have plain water at 50 cents, but I was guessing it came straight from the tap, and honestly I’m not comfortable with that there even if filtered, so I didn’t have that. I didn’t check the price of bottled water, probably the same as soft drinks.

Definitely dropping by a lot whenever we have the chance. Located at Jalan Mutiara Emas in the Taman Mount Austin area. I don’t remember the exact number of the road, but it’s next to Jubin BMS, the mega tile store. Click here for the map there.


Day 58