Modern table design and flower arrangement at One Farrer Hotel Singapore

I don’t normally go for modern design, but this table at the lobby of One Farrer Hotel near Serangoon Road caught my eye . I like how even in its minimalism, and without any natural material like timber, it still has a somewhat organic character. Which is why I find it interesting.

p_20190112_171750_cropped reduced_2

The flower arrangement, however, is not my cup of tea. I wonder what statement or look the florist was going for. To me personally this arrangement as a whole looks a little unfinished and untidy, like we’re looking at a work table at the housekeeping department where the arrangements are kept before being dispatched to various locations in the hotel.


Maybe I’m just too anal and rigid, and have to try to better appreciate designs that are more relaxed and free-flowing. Especially in that modern and stark lobby, a bit of randomness (albeit still controlled in containers) gives a much needed breath of fresh air. And that is always appreciated, as I’m just not a fan of modern minimalist interiors. I just find it so cold and sterile. So, yes, I still enjoyed looking at this bit of ‘contained chaos’. It’s refreshing.


Anyway it doesn’t matter much how flowers are arranged. Nice arrangements are always appreciated, but flowers are always lovely to look at no matter how they are arranged.




I think this is a type of Hibiscus. I saw these gorgeous flowers for the first time in the garden of a client’s residence, and it tickled me a bit to be reminded of that monster from Ridley Scott’s Alien movies.


Image seen on tv tropes. Click to go there.

The post on tv tropes that the above image links to also has a fascinating list of where similar creatures have made appearances over the years in different media.



Day 94


Pink Bougainvillea

I came across this intense burst of pink while walking along Keppel Bay. Such a dazzling display just at that particular spot.


If I’m not mistaken, the condo around this area is called Caribbean or something. We were walking towards HarbourFront MRT to catch a train home.


This particular estate is what I guess is considered posh as it is located in prime central area, and is part of a marina area, so to me it’s too bad that the architecture is plain and kinda boring, bearing the typical look of condos in Singapore I think. Thankfully they are low-rise buildings so there are less of them at least in this part of the area. What I do like about the buildings is how the green tint of the windows match the colour of the water in the canal! That’s pretty. The landscaping with the shrubs, palms and bougainvillea, and the canal, really make a difference in beautifying the place.


Day 90 of ‘100 Happy Days‘.

Orchids galore at Ikea

We were at Ikea as we ran out of candles, and to pick up a few other things at their Marketplace. It’s the place for candles for its sheer variety and reasonable prices.

They must have just received a recent shipment of orchids as the plants section was teeming with them. It was a gorgeous sight. I didn’t pick up any even though I was so tempted. We already have flowers at home. I almost wish we were visiting someone this weekend so I could buy one and bring it as a gift.

Here are just some of the variety available. The big ones cost $16.90 a pot, with one stalk of several flowers. I forgot how much the ones with the small flowers cost.

Orchids at Ikea - 17 April 2014 Thursday Purple Orchids at Ikea - 17 April 2014 Thursday


Day 84

Water tubes for flowers


I decided to grab some orchids I saw while at an NTUC supermarket today, those already packed in small bunches, because they look good and fresh, and they’re purple. When I got home, I found that the ends of the stalks had been individually inserted into tubes of water. I guess this is a new way of packaging flowers. Previously the stalks would be kept hydrated simply with a bit of wet cotton wool that is wrapped around all the ends together. It’s kept wet by being enclosed in a tiny, thin plastic bag and secured with a rubber band.

While a bit fancy and nice to look at, the little purple tube indicates to me the mass production of yet another new plastic item we don’t need. Adding on to the discarded rubbish that we produce, as if our planet is not suffocating enough. How silly. It’s just too much, when you think about it. The bouquet is already wrapped around with plastic, and of course at the cashier you’re offered a plastic bag to put it in to bring home.

I was about to remove the tubes from the stalks when I got the idea to plonk the whole thing into a vase, so that the tubes serve as something decorative. Looks interesting. Good for today, then I’ll have to remove them to get the flowers fresh water tomorrow onwards. I don’t think I can be bothered to carefully and patiently wash the tubes individually then fill it with clean water every single day, for a week or however long the flowers last.


I’ll have to remember to get flowers elsewhere. Hopefully the suppliers of other shops don’t use the tubes. As cute as I think they are (and they’re in my favourite colour!) I don’t want to keep having to throw stuff away unneccessarily. I do love the flowers, though. So pretty. And only $2.50, haha.



Day 79

Orchid trees


For some reason, I just like this arrangement a lot. When I came across it at some hotel, I stood there for a while just looking at it in wonder. I felt a bit like a sucker at first, feeling I’m drawn by some dubious random arty-farty thing. They’re just vases containing two stalks of orchids each, arranged in a certain way. Then I realized they made me think of trees along a sidewalk, and for some reason the thought made me relieved and happy, like it was a eureka moment or something. I still like it a lot.



Day 78

Green bouffant

I came across this bush plant for the second time, this time in Johor Bahru, and I find myself marvelling again at how beautiful it is. I don’t know what it’s called, and how it gets its shape, but I love it. It makes me think of a well-coiffed hairdo.



I like how it falls and drapes the sides of the steps. If the steps are tiled nicely instead of just this concrete screed, in something like terracotta for example, it would look gorgeous.


I first noticed it in January, taking a stroll along Keppel Bay.


Interesting to see a bald patch, revealing how there’s just a thin layer of its tiny green leaves on the surface


So very pretty, almost surreal.


Day 69

Fan Flower

Caught sight of these pretty little flowers from some sparse bushes while waiting for a bus at Holland Village, and just had to have a closer look. I must had looked a bit like a madman as I wandered slowly away from the bus stop, gazing at the flowers intently, then looking over my shoulder anxiously every so often to make sure my bus wasn’t coming yet.

Checked around online a bit and I think I found the name, Tabernaemontana Orientalis, thanks to a blog called StileTTo which featured the plant in a post.



Day 67

Orange Jasmine

If I’m not mistaken, that’s what these flowers are called. I couldn’t believe I didn’t notice them before, in the garden of our client’s house. Its gorgeous scent drew me as I was walking past the plant earlier today. I took a closer look. They’re really beautiful.


A bit funny about the name as it’s not orange, but I guess it could refer to its scent which is like orange blossoms.




Day 63


Purple Orchids


This is a great idea I saw at Thistle Hotel in Johor Bahru. I’d love to try it but first I need to get some test tubes, which I know is available at Art Friend, the art supplies store. I’ve seen arrangements using test tubes as vases but this one is really interesting and beautiful to me.


The tubes are tied to decorative dried branches or sticks, and each one holds a small bunch of flowers. I don’t know what these green tubes are and where to find them, but no matter as I think regular test tubes made of glass would look better, anyway. I also wouldn’t use those industrial-looking nylon cable ties which to me spoils the look of the arrangement. I would simply use the regular green floral wire, or alternatively, a thin fabric ribbon tied into a simple bow.


Day 62