HASfit.com Free Workout Videos


Something cute from hasfit.tumblr.com

For exercise I used to enjoy only jogging and walking, while happily plugged in to music on my phone. Last year or so however I discovered workout videos on YouTube. I love YouTube by the way. Sure there’s some crap there but tons of useful stuff. It’s where I got tutorials to learn how to make bread and how to make those ‘hotel-breakfast-buffet-style’ omelettes I like so much lol, among many other stuff, and I was so happy to also discover exercise videos there too.

There are many awesome people so helpfully and earnestly imparting their knowledge about whatever. It’s quite astonishing how many such people there are on YouTube; all these aspiring TV chefs and hosts and what have you. And may God bless them all for the effort put in to sincerely share their knowledge. Many of these guys however tend to babble a lot (like me writing in this blog; I can be so long-winded), yakking away being cute and charming and maybe even preening and posing a bit. I remember one time clicking to watch a video called ‘5 foods to never eat‘ (hmm, sounds simple and straightforward, I thought). It was about 12 minutes long, and I was annoyed at the end of it because I thought the info imparted could had been done in a minute, maximum two.

I’ve stumbled upon quite a few videos like that, some offering just tiny morsels of usefulness, and videos which turn out to be more about introducing some stuff they want to sell. So my personal experience is that I had to patiently spend some time to sift out the time-wasters to get to the gems.

And one gem I’m very happy to have discovered is HASfit.com, for many reasons including

  • the clear instruction and motivational style of the instructors Coack Kozak and Freddie. (Plus Freddie is hot, in a sweet friendly goofy puppy sort of way.)
  • the amazing range of workouts available for different fitness levels like beginners. I see they even have workouts tailored for women, teenagers and seniors.
  • the range of duration of workouts available. I’ve done ones lasting from about 3 minutes to about 25 minutes. Many are only about 10 minutes. If I want to go the gym, I definitely need more than 25 minutes just to get there, and not factoring in time spent getting dressed and packing the gym bag. Sometimes it’s the thought of doing such short workouts right at home, in whatever I happen to be wearing at the time, that gets me off my ass.
  • many of their workouts incorporate weight work with light dumbbells. This is important because I know in order to lose or maintain one’s weight, we need to do not just cardio but also strength-training with weights. Most times however I just don’t have the time for a separate weight-training session. So it’s a great bonus to be able to do both at the same time.
  • their amazing website which has so much helpful and clearly presented information. Not just workouts but tips on healthy eating and even recipes.

It may get overwhelming because there are so many workout videos to choose from on their site. I myself did a lot of browsing at first before sticking to a few videos which I did a few times a week. Then I noticed a tab called ‘Complete Fitness Programs‘, and I chose one called ‘30 Days Challenge To Get In Shape‘, which I finished a few weeks ago.

Some exercises I found hard, especially abs related ones. In cases like that I do what I can for those particular exercises, and then get on with the rest of the workout. And some workouts are so tough by the halfway point my panting sounds like sobbing lol. Like this one, one of my favourites which I try to do weekly. By the way, on the website every workout is indicated with a difficulty level ranging from 1 to 5.

A couple of weeks ago I started their ‘Warrior 90 Day Workout Routine‘. So far so good.

I’ve been keeping an exercise journal and today decided to put it up as a new page for this blog.

Here are two examples of the workouts the guys offer to illustrate how easy, clearly explained, and how doable they are. The first one here is a Dumbbell Workout Routine, the workout itself only 15 minutes long.

And the second is a 10-minute Cardio Workout.

Coack Kozak used to be an MMA fighter by the way. Here’s him featured in the video below.


The documentary ‘Globesity’

It was shown on Channel News Asia several times last week. The trailer looked really interesting so I wanted to catch it but I kept missing it. I’m not some super-busy executive person with some grand exciting life or anything, I just don’t watch TV very often, so I kept forgetting, once catching only the last fifteen minutes of the show.

I discovered some time ago that YouTube has documentaries, in their entirety! I’ve watched several interesting ones produced by the BBC, mostly while I’m doing the ironing lol. That’s my least favourite chore, it’s so painfully boring. So I’m happy to have stumbled upon that; watching documentaries on my computer to make the ironing less boring. (No burnt shirts so far.) Anyway, since I missed Globesity on TV, I thought I’d just check YouTube to see if it’s there, and yay!, it is. Thanks to user liberalcynic.

I find it interesting. Nothing preachy, just some things about what’s going on, and the perfect length at just an hour long. The subject interests me, I guess because I’m overweight haha, somewhat.

The show covers some individual cases from countries such as India, China, Brazil and with a special emphasis on Mexico which is said to have the second highest obesity rate in the world. Mexico is where the documentary begins and ends.

Among many compelling stuff, it suggests how soft drink makers successfully dominate even poor communities as a regular beverage of choice, and that food companies have designed their products to encourage and cultivate a snacking culture so that we think it’s completely normal and acceptable to stuff our mouths all day, instead of sticking to just 3 meals a day for instance.

One very interesting tidbit they included is how the kitchen staple we use for all the delicious deep-fried food we love, came about. The cooking oil for deep frying as we know it. Apparently it didn’t exist before 1950!? For fat the options were just butter, lard, and I guess olive oil. Because of WW2 and the shortage of fat it caused, Japanese and American scientists developed a series of technologies that brought about a way to extract oil from seeds such as corn and soya, and cooking oil was created cheaply.

Another interesting thing that stays with me is that one reason whole foods are important for us is that in whole foods, sugar and fat don’t exist together. For example, we get just sugar in foods like fruits, and just fat in foods like meat. It is in processed foods, for example chocolate, ice-cream, cakes and many other desserts and snacks, that sugar and fat exist together. The reason this combo is bad is because it’s even more pleasurable and harder to resist, so we tend to have too much of it. The thing about the effects of what we eat is that it’s not just related to the digestion of the food but also the way the brain and appetite hormones process the food. I read a bit of additional information from this fun health site called stumptuous.com.

Anyway, I just wanted to note the documentary here because I enjoyed it. It was really interesting and entertaining and I watched it several times already.

By the way, it turned out to be a good thing I missed it on Channel News Asia. One time I managed to catch it on CNA but only the last fifteen minutes or so, and this was after I watched the whole thing on YouTube, and I think CNA had cut out a part towards the end. So there might had been other cuts as well. So I wouldn’t have gotten to see the whole thing on that channel.

Freaking out over bloody nipples

In June I participated in the Half Marathon event at the Standard Chartered Marathon Kuala Lumpur, and for the first time my nipples hurt like crazy for days afterwards. The pain was excruciating in the shower. It had never happened before with other marathons, half or full.

I put it down to opting for a baggier running singlet for comfort, but ended up having the fabric rub against my nips even more during the 21km jog-walk, than a more huggy singlet would. Maybe, I don’t know.

Then I just had to come across this Buzzfeed article, which brought my delicate eyeballs to settle on this beauty:

bloody nipples marathon

Photo by seth2dana. Source: flickr.com, via Buzzfeed. Click photo to go to source.

And in a daze of morbid fascination, my index finger just had to click on the source at flickr, which brought me to many other photos of bloody manipples.

Normally I would just go ‘eww’ a bit, laugh, then forget about it. But it happened mere weeks before I did the Full Marathon in Singapore last Sunday. And with the memory of the bloodless but still painfully chaffed nips from June fresh in my mind, I was concerned just a teeny wee bit. No, I should be honest. I was terrified.

I told myself the photos are photoshopped or that’s just paint dabbed on for a laugh, but just in case, I took up the suggestion of one of the commenters there by sticking band-aids over them nips. Simple and cheap, and turned out to work well too. I chose the ‘fabric’ type of band-aids, which tend to stay on longer than the plastic type, and they did stay on for the 6 hours 18 minutes I took to finish the course. Impressive of the humble band-aid, considering I was drenched with sweat practically the entire time.