Patterns with Inkscape, Pt.2: Geometric

The next stop in my journey of learning how to create patterns: geometric ones. And my usual go-to guy on YouTube for Inkscape tutorials, Logos by Nick, has just the video:

Well, purple being my favourite colour, and light blue goes ever so well with it, I decided to go with those two. To make the trio, a dark grey on one of the panels like the selection in the video.

I love the result! Although the purple is a bit too dark. And the dark grey could be lighter too to be more interesting.

After doing the second tutorial (detailed below) where the panels are given a linear gradient, I decided to return to this design to give it a gradient too. I love it even more now.


The second tutorial, by Draw Simple Things, features practically the same design of polygon shape, except that they feature outlines of two different thickness, plus a subtle linear gradient on two of the three panels of the design.

As with the first tutorial, I enjoyed creating the design with the polygon shapes. However, turning it into a repeatable pattern involves duplicating the shapes themselves ‘manually’, as the following images show:

I prefer the method of the first tutorial, so I went back to the polygon shape to duplicate it to a cluster-of-7 thing, to turn into a rectangular template which I can clone faster and much more easily. So I applied that here:

which gave me this glorious repeated pattern:

Of course I just had to try it in purple:

Somehow I did my polygon ‘wrong’ in size or shape or both, so that when duplicated there is space (the white negative space) in between the shapes. That’s perfectly fine to me, though, I think it looks lovely that way too. More of a basket weave look. It has also given me an idea to incorporate my own design of vines of leaves and flowers, to be intertwined among them.

I’m loving this and can’t wait to try more! I have already chosen the next tutorial to try.

8 thoughts on “Patterns with Inkscape, Pt.2: Geometric

  1. Looking good, Halim. I like the cluster of seven image – it reminds me of one of those ‘impossible’ structures for some reason. I think this is how texture tiles are created for shaders in 3D art. I haven’t done this myself for my 3D creations, but I may have a go! Keep enjoying your creativity! 🙂

    • Thanks, Tom, and I’m glad you like it too. Yes it reminded me of the same as well! I think it might be because of the missing natural light and shadow effect despite it looking 3D, that’s why it reminded us of the ‘impossible’ structures. The cluster of 7 would look great too on a t-shirt design, I thought! It reminds me of a shield as well, with this particular shape. Looking forward to more of your creations, as always! Cheers

    • Thank you! Yes it’s interesting that way on the eye, and like other patterns it can explored endlessly with different colours, gradients and textures.

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