Christians who choose not to eat pork

I’ve long known that, like Muslims, Jews don’t eat pork. Well, not all, apparently. From articles like this one and this one I recently learnt that some do and some don’t.

This is the first time time though that I’ve heard of Christians who don’t, either. It’s truly fascinating.

When I first saw the video on a friend’s Facebook, I was really surprised. And the first thing I did was to turn to my Catholic partner of more than twenty years and asked him incredulously, “Did you know there are Christians who don’t eat pork?” and he replied he never heard of Christians not eating pork either. So, yeah, it’s definitely something interesting to learn.

A quick Google search to check out who Joel Osteen is garnered the info that he is “an American preacher, televangelist, author, and the Senior Pastor of Lakewood Church, the largest Protestant church in the United States, in Houston, Texas.”

So I guess that’s a Texan accent? Sexy. Not to be disrespectful to a pastor or anything, but ah do love that drawl.

4 thoughts on “Christians who choose not to eat pork

  1. Bang @Halim Pada Dasarnya Nabi Isa,Mengharamkan Babi,Tapi Paulus Malah Menghalalkannya. Kenyataan Yang Menarik Tentang Babi Adalah Mereka Sebenarnya Adalah Binatang Peliharaan,Tak Beda Jauh Dengan Kucing Dan Anjing,Dari Hasil Penelitian Ilmuwan,Ternyata Secara GENETIK,Manusia Dekat Dengan Babi.

    • Saya juga pernah membaca tentang kajian mengenai kedekatan genetik antara babi dan manusia. Setentunya sesuatu yang mengejutkan dan menarik. Terimakasih atas komen anda! Assalaimualaikum

  2. I’ve given up eating pork (a huge sacrifice for an Irishwoman!) in sympathy with pigs which are highly intelligent animals that are treated abominably in huge slaughterhouses.

    • Yes I have read/heard about that too, that they are very intelligent animals. I have a friend who doesn’t eat pork as well. I was surprised as at the time I thought only Muslims avoid it. But she specifically avoids only pork and is alright with the other usual meats. I don’t remember if she told me why or if I asked. So possibly for the same reason as yours. I’ll have to ask her one of these days.

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