An important message for all Muslims in the world, not just in France

I was browsing through LiveLeak, and came across this video by a French Muslim, passionately calling on his Muslim countrymen to report to the authorities if they encounter anyone talking about commiting acts of terrorism, anyone even hinting in the slightest that such a thing is alright. Report them immediately to the authorities.

Click here to go to the version with English subtitles as featured on LiveLeak.

The following is the original video as featured on his Facebook and Youtube, without subtitles.

You know, what he says is such basic common sense, something all of us are supposed to already know, and don’t need reminding. And yet apparently common sense and basic decency are so sorely lacking among some people, that this video is absolutely necessary.

Please, for the love of God, for the love of our religion and the love of all our fellow Muslims and non-Muslims alike, please report anyone you come across who you suspect of being involved with terrorist activities. The great majority of us will be fortunate enough to never come across such people in our lifetime, but for those who do, anyone who speaks of commiting murder and other crimes must be reported. No ifs and buts. I don’t see how any of us can look at ourselves in the mirror again and not feel like a heinous criminal ourselves if we come across such people, yet keep quiet for whatever reason.

In case you’re reading this but you’re not going to watch the video (I really hope you will, plus it’s less than 3 minutes) here are the English subtitles that was part of the video on LiveLeak (I think courtesy of the person who posted the video there, Denidorm). I took the bother to type it out because his message is so important.

Peace be upon you


I’m making this video because I’m sick of it

I’m sick of all these attacks

I’m sick to see it going to shit like that

This way we’re gonna end up with a civil war

An idealogical war

and it can get very ugly


So I say to all Muslims of France

protect our beautiful religion

let’s track these imposters down

who pass for Muslims and kill people

It’s not the government that’s gonna do the work

Not state security or the intelligence services or all that

It’s us, us Muslims who go to the mosque

Us Muslims who share the values of the republic

It’s up to us to do the work

To track these sons of bitches down

To inform the authorities at the slightest


That doesn’t make you a snitch, the opposite

Because with that mentality

tomorrow they’ll blow you up

Or your mother or sister will be there


So it’s up to us, Muslims of France

who have our religion in our hearts

the values and principles of Islam,

religion of peace and sharing

It’s up to us to fuck up

the shit that’s inside our religion


The people who don’t frequent the mosque

don’t succeed cause it’s a never ending job

So rise up, rise up and show who we are

Even if we don’t have to justify anything,

because the smart know

that’s not what Islam stands for


But it’s up to us, to fuck them up,

wherever we or they are

If they come to talk and try to brainwash you,

track them down and break their jaws


Because the solution can only come from us Muslims, from inside

Because these people, sadly, they come to the same places of worship as us


So I repeat, it’s up to us, us Muslims of France

who share the values of the republic

who share the values of Islam

It’s up to us to track them down

and bring them before the competent authority

Even if we have to beat them down with our fists, we will beat them down with our fists


Enough with these cunt pseudo-Muslims

who incriminate 2 billion Muslims


Because whether you like it or not,

they will lump us together, every day

A brother will put in his resume, he has a beard? They will put it aside

There’s so many examples of that

It’s up to us to not stay silent, deaf and blind

Hit them hard

The solution will come from us, French Muslims


Peace be upon you






6 thoughts on “An important message for all Muslims in the world, not just in France

    • That’s so gratifying to hear! That’s how it should be for the rest of us in other countries when faced with such a scary and serious problem. Thank you!

  1. Bang @Halim Pemicu Semua Kekacauan Ini Adalah Ketidak-Adilan Negara-Negara Kuat Di Dunia Ini,Ditambah Ketidak-Adilan Media-Media Utama. Pada Dasarnya Sumber Pertikaian Di Timur Tengah Adalah Keserakahan Beberapa Negara Barat,Mereka Membuat Sejumlah Pertikaian Dan Menyokong Beberapa Diktaktor,Kemudian Mereka Membuat Musuh Bersama Dengan Bantuan Media-Media Utama. Pemerintah Perancis Telah Melakukan Kekejaman Di Beberapa Negeri Yang Mereka Jajah,Khususnya Negeri-Negeri Di Afrika Utara Dan Vietnam. Teroris Atau Penganas Adalah Istilah Yang Dipergunakan Oleh Angkatan Perang Yang Lebih Besar,Pada Angkatan Perang Yang Lebih Kecil.

    • Dalam apa hal pun mungkin banyak factor yang terlibat, dan sudah tentu sesuatu yang begitu rumit seperti keganasan/terorisme.

      Penulisan blog saya di artikel ini adalah hanya tentang seorang warga Perancis Muslim yang berseru kepada Muslimin Perancis yang lain untuk berjaga-berjaga, dan bertindak dengan cepat dan tegas jika mereka bertemu sesiapa yang cuba menghasut mereka untuk melakukan sebarang tindakan keganasan, dengan melaporkan kepada pihak berkuasa. Dan saya mengambil peluang untuk meluahkan pendapat saya bahawa nasihatnya wajar untuk semua umat Islam di dunia, bukan sahaja di Perancis. Kerana keganasan adalah sesuatu yang kejam tidak kira apa puncanya, dan tidak kira siapa melakukannya. Dan bila ia dilakukan oleh pengganas yang dikatakan beragama Islam, ia hanya menimbulkan fitnah dan merosakkan imej agama kami.

      Terima kasih kerana meluangkan masa untuk meluahkan pendapat anda!

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