Galaxy Cat

I came across this beautiful mural art at one side of Holland Village Market & Food Centre, the side that faces Haagen Dazs.


Gorgeous, isn’t it. I find it fascinating, even as I feel a bit uneasy as I study it. It rekindles a suspicion deep inside me that I thought I had long banished.

That cats first came from outer space thousands of years ago, landing on our planet to enslave us. Cunningly working their way into our hearts with their fluffy cuteness and by pretending to be hopelessly derpy ever since. But we all know they are forever slyly plotting away in those pretty little heads of theirs on how to finally beat us into total submission. I have frequently caught my cats staring at me with a startlingly evil expression.They came close to domination with the ancient Egyptians, but all their effort backfired when they ended up being mummified along with the very masters they were seeking to destroy after seducing them. Progress has been slow ever since because they kept getting distracted into playtime by glittery things and puking out hairballs.

The designer of my keychain not only agrees with me, but thinks the situation is far more grim than I had thought.

Cats now rule the world

Anyway, back to the mural art.


DSCN6265_detail 2

Detail 1

DSCN6265_detail 1

Detail 2


I am inspired by this artwork to call the next cat I adopt ‘Galaxy’. Or Gal, for short.




12 thoughts on “Galaxy Cat

    • I can totally agree with that, Tom! They are such elegant and delightful creatures. When they leave my furniture alone! Haha. Cheers to you and thanks for reading.

  1. Ha!! Interesting analysis. So cats are aliens, Ha!!! (but what lovable ones).
    Nice to see you’ve got back to posting on your Blog. I visited it quite a few times, but there was nothing new. So welcome Back. And good luck with getting a beautiful alien, and naming it Gal!!

    • Hahaha! They are lovable indeed, I totally agree!

      And yes, I didn’t post for a few months, due to exhaustion from other stuff like moving house and work. But mostly general lethargy. It’s already the second time this year where I don’t post for a long period. Sometimes it feels like I have nothing interesting to say (not to say whatever I post is necessarily interesting haha) but mostly just the mood to write or post wasn’t there.

      Thank you so much for your support, my friend! It’s so very much appreciated. Cheers.

    • Thanks for reading my post, Zimu, and for taking the time to leave a comment! I hope we will get to see more of your artwork in public spaces like that where everyone can enjoy them. Cheers to you.

  2. Bang @Halim Tanpa Keraguan Kucing Adalah Binatang Peliharaan Terbaik Di Dunia Dan Bisa Dipelihara Oleh Semua Pemeluk Agama Yang Berbeda! :D

  3. Hi Halim :) Thank you for the like! And it’s a pleasure to meet you and discover your blog. I’ve just been having a quick look around and thoroughly enjoyed myself. I find your blog very refreshing and I like your style. This galaxy cat is lovely! Galaxy is an excellent name for a cat I think I could pinch that name! Your thoughts about cats appealed to me immensely as I’ve often felt my own cats are galactic creatures from other worlds ;)

    • Thank you for the lovely compliment, and the likes and comments. I’m happy to get to know new bloggers (with the bonus that you’re a cat lover as well!) and can’t wait to start checking out your blog too. It looks very interesting and informative and I look forward to enjoying it.

      The galaxy cat is a gorgeous piece of work indeed, and I certainly hope the artist will produce more such works.

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