Cat delivers his verdict on Mac & Cheese: ‘Oh yum! Oh my God!’

I must have watched this short clip ten times, cackling away. I first saw it on tastefully offensive. It’s so funny. I have a black cat too and he is quite a character as well. Dog (the cat in the video is called dog) is so adorable.

I’m not crazy or anything (no, just kidding, I am crazy) but I swear I heard:

  1. Ohhh yum!
  2. Ohhh my god!
  3. Ohhhhhhh…….. YUMMM!!!
  4. Ohh my god
  5. Ohh my god
  6. Oh yeah!

And then he turned and gave a verbal hi-five to the kitchen cabinet before swaggering away. Probably ‘hell, yeah!‘, or ‘hell, yum!‘ or something.


I’m reminded of one of the stray cats who we fed and who came and went as they pleased, a neurotic little thing we called Marco. We wanted to adopt him as he was such a sweet creature, and we felt sorry for him and protective of him as he was such a nervous wreck. One of those restless lone rangers who didn’t quite get along with the other strays (I can relate to that haha).


Now who couldn’t love that sweet derpy face? Marco at his preferred point of entrance and exit: the kitchen window.

But he just refused to be homed and would wail to be released back outside. I guess the bond just wasn’t there because he was already a grown adult when he came to us, and not as a kitten. I think I read somewhere you have up to 10 weeks for a newborn kitten to know you and get used to you, otherwise they’ll never have a bond with you and be totally comfortable with you. Or something!

Anyway, Marco continued to come and go for a few more months, until he disappeared for good, and that’s when I really wished I had tried harder to keep him. I was worried sick. He seemed like such a fragile thing and I was sure something bad had happened to him, the poor guy.


Like Dog, Marco was a very ‘appreciative’ eater (read: noisy) which always cracked us up. God I really miss him. It’s been probably close to ten years, but I still remember him well. He left quite the mark in my heart.



8 thoughts on “Cat delivers his verdict on Mac & Cheese: ‘Oh yum! Oh my God!’

    • Haha! Thanks Nuwan, glad to read that you enjoyed it too.
      Yes that’s true about stray cats isn’t it, they love their freedom! Cheers to you, my friend!

  1. That is a hilarious video! Thanks for sharing. So much laughter.

    I used to have a cat who would eat beside his fellows and growl at them while eating, so they weren’t tempted to poke their nose in and pinch any. It sounded very much like a “NO”. It was quite amusing.

    Beautiful photographs too. I’m sorry to hear Marco disappeared – that’s a sad facet of becoming attached to these lodgers, as we’ve discussed before. The not knowing is so hard, but then knowing can be just as tough too… I think I told you about Bernardo, the stray I was looking after? I would have liked to have taken him in, but likewise, I don’t think he would have approved. Sadly, he was run down at the end of October and had to be put down. Very sad indeed, as he’d been coming to see me for almost three years… but there’s some comfort in knowing we gave him a better time than he would have otherwise had.

    Sorry I haven’t been around much lately, but I’m back now. Happy New Year to you and yours, Halim… hope 2015 is a good one! :)

    • Thank you, Steven, I’m glad you enjoyed it too.

      Oh no I’m so saddened to hear of Bernardo!! Yes you told me of him early last year when I posted about my three cats, and we were discussing the lodgers who come visit. My condolences. I’m so sorry I did not reply earlier as I seldom log in these days. Yes he and Marco were similar indeed, those cats who just can’t be comfortable indoors for long. I totally agree that we can only take comfort that we gave them some care, when they allow us to, that is! They got to roam to their hearts content, all while knowing they had our care and companionship anytime they want, plus food and shelter anytime they need it.

      Wishing you all the best for 2015 too, Steven!

      • I thank you for your kind words about Bernardo.

        Recently, a new lodger has appeared! A white and tabby cat, whining outside the back door… though it has run away when I’ve got over-excited (as you’d expect!) and tried to go see it. Hopefully he will come back.

        I saw this recently, and thought of you:

        Shouldn’t laugh, but can’t help it!

        Always good to hear from you Halim. All the best.

        • Oh my God I loved that video, so wickedly hilarious! Thanks so much for posting the link haha!! Those poor cute dogs. I guess they just can’t used to the way some of these cats like to play around.

          It also reminds me of one of our lodgers who sometimes like to sneakily jump out and grab, or just half-heartedly tap, my feet when I walk past her. I’m used to it but sometimes I wonder if other people might freak out and thought she means to scratch when she’s just being playful, especially with little kids, so I hope she does it only with people she’s very familiar with like us!

          Cheers, Steven, and thanks again! :-)

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