Hello beautiful

As a gay man, as any man really, I’ve never given a serious thought to raising a kid. My partner feels the same way. I don’t like children, actually, haha. I mean I don’t dislike them or anything (except when they continuously misbehave in public, in which case I blame the parents who should be controlling them, not the kids themselves as kids don’t know better) but I just don’t care for them, and I definitely never wished to be a parent. When I’m around babies or kids of friends and family, I can stand maybe five minutes of them before thinking, “Okay, I’ve politely acknowledged your kid by smiling and waving at it like I think it’s adorable or something, now, uhhmm get it out of my face, please?

But damn, I just melted looking at these pictures and reading the story on Buzzfeed. I can’t relate to the parenthood urges of these people, who I don’t even know, but I’m just so happy for this couple. Them, and the kid with dads who obviously love her very very much. And the generous surrogate lady (who is married with two kids of her own) who helped to give them such a precious gift. Frankly I would be nervous if I were one of the dads that she would suddenly decide she’s too attached to the kid to let it go.

The special moments were captured by Canadian photographer Lindsay Foster and the dads are BJ Barone and Frank Nelson from Toronto.

According to the Buzzfeed article:

BJ and Frankie were shirtless when they held Milo for the first time because skin-to-skin contact is said to be beneficial to newborn babies.

I’ve never heard of that, and I think it’s just beautiful.


9 thoughts on “Hello beautiful

  1. That’s really beautiful. I’m not really sure about having kids either. Sometimes I want them and sometimes I don’t. I know that my husband and I would be great parents, but I’m a bit selfish with my time. I love kids though, except for when they act spoiled. :)

    Great post!

    • I understand it’s a major decision to make and agree upon, and I imagine not an easy one at all, especially for the lady in the relationship as she’s the one who’s carrying it. I think life with children or without can be equally rewarding and satisfying, it’s all up to the choice of every couple. It’s great though that at least you know you love kids! Cheers, Buffy, and thanks for the compliment!

      • This is a subject that is near and dear to my heart because I’m getting close to 40. It’s brought up at any and all doctors appointments since I’m getting “old”. You’re absolutely right that people can have a fulfilling life without kids. I don’t want to do it just because the clock is ticking. I really love being married and spending time with the hubs. :D It’s a tough decision!

        • Arghh I can’t imagine the pressure, I would be so irritated if people keep bringing the subject up to me if I’m an almost-40 woman, even if they are well-intentioned reminders by doctors. Kudos to you for taking it in your stride! Like me, you are happy and content with your life with your man and that’s wonderful. Not everyone are lucky like us, happy like us, and that includes people with kids, haha! Whatever the future brings, kids or no kids, may we have continued happiness. :-)

  2. Man, you don’t fancy kids. Am just the opposite, I adore them.
    Yeah, I haven’t heard this so called ‘skin to skin touch’ story before myself.
    Love the video too.

    • Aww, that’s nice, Nuwan! I hope your path in life leads you to fatherhood someday, then. You never know! :-)

      Yes, I thought it was interesting too about the skin to skin contact. To encourage a sense of bonding, I guess. And for the kid to hear the dad’s heartbeat and be calmed by it? Hearing the story by the dad called Frank, it was the midwife who told/reminded them to get their shirts off when Milo was about to be born. I have so much respect and admiration for that midwife, and everyone else there that made this happen. Canada and other countries like her are really amazing. I’m starting to wish ten or twenty years ago I had thought of and planned properly to migrate to a western country like that! When I was younger, I never thought such related freedom would be so meaningful and important to me.

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