Long live Bollywood

Just came across this video courtesy of Buzzfeed. I love it. The song, the colours, the handsome men, and of course most importantly the message behind the video.

The happy ending for the couple is the ultimate wish for those of us who love our parents and want nothing more but their acceptance and continued love. Behind the catchy music and the gorgeous sights, that’s the heartrending desire, but thanks to the festive vibe of the video it’s presented in a fun and sweet way, not as some preachy sob story. Nice.

The song and video, called The Welcome, is by the ‘United Nations Free & Equal’, which is an initiative of the United Nations Human Rights Office. Click here to go their website to learn more about them. I’ll be checking it out too. Looks interesting. The video features Bollywood star and Miss India winner Celina Jaitly, who, according to the page for the video, is their Equality Champion. I guess that’s what they call their ambassadors. Good work, Ms. Jaitly.

I also very much love the lyrics, lightly persuading the mother in the story, and us the viewers, to have love in our hearts.

It is a new look, it’s a new attitude

You might wonder where the old way of living has gone

But who is worried about who likes what

As long as in the world of love two people want to be with each other

You and me, me and you – are now unstoppable

So please don’t hesitate, you are always “Welcome” to my home

I love the colours! The joy and intensity. The jewel tones. They are a big part of why the video comes across as dream-like to me. Presented like a dreamscape, a joyous fantasy. If Bollywood ever does an ‘Alice in Wonderful’ type of movie, this would be a great opening, this garden party.


A still of the video by the United Nations Free & Equal, via the Buzzfeed article. Click image to go there.

And I must have that green jacket. God knows where I will wear it to, haha! Maybe I’ll borrow it from him and slip it on in a dream later tonight. Would love to join, sing and dance, and get lost in that party. Oh my goodness, the jewel tone of that velvet green jacket. So beautiful. My next sofa will be of that colour and fabric! And of course I just love how there is so much glorious purple in that video. Long live Bollywood!

'Lotus Love' by Halim

Two hearts. This looks at home here in this post. From a visit to the Jim Thompson House in Bangkok, which I remember had been more interesting and delightful than I had expected.


Day 98

4 thoughts on “Long live Bollywood

  1. Sweet video. It crossed a few cultural circuits in my movie memory, and reminded me of the film from ten years ago, “Touch of Pink”. Do you know it? Here’s a trailer.

    • No, this is the first I’ve heard of it! Thanks so much for introducing it to me. The other day after I wrote about Priscilla, another blogger friend Buffy from Storytime With Buffy introduced me to Kinky Boots the movie. I heard and read about the Cindy Lauper musical, but didn’t know it was from a movie, so that’s on my list too.

      I’m just not very in touch with movies, I’m afraid, mainstream or otherwise. Until very recently I gave up the cinema for many years after being pissed off about phones ringing and inconsiderate people chatting and texting, haha. I’m sad to discover that things haven’t changed. There are still such people almost every single time. I love catching up and discovering movies I haven’t seen yet like the one you just recommended, because I love movies very much.

      I’ve loved Kyle McLachlan since Twin Peaks! Seems like a delightful performance from him here. And Jimi Mistry I love in a comedy I’m very fond of, The Guru, with Marisa Tomei and Heather Graham!

    • Haha! That’s a pretty extreme thing to do for a dramatic effect for the movie. So funny too. I hope her assistants were hovering nearby, ready to throw a thick coat over her and usher her into a warm tent or something! Cheers!!

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