I was just so happy when I spotted this cheeky little guy. Or gal. It’s not often that I’m lucky enough to spot such delightful creatures. Once in a blue moon, some exotic-looking bird, (exotic to me as in unusual colouring or marking even if a tad) would land on a branch within sight, and I’d get all excited. I’d be in such awe, haha. We live in such a concrete jungle.


Gnawing away on a coconut to get to the delicious flesh inside.


Ravaged! Those are some powerful teeth. I wouldn’t pet him even if he lets me, lest he’s neurotic or feeling cranky and decides to have a go at one of my fingers.


So very cute.


Day 97


6 thoughts on “Squirrel

  1. I love squirrels. Here in Montreal in our park the are so many squirrels. I just love to go over there with a bag of peanuts and feed those cute little creatures.

    • Oh my God, that sounds wonderful. I can understand why you love it, I would love it too! That sounds very nice indeed. Cheers!

  2. Squirrel adalah “Tupai” dalam Bahasa Melayu (Bahasa Indonesia dan Bahasa Malaysia) dan dalam Bahasa Melayu Kutai (Bahasa Melayu yang berasal dari Kalimantan Timur-Borneo Timur) disebut “Kutai”.

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