Pink Bougainvillea

I came across this intense burst of pink while walking along Keppel Bay. Such a dazzling display just at that particular spot.


If I’m not mistaken, the condo around this area is called Caribbean or something. We were walking towards HarbourFront MRT to catch a train home.


This particular estate is what I guess is considered posh as it is located in prime central area, and is part of a marina area, so to me it’s too bad that the architecture is plain and kinda boring, bearing the typical look of condos in Singapore I think. Thankfully they are low-rise buildings so there are less of them at least in this part of the area. What I do like about the buildings is how the green tint of the windows match the colour of the water in the canal! That’s pretty. The landscaping with the shrubs, palms and bougainvillea, and the canal, really make a difference in beautifying the place.


Day 90 of ‘100 Happy Days‘.

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