The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert


An Australian classic I always enjoy no matter how many times I watch it. As I write this I just realized it will soon be the 20th birthday of this much-loved movie! How time flies. I remember I first watched it in the cinema when it was first released. And now it’s been 20 years. Wow. Oh well, Happy Birthday, Priscilla!

From Wikipedia:

The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert is a 1994 Australian comedy-drama film written and directed by Stephan Elliott. The plot follows the journey of two drag queens and a transsexual woman, played by Hugo Weaving, Guy Pearce, and Terence Stamp, across the Australian Outback from Sydney to Alice Springs in a tour bus that they have named “Priscilla”, along the way encountering various groups and individuals.

… The film was noted for helping to bring Australian cinema to world attention and for its positive portrayal of LGBT individuals, helping to introduce LGBT themes to a mainstream audience.

I love that after Priscilla, all three actors who held the three main roles in the story have successfully moved on to entertain us further with their incredible talent in so many other movies.

*The images below are taken from various sources, from sites of other fans in Tumblr and Pinterest. Click any of the images to go to its source.*


Left to right above: Terrence Stamp as Bernadette, Guy Pearce as Felicia and Hugo Weaving as Mitzi.


Mind blown when you remember Hugo Weaving in the pink wig above is Agent Smith in The Matrix trilogy, Elrond in the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit movies, and V in V for Vendetta, among many, many, other excellent performances. I find the Australian’s work as V particularly breathtaking as he’s in a mask the whole time, and yet his performance was deeply compelling.

Hugo Weaving - Agent Smith - Pinterest

As Agent Smith in The Matrix trilogy

Hugo Weaving as Elrond

As Elrond in the Lord of The Rings and The Hobbit movies

Hugo Weaving as V

As V in V for Vendetta


English actor Terence Stamp has of course appeared in many movies as well, so many I haven’t seen yet, but the three most memorable and entertaining to me are: as Terry Stricter in the hilarious Steve Martin classic Bowfinger, as Ludwig Beck in Valkyrie, and of course as General Zod in Superman and its sequel. Sure the first two Superman was not after Priscilla but way before, but I can’t resist putting General Zod here since, like Bernadette, it’s such an important iconic role from Terence.

Terence Stamp as General Zod - Pinterest

As General Zod in Superman and Superman 2


After Priscilla, the most memorable roles to me that Australian Guy Pearce carried was as eager new detective Edmund in L.A. Confidential, as Alexander in The Time Machine, and as Fernand Mondego in The Count of Monte Cristo. Recently we also saw him as Aldrich Killian in the last Iron Man.

Guy Pearce - Edmund - Pinterest

as Edmund J. Exley in L.A. Confidential

Guy Pearce - Alexander - Pinterest

As Alexander Hartdegen in The Time Machine

Guy Pearce - Count - Pinterest

As Fernand Mondego in The Count of Monte Cristo

Guy Pearce - Aldrich - Pinterest

As Aldrich Killian in Iron Man 3


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9 thoughts on “The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert

  1. OMG! Priscilla is… 20?!! How can that beeeee?? Alright. That settles it. I shall be in my lab for the rest of the week, or until I have invented a time machine. Halim, you not only celebrated this cinematic/cultural milestone, but you reminded us of the roles these stellar actors went on to play. I think any of us will be forgiven if we forever remember them as Bernadette, Felicia & Mitzi!

    • I know, right?!! It’s incredible it’s already been 20 years. I don’t often say “gosh, where did the time go?” but I really did this time, haha!

      I think so too now that you mentioned it, they’ll always be remembered as Bernadette, Felicia and Mitzi! Such iconic roles in such a wonderfully entertaining classic!

  2. Pingback: Bernadette, Felicia & Mitzi | The End (so far)

    • No I haven’t! I’ve only heard that its a Cyndi Lauper musical and that it was critically acclaimed. I actually didn’t realise that it was based on a 2005 film of the same name. After your message I hopped over to Wiki to find out more then to YouTube and watched a trailer, and oh my God it’s got Chiwetel Ejiofor from 12 Years A Slave as a drag queen!! And not to mention Joel Edgerton and Nick Frost! Thanks so much for telling me about this Buffy! So much appreciated!!

      • Oooooh I’m so excited that you’re going to watch this for the first time!!! It’s one of my “feel good” films that I watch when I’m ill or in a bad mood. It always makes me smile. And Chiwetel is amazing! I love him so much! Please let me know when you watch it and what you think of it. :D

        • Oh that’s great it’s so highly thought of and loved by you. I’ll keep a lookout for it and ask for it the next time I go to the DVD store, and will definitely let you know what I think of it. Once again, thanks me letting me know of the movie! I agree that Chiwetel is an amazing actor! Cheers.

  3. Still after all these years one of my favorite movies. And I always forget that Terrance Stamp played Zod in the Superman movies.. let’s face it, he’s just amazing in everything he does.

    • I’m happy to hear you love the movie too! I totally agree about Terence! He’s one of those actors that are just so charismatic and interesting to watch in whatever he does.

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