Visitor Centre at Bukit Timah Nature Reserve

I’ve always loved ‘traditional’ architecture. To me, it’s not only more beautiful but when it comes to low-rise buildings like double-storey houses, make more sense for example in terms of ventilation.


I felt such happiness when I came across it at the beginning of my walk there with a friend. Even though it’s not a house. As indicated the above is the Visitor Centre at the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve.

In Thailand, specifically Chiang Mai, they are still making houses that look similar to this, and I think that’s so incredibly cool. I came across new residence that look something like that in recent years. It’s wonderful they still have an appreciation for traditional architecture even when it comes to constructing modern homes with all the modern facilities.

Maybe I’m wrong, but unfortunately this is not the case in Singapore and Johor Bahru. What I’ve seen are only typically modern architecture when it comes to the design of new landed properties, whether terrace, semi-detached or bungalows. What’s crazy is that the interior of these houses (the showrooms I’ve been to in J.B. in recent years) are so damn hot. You need to switch on the aircon almost immediately upon entering. There seems to be hardly enough thought for ventilation, for airflow. The logical solution is to have ceiling fans in every room, yet from what I’ve observed in some houses I’ve visited, some people don’t like the look of ceiling fans, so what happens is the aircon is often switched on for long periods of time when they are home.

Here are a few photos I took of some of the new houses I saw in Chiang Mai the last time I was there a few years ago. So amazing and wonderful how there are people there who still love and appreciate their traditional architecture, and take inspiration from it for their new homes.





A residence that was still under construction.


Day 87


6 thoughts on “Visitor Centre at Bukit Timah Nature Reserve

  1. Bang Halim Kebanyakan Rumah Tradisional Atau Rumah Adat,dan dipergunakan sebagai tempat tinggal di Asia Tenggara berbentuk Rumah Panggung,semua ini menunjukan bahwa di Masa Lampau permukaan air laut di Asia Tenggara pernah sangat tinggi dan ini membenarkan pendapat bahwa di Masa Lampau di Asia Tenggara pernah terjadi Banjir Besar (silah dibaca buku yg berjudul “Eden Of The East” – buku itu ditulis oleh Profesor Stephen Oppenheimer).

    • Terimakasih atas maklumat menarik ini! :-) Saya setuju Rumah Panggung memang sesuai dan bijak untuk mengelakkan banjir dan juga haiwan liar. InsyaAllah saya akan cuba mencari and meminjam buku yang anda syorkan dari perpustakaan di masa hadapan.

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